Did Selena Gomez & Zayn Malik Lock Lips Over Dinner?

Asma Irshad
Selena Gomez
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Singers Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik have sparked romance rumors after being seen out to dinner together in NYC.

A TikToker Claimed That She Was The Hostess

The two were tied after TikTok user, @klarissa.mpeg, uploaded screenshots of a text chat with a friend in a now-viral video, claiming she was the pair's hostess at an unidentified restaurant in the city.

She Shared Screenshots Of A Chat With A Friend

A tiktoker shared a screenshot of a chat in wich her friend was telling her about selena and zayn's making out
Tik Tok | klarissa.mpeg

The TikTok user said that she and her buddy work at celebrity hangouts before posting a screenshot of their discussion in which the friend wrote: "Tell me how Selena Gomez and Zayn just walked into [restaurant] hand in hand making out and I seated them."

Selena And Zayn Were Seen Kissing

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"Selena and Zayn went out in SoHo in New York City last night at around 10:30 pm. They walked in holding hands and were kissing," an eyewitness told ET.

They Were Comfortable Together

holding hands
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"Most restaurant staff and restaurant goers didn't notice them. It seemed like they were comfortable together and it was clear that it was a date," the source added.

Gomez's Love Life

Selena Gomez
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Gomez's love life has been a big topic in the news recently, with speculations and suspicions circulating earlier this year that she and Malik were dating.

They Were Making Out

selena and zayn
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The Only Murders in the Building actress and Paris singer have first seen bowling together in New York City, where an eyewitness told Page Six that the two were "making out" on the lanes.

Gomez Made Time For Fans

selena gomez saying okay here we go
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Also, Gomez made time to take photographs and sign autographs for admirers.

Everything Is New

Zayn Malik

The next day, a source informed ET that the 30-year-old singer-actress and 30-year-old Closer musician are dating, and everything is fresh. 

They Met Through Mutual Friends

Selena and Zayn
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The two met through familiar friends in a friendly, low-key fashion, but had an instant connection and loved one another as individuals, according to the source.

Fans Wanted To Know Gigi's Thoughts

Fans Wanted To Know Gigi's Thoughts On Selena and Zayn's Dating Rumors
Perez Hilton | Perez Hilton

Fans have been speculating on Gigi Hadid's reaction to the situation amid the growing relationship rumors surrounding Gomez and Zayn.

Gigi Is Encouraging Zayn To Find Love Again

Gigi Hadid
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According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, Gigi, who spent seven years in an on-and-off relationship with Zayn and has a two-year-old daughter with him, has been encouraging the former singer of One Direction to find love once again.

Gigi Has No Problem

The insider said, “Gigi has no problem whatsoever with Zayn dating. As long as he is happy and stable and continues to be a good co-parent to [their daughter] Khai, she’s fine with whoever he goes out with.”

The Model Has Moved On

Gigi Hadid
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The insider went on to say that Gigi is apparently having fun in her love life and has allegedly moved on from the Night Changes singer.

The Start Of Gigi And Zayn's Relationship

zayn malik kissing gigi hadid
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In November 2015, Gigi and Zayn initially sparked their relationship. The couple revealed they were expecting their first child in January 2020.

They Ended Their Relationship In Oct 2021

Giphy | Alex Grigg

Several sources verified that the couple called their quits in October 2021 after welcoming baby Khai in September 2020 and "had troubles for a time."

Gomez Denied The Rumors

 Gomez appeared to end those rumors by posting a message to her Instagram Stories with the hashtags "#iamsingle" and  "I like being alone too much."
instagramStories | Selena Gomez

Shortly after, Gomez appeared to end those rumors by posting a message to her Instagram Stories with the hashtags "#iamsingle" and  "I like being alone too much."

Gomez Is The Most Followed Person On Instagram

Selena Gomez's Instagram
instagram | Selena Gomez

Kylie Jenner, who has the most followers on Instagram with 382 million, was surpassed by Selena lately, making her the first woman to do so.

Spat Between Gomez And Her Ex's Wife

hailey bieber and selena gomez
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“Wish I could hug all 400 million of you,” she said in a recent Instagram picture to celebrate the day. This occurred before the ongoing "eyebrow" spat between her and Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber's wife.

But Now Things Are Good Between Them

Selena and Hailey are following each other on Instagram
instagram | Asma Irshad

But after a bit of drama, things are good between both of them. Selena and Hailey have both started following each other on Instagram.