Sister Complains About Her Life, But Did She Even Try?

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Growing up with a sibling can be tough, especially when there are limited resources. In this AITA post, a younger sister shares her experience with her older sister's life choices. After their great-grandma's death, their family came into some money that could only send one of them to college. The younger sister fought for the opportunity and succeeded, while the older sister gave up before even trying.

Years later, the sisters meet up and the older sister complains about her life. The younger sister reminds her of her choices and it doesn't end well. Read on to find out who the A-hole is in this situation.

Contextualizing her situation: is pity really necessary? 🤔

renee_marnie | renee_marnie

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renee_marnie | renee_marnie

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Opportunity knocks, but Cait gave up too soon 😔

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Sister rivalry over who gets to go to college, who won? 🤔

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Successful nurse visits pregnant sister with gifts 🎁❤️

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Listen to the tea ☕, did she even try? 🤔

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When life gets overwhelming, does complaining help or harm? 🤔

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When your sister complains non-stop and you're about to snap 😤

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Don't complain, try harder to achieve your dreams! 💪

renee_marnie | renee_marnie

Sibling feud results in tears and cold shoulders. AITA?

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When is it okay to complain about a life you chose? 🤔

Growing up dirt poor, sisters Caitlin and the author had the opportunity to receive money from their great-grandmother to attend college, but only one could go. The author fought for the chance and earned her BSN, while Caitlin gave up. Years later, Caitlin complains about her life choices to the author, who reminds her that she had the chance to better herself and should not complain about the life she chose.

Was the author in the wrong for saying what she did or was she just being honest? Read on to see what others have to say.

OP is called out for being entitled and lacking empathy 😒

StAlvis | StAlvis

OP's sister sacrificed her future for her and she complains? YTA 😠

Sufficient_Cat | Sufficient_Cat

OP is called out for being entitled and selfish. YTA 🙄

Solid_Quote9133 | Solid_Quote9133

Sister sacrifices dreams for OP but gets lectured instead: YTA 💔

Electronic_Trick_13 | Electronic_Trick_13

OP is called out for being ungrateful towards her sister's sacrifice. YTA 😒

General_Relative2838 | General_Relative2838

Commenter calls out OP for lack of empathy and entitlement.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Nursing school's core principles are compassion and empathy, something OP lacks. YTA 🩺🤷‍♀️

Zephestus | Zephestus

OP belittles sister, gets called out for privilege. YTA.

Saysaywhat91 | Saysaywhat91

Sibling steals sister's money for college, gets a job. YTA 🤑

LeFreak107 | LeFreak107

Insensitive comment receives sarcastic reply 🙄

itcheyness | itcheyness

OP's sister contributed money for their education, YTA.

Suspicious_Ad9810 | Suspicious_Ad9810

OP's sister sacrificed her college education to help, but OP is ungrateful 😒

strongg_potatoo | strongg_potatoo

Commenter called out for being selfish, sparks agreement.

MissionRevolution306 | MissionRevolution306

Sibling rivalry turns ugly. YTA needs to support sister.

boniemonie | boniemonie

Commenter deemed YTA with no defense.

penguin_squeak | penguin_squeak

Sibling rivalry at its finest. 😒

Stephanblackhawk | Stephanblackhawk

Harsh comment receives no sympathy from replies 😬

Odd_Sky7089 | Odd_Sky7089

First-time commenter calls out YTA for looking down on sister

That-Butterscotch714 | That-Butterscotch714

Sister's chance at college money creates family drama 🤔

Ok-Neighborhood-1600 | Ok-Neighborhood-1600

Commenter calls out OP for being selfish and entitled.

justlookin-0232 | justlookin-0232

Don't dismiss your family member's struggles. Be compassionate ❤️

i_raise_anarchists | i_raise_anarchists

Sister sacrifices for sibling's education, gets called A-hole. 💔

Kingkeiser | Kingkeiser

Sister paid for OP's school, but did OP help sister?

Mum_of_rebels | Mum_of_rebels

Encouragement for education is key 🎓✨

Hopeful_Rip2690 | Hopeful_Rip2690

Listen up, OP! Don't dismiss your sister's sacrifices. #YTA 😠

PathAdvanced2415 | PathAdvanced2415

Empathy is key, listen to your sister 🙏

ult_jellybeans | ult_jellybeans

Sibling gives up for family, calls out heartless sister. 🤝

Odd-Astronaut-92 | Odd-Astronaut-92

Harsh reply calls out YTA for belittling sister's struggles 😬

yourpopcornandtea | yourpopcornandtea

Commenter calls out OP for being selfish and ungrateful 💁‍♀️

azsue123 | azsue123

Sister generously paid for OP's school, but received no gratitude. YTA.

sheramom4 | sheramom4

Don't kick your sister while she's down. 🙅‍♀️

GrilledCheese007 | GrilledCheese007

Sister takes entire inheritance and blames sibling for not being better.

Barrayaran | Barrayaran

Don't be the a**hole! Sometimes all someone needs is to vent 🗣️

Specialist_Tree5360 | Specialist_Tree5360

Commenter gets an F for calling out fake story 🤥

Street_Carrot_7442 | Street_Carrot_7442

Commenter receives fiery judgement for their behavior 🔥

Banana_Havok | Banana_Havok

Harsh criticism on comment, calling out fake behavior 🤥

Costanzaboy | Costanzaboy

Sibling rivalry or parental favoritism? 🤔

MrsGruusahm | MrsGruusahm

Sister sacrifices for sibling's education, gets berated - YTA 😒

demonmonkey1313 | demonmonkey1313

Don't be rude! Tact could solve 70% of the issues.

tigerCELL | tigerCELL