Johnny Depp Opens Up About His Preference for Quiet Life

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Johnny Depp
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Appearances can be deceptive, meaning the actors we see on TV could lead entirely different lives compared to their roles on-screen. One such actor who has lived his life in secrecy is Johnny Depp. Read more about what the actor says about his living style below.

Living A Quiet Life

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp shares his preference of desiring a quiet life in his 850-acre Somerset Estate, which depicts a 19th-century mansion.

Hollywood's Biggest Hellraiser

Johnny Depp

Depp, often referred to as Hollywood's greatest hellraiser, expressed in an interview with Somerset Life that he isn't "the great extrovert that people think."

A £13 Million Estate

He purchased the West Country Downton Abbey-style estate of 850 acres, which showcases 12 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and walled gardens.

Places That Have Character

Johnny Depp

Talking about his home, Depp said, "I just love places with character. British people are cool and will greet you as if you are a neighbor — without going over the top."

A Traveler At Heart

He added, "I like going to places, seeing things, and meeting people — but I'm not the great extrovert that people think."

Quite A Shy Person

Johnny Depp
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Talking about his personality and why Somerset is a great fit, he said, "I'm quite a shy person. That's one of the great things about Britain, and especially Somerset. I can just be me — and that's nice."

Escaping People Who Want Selfies

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Adding more details about why Somerset is the perfect place for him, he stated, "I can go into shops without being surrounded by people wanting selfies."

Not A Crowd Lover

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However, he later clarified, "I don't mind that up to a point, but sometimes it gets a little too crowded."

An Unannounced Encounter

Johnny Depp

A couple of weeks ago, Depp stopped by the Hemswell Antique Centres in Lincolnshire to purchase some guitars, leaving the staff stunned by his arrival.

A Special Guest Arrives

Guest Arrives
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The owner of the antique shop, Robert Miller, stated that he only knew that a special guest would appear on Friday at 4:30 pm but had yet to learn about his identity.

Remembering An Old Friend

Miller revealed that Depp was overheard talking about his late musician friend, Jeff Beck while browsing the guitars.

Adding Quirky Items To Cart

Johnny Depp

He even revealed the list of quirky contents in the A-lister's shopping cart, such as "A desk chair, three guitars, paint sets, easels, a few pictures, posters, just a whole range of things for decorative items for his own personal property."

Testing Before Buying

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Adding to his description of the actor's cart, Miller revealed, "He chose a vase with a skull on it. Guitars obviously. He sat and played a few tunes on this guitar I think just for old times' sake really and then decided to buy three of the guitars that were there."

Portraying His Normal Self

Johnny Depp

Talking about the actor/singer's personality, he said, "It was great because he was his normal self and he was very relaxed and was able to spend time looking at things and playing on the guitars that he wanted to play on."

Connections With Pinewood Studios

Miller explained why Depp picked his shop out of others, stating, "He came because we do a lot of work with Pinewood Studios and help with props so have contacts."

An Experience Worth Enjoying

Johnny Depp

Depp was allowed to maintain his personal space since the actor lives "in hotels a lot of the time because he's constantly bombarded by people."

Down-to-Earth And Chatty

Johnny Depp

Unable to keep his experience to himself, Miller further added, "He was very down to earth and very chatty. For someone like that to come through our doors was brilliant."

Come Back Soon

Gushing about the great time Depp had at his store, Miller is quite certain that the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory actor will soon come back again.

The Largest Antiques Centre

Antiques Centre

Hemswell Antiques Centres is the largest antique center in Europe and has strong connections with Pinewood Studios, known for producing some popular movies such as the Harry Potter and James Bond franchises, among many others.