Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly: Struggling Towards Reconciliation?

Asma Irshad
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
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Megan Fox and her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, are working on their relationship. The Transformers star is having difficulty trusting her partner.

An Update On Megan And Kelly's Relationship

megan fox and machine gun kelly
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A source provided an update on Megan Fox and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly's current relationship state.

Megan Is Facing Difficulty Trusting Her Partner

Megan Fox
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According to People, the pair is "in therapy," but the 36-year-old actress is "having a hard time trusting" her fiancé.

Megan's Mysterious Post On Instagram

Megan Fox posts a cryptic message on Instagram using quote from Beyoncé about 'dishonesty' and deletes photos of Machine Gun Kelly
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It comes after the Midnight In The Switchgrass actress posted a mysterious Instagram post with lyrics about dishonesty and deleted all photos of the rapper, 32, from her profile last month.

Things Were Bad Between Them

megan fox and machine gun kelly
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A source close to the couple said, "This is really boiling down to not working, There have been points where they haven't been speaking — it's been that bad."

But They Are Working On Their Relationship

relationships are hard
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Another source stated they are still working on their issues and only time will tell if they get back together properly, but it looks pretty unlikely.

It Was Never Simple

megan fox and machine gun kelly
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"The couple has always had kind of a tumultuous relationship that has never been simple - it's always been extremely up and down," according to reports.

Megan Was So Happy

Megan Fox

Megan was overjoyed when they got engaged.

Megan Put Her Whole Heart In This Relationship

Sad Megan Fox

A source familiar with the situation said, "She really loves him. She was never one to casually date, so she put her whole heart into their relationship."

Megan Removed Her Engagement Ring

Megan Fox’s engagement ring
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But she isn't happy right now. She removed her engagement ring a time ago and hasn't put it back on.

MGK Posted On Instagram

Machine Gun Kelly
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MGK whose real name is Colson Baker posted a story on Friday.

He Announced His Upcoming Documentary

Machine Gun Kelly's Recent Instagram Story
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He announced an upcoming documentary on Instagram, where he published a black-and-white picture of himself staring at his reflection on his guitar.

Caption Of His Instagram Story

Machine Gun Kelly's Recent Instagram Story
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He wrote, "1 year since our first Grammy nominated album came out. I named it Mainstream Sellout to lighten the mood of such a gate keeping genre but words trivialize the true impact of it so I'll be releasing a full length backstage/concert film in May before we begin our European tour to celebrate and reconnect with the fans who've watched our YouTube vlogs for the last decade."

The Couple Is On A Break

Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly

The couple is reported to be on a break and has put their wedding plans on hold to work on their troubles.

The Couple Is In Contact

Megan Fox and Machine Gun

According to US Weekly, the actress and the pop-punk artist are still in contact.

Their Relationship Require Major Breakthroughs

Major Breakthrough
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According to reports last week, their relationship is still on the rocks and may require a "major breakthrough" to work.

Megan's Last Post On Instagram

Megan's Last Post On Instagram
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Megan's Super Bowl last post includes lyrics from Beyonce's 2016 song Hope You Catch Me, a song about betrayal, as well as a sexy picture and a shot of burning letters.

The Couple Was Last Seen Together In A Party

Megan and Kelly were seen together at a Super Bowl party
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Megan and Kelly were seen together at a Super Bowl party in Arizona shortly before the Instagram photo and the deactivation of her account in general.

Megan Fox Deleted Her Instagram Account

Megan Fox in Red Stylish dress
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Not long after her post, the Until Death actor deactivated her Instagram page before rapidly emerging to dispel rumors of a breakup and stated that there had been no adultery in their relationship.

They Had A Big Fight In The Party

Couple's Fight
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The dynamic couple, who got engaged in January 2022 after dating for almost a year, allegedly had "a big fight" during Super Bowl weekend in February.