Host Pat Sajak's Bizarre Impulse On 'Wheel Of Fortune'

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Pat Sajak
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During Tuesday's edition of Wheel of Fortune, legendary host, Pat Sajak, tried to tackle a contestant, and viewers couldn't stop commenting about it.

The Contestant Told About His Wrestling Profession

Sajak made several prior comments about the man's professional wrestling career
youtube | Wheel Of Fortune

The player, Fred, said he is a professional wrestler in addition to teaching theatre and hosting bar trivia at the show's beginning with a Hawaiian theme.

He Said He Wrestles For Fun

The contestant Fred said that he only wrestles "for the fun"
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While he said he only wrestles "for the fun" and receives "very little" money, this might have contributed to the strange occurrence that happened at the end of Fred's successful run.

Fred Won A Big Amount

Fred won in the extra round
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Fred won in the extra round, and the presenter revealed he would receive $75,800. The former started to celebrate his win after becoming a bit emotional. But then something happened that led to a strange situation just after that.

Sajak Was Trying To Mock Him

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Sajak's comments about Fred throughout the night seemed to be building up to that moment as he mocked the candidate for being a wrestler.

Sajak Called Fred A Brute

A Brute
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When Fred's victories began to pile up, Sajak referred to him as a "brute."

Fred Guessed The Puzzle

Fred succeeded in the bonus round and correctly guessed the puzzle
youtube | Wheel Of Fortune

Fred succeeded in the bonus round and correctly guessed the puzzle in three tries within the "Phrase" category.

He Accurately Predicted The Answer

Wandering mind
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Vanna White, Wheel of Fortune co-host, said he had accurately predicted the answer was: "His mind is wandering."

The Contestant Hugged His Father After Winning

Fred became emotional and hugged his father.
youtube | Wheel Of Fortune

Sajak told everyone that the theatre instructor had won a lot of money, so he hugged his father emotionally.

Sajak Asked The Audience If They Want Him To Slam Fred

Sajak Asked The Audience If They Want Him To Slam Fred
youtube | Wheel Of Fortune

When Fred celebrated his success, host Pat questioned the audience, "You want me to body slam him for you just because he's a professional wrestler?"

The Audience Said Yes

Giphy | Brittany Broski

To his question, the audience said, "yes."

Sajak Attempted To Tackle The Contestant

Sajak Attempted To Tackle The Contestant
youtube | Access Hollywood

The 76-year-old TV star quickly approached Fred and attempted to tackle him.

He Placed Him In A Headlock

Pat Sajak Placed the contestant In A Headlock
youtube | Wheel Of Fortune

He tried to bend his arm behind his back and grasp his face with the other arm, placing him in a headlock.

Fred Cooperated With The Prank

Fred cooperated with the prank and gave the impression that he was in pain for the cameras.

Fans Reacted Immediately

Giphy | CBS

Fans on social media reacted quickly to the weird interaction between the winner and the host.

Comments Made By Fans

Fans on social media reacted quickly to the weird interaction betweenFred and Sajak
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"What was with Pat at the end?," wondered one fan.

"Not only another Perfect Game, but another showdown with Pat vs. another contestant!," said another.

"Don't fall, Pat," a third warned the host.

Sajak Has Been Hosting Wheel Of Fortune For A Long Time

Pat Sajak
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Wheel of Fortune has been appearing on TV since 1975, and Sajak has hosted it since 1981.

Sajak's Statement To 'Entertainment Tonight'

Pat Sajak
The US Sun | The US Sun

In September, Sajak told Entertainment Tonight Online, "I may go before the show," referring to his eventual departure from the long-running game show. "In most television shows by this time, you would have said, "That's probably enough," but this show will not die," the 76-year-old TV icon added.

He Is One Of The Best Hosts

Pat Sajak
National Today | National Today

Pat Sajak is one of the best game show presenters and television personalities from the United States, and he is best known for hosting the famous American game show Wheel of Fortune. Also, during the Vietnam War, he worked as a disc jockey for the American Forces Vietnam Network in the United States Army. Sajak aired the same Dawn Buster radio show that Adrian Cronauer did, and for 14 months, he signed on with "Good Morning Vietnam!"

Sajak Has Won Three Emmy Awards

Pat Sajak Has Won Three Emmy Awards
CBS News | CBS News

Sajak has garnered 19 nominations for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host for his work on Wheel, winning three times.