Is It Wrong To Take My Coffee Maker?

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Coffee maker
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A new job, a better opportunity, but leaving behind a Keurig coffee maker, coffee pods, sugar, and creamer that I paid for. My colleagues are accusing me of stealing it when I leave. But it's mine, and I don't think it's fair to leave it behind. It's the only working coffee pot in the building, and it's not cheap to replace. Would I be an a**hole if I take it home with me? Share your thoughts.

Leaving my job for better pay and people are supportive ☺️

samssnaps77 | samssnaps77

Coffee maker drama brewing: who has the rights to it? ☕

samssnaps77 | samssnaps77

Coworkers accuse me of stealing the only coffee pot 😒☕

samssnaps77 | samssnaps77

Can't function without coffee? Take it home. ☕

samssnaps77 | samssnaps77

Employee gets rewarded for coffee maker joke, goes shopping 🛍️

samssnaps77 | samssnaps77

Coffee pot drama at work ☕

A newly employed person is leaving their current job for a better opportunity. They are concerned about taking their Keurig and coffee supplies which they purchased for the coffee break area. The coworkers are giving them a hard time and accusing them of stealing the coffee pot. Read on to find out if the person would be the a**hole (WIBTA) for taking the Keurig home and leaving the office without a coffee pot. In the end, things take a surprising turn.

Take the coffee maker and run! 🏃‍♂️☕️

Imnotabadslime7 | Imnotabadslime7

NTA for taking your coffee maker, but entitled hostess wanted it for free.

Trin_42 | Trin_42

Coffee maker is yours, take it with you! ☕

stephaleeleelee | stephaleeleelee

Take your coffee maker! ☕ Your ex-coworkers can buy new.


Take it before it's too late! ☕️

teresajs | teresajs

Take it and explain it's an expense you can't cover. 💸

thepepsyy | thepepsyy

Stand your ground and maybe make some cash for it 💰☕

chilicrisp | chilicrisp

Suggest a collection for a new coffee pot before leaving ☕️

sharkieslim | sharkieslim

Keep what's yours and make a profit on the side 💰☕

Issyswe | Issyswe

Take your coffee maker ☕, it's yours after all! ☕

salukiqueen | salukiqueen

Take back your coffee maker ☕️. NTA 💯

No-Routine5222 | No-Routine5222

Coffee maker is yours, take it with you! ☕

GuiltyPick | GuiltyPick

Sell it to them and treat yourself to a new one! ☕

Pondering-Out-Loud | Pondering-Out-Loud

Taking a company coffee maker home? NTA, but tread lightly ☕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Coffee drama ends with a new maker and a win 🏆

Dazzling-State-165 | Dazzling-State-165

Take the cash and run 😉

insane1666 | insane1666

Defend your coffee maker with this NTA comment 🙌☕

VerlinMerlin | VerlinMerlin

Leaving appliances in the office break room - NTA

SamSpayedPI | SamSpayedPI

When your company doesn't give a damn about your comfort 😒☕

eren875 | eren875

Be a gracious coffee lover ☕ and upgrade your machine

appydawg | appydawg

Taking personal supplies from work is okay, NTA 👍

WaffleMouse1992 | WaffleMouse1992

Label personal items & set boundaries early to avoid assumptions later 💼☕

311Tatertots | 311Tatertots

Claim your coffee maker! ☕ NTA.

gdex86 | gdex86

Take your coffee maker with you and leave a note.

amitheassholecat | amitheassholecat

Take the coffee maker and run ☕️💨

lonnielee3 | lonnielee3

Coffee maker drama ☕️ NTA saves the day!

FunOnAita | FunOnAita

Take your coffee maker and forget your co-workers ☕️👋

[deleted] | [deleted]

Suggest offering a second-hand price to avoid being sly ☕

Red_Cathy | Red_Cathy

Claim your caffeine sovereignty! ☕ You're not the a**hole.

Yithar | Yithar

Taking coffee maker: NTA and appreciated for being responsible ☕

indyarchyguy | indyarchyguy

Take your coffee maker and receipt, not the blame ☕️

FakenFrugenFrokkels | FakenFrugenFrokkels

Taking office supplies: justified or stealing? 🤔

Similar_Pineapple418 | Similar_Pineapple418

Keep your coffee maker, they can buy their own ☕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Claim your coffee kingdom! ☕

v2den | v2den

Office drama brewing ☕️ Smart manager vs snarky co-worker

LhasaApsoSmile | LhasaApsoSmile

Assertive NTA comment: 'The audacity to take what's yours' 😂

RipNatural1686 | RipNatural1686

It's yours, not stealing. NTA. ☕

CreativeAirQuotes | CreativeAirQuotes

Keep your coffee maker and maybe even upgrade ☕️

queen_perra | queen_perra

Emphatic NTA, take that coffee maker! ☕️

4682458 | 4682458

Keep your coffee maker, you're NTA! ☕

amywino | amywino

Moving on? NTAH, they can pool money for a new one! ☕️

TisThee_Reason | TisThee_Reason

New job, new coffee maker, no problems! ☕️

CarrieCat62 | CarrieCat62

Claim your coffee maker and don't expect character references later ☕

napping-lurker | napping-lurker

Take back your coffee maker! ☕️ NTA for setting boundaries.

WeedLatte | WeedLatte

Take your coffee maker home! ☕ It's your property. 😎

ManderBlues | ManderBlues

Claim what's rightfully yours! ☕ NTA wins this round.

PeakePip- | PeakePip-

Claim your coffee maker! ☕ NTA for taking it back.

Trnslation_Amigation | Trnslation_Amigation

Protect your property and suggest selling the Keurig to them.

Embarrassed-Baker-10 | Embarrassed-Baker-10

Keep your coffee maker, sell it or let them replace it.

Pretend-Panda | Pretend-Panda

Claiming what's yours, NTA! 😎

BigJobsBigJobs | BigJobsBigJobs

Get revenge on your company with a passive-aggressive QR code 👀☕

reganz | reganz

Stand up for yourself ☕️ Take back what is rightfully yours

Careless_Mango | Careless_Mango

Office manager keeps coffee under lock and key 😳 NTA, OP.

PeachPreserves66 | PeachPreserves66

Take your coffee maker and enjoy your morning brew ☕

Minimum_Reference_73 | Minimum_Reference_73

Claim your coffee maker and enjoy a victory cup! ☕️👍 NTA.

Queen_Andromeda | Queen_Andromeda

Take your stuff and go ☕️

Krishnacat2663 | Krishnacat2663

A short and sweet endorsement for taking the coffee maker ☕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Congrats on the new gig! 🎉 NTA for taking your coffee maker.

yeetwood_mac | yeetwood_mac

Generous person leaves, asks for party, gets no cake 🎂

libmylife | libmylife

Hilarious video lightens up the comment section 😂

rhwerkman | rhwerkman

Free coffee maker? ☕ NTA

rudebish | rudebish

Take your coffee maker and assert your ownership. NTA 👍☕

C_Alex_author | C_Alex_author

Take what you want, but leave them a $20 Mr.Coffee ☕

No_Meringue_9031 | No_Meringue_9031

Take your coffee maker and leave a polite note 📝☕

Signal_Win_1176 | Signal_Win_1176

Take your coffee maker and run ☕️🏃‍♂️ #NTA

mahiiin97 | mahiiin97

Make a clean break ☕🏃‍♂️ and celebrate your freedom 🎉

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cheers to a successful edit and new coffee maker! ☕

princesskashmir200 | princesskashmir200

New job, new coffee maker! Congrats and NTA 🎉☕

Intelligent_Dot4616 | Intelligent_Dot4616

Taking back what's yours 😂👊

m3ltph4ce | m3ltph4ce

This manager is coffee-maker goals ☕

Mediocre_Mechanic_23 | Mediocre_Mechanic_23