Jessica Simpson And Family Celebrate Daughter's 4th Birthday

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Jessica Simpson with Family
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Jessica Simpson and her family went all out for her daughter's, Birdie Mae, fourth Birthday! The celebrity clan spared no expense in throwing the youngster a dazzling unicorn-themed birthday bash. Here's the inside scoop on the glitzy affair!


Birdie Mae Illuminates Every Color In The Rainbow

Jessica Simpson took to Instagram to share photos of her youngest daughter, Birdie Mae, who turned four. 

Unicorn Theme

Unicorn Theme
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The birthday party had a magical unicorn theme, with sparkling unicorns and big pink balloons. The colorful decorations and whimsical vibe enchanted guests. Simpson shared pictures of her children at the party, including Birdie Mae, Maxwell Drew, and Ace Knute.

Birdie Looks Like A Rainbow Unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn

Birdie Mae looked like a rainbow unicorn with an elaborate face painting, a sparkly rainbow dress with a purple tulle skirt, a fuzzy pink jacket, and colorful cowboy boots.

Birdie Celebrates And Twirls Through Her Life

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In her Instagram post, Jessica Simpson wrote that her daughter celebrates and twirls through her life in tutus with a pure, unique understanding in her soul of glitter sparkles.

Uniquely And Effortlessly Herself

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Simpson also said that Birdie Mae is uniquely and effortlessly herself and that the family loves her very much, and she knows it.

Jessica Simpson's Family Nest Expands With The Arrival Of A Third Baby Bird, Birdie Mae

Jessica Simpson announced her surprise third pregnancy in September 2018. She gave birth to a daughter named Birdie Mae Johnson in March 2019, and shared her pregnancy journey on social media. Despite some pregnancy-related health issues, Simpson was thrilled to welcome her third child into the world, and fans celebrated the growing family.

Birdie Is A Symphony Of Stardust

born to shine
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According to Simpson, Birdie Mae is a symphony of stardust born to shine. Even when she isn't home, Simpson feels her presence glowing. She added that Birdie puts the happy in Birthday.


Ace Knute And Maxwell Drew Make Silly Faces

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In one photo, Ace Knute,9, made a zany face, while Maxwell Drew,10, sported some seriously impressive makeup. The siblings looked like they were having a blast at the party.

Family And Friends Join The Celebration

Birdie Mae's grandparents, as well as family friends, were also in attendance at the party. They all gathered to celebrate the little girl's big day.


Birdie Could Follow In Her Mom's Footsteps

Mom's Footsteps
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In a recent Instagram post, Jessica Simpson hinted that her daughter, Birdie Mae, could follow in her famous footsteps. Simpson wrote that Birdie Mae has a set of lungs and a vocal box that could quite possibly bust mics and speakers.


Jessica And Her Husband Hold Birdie


In the first photo in the Instagram post, Jessica Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson, were seen holding Birdie Mae. The second photo featured a cute mother-daughter moment, with Simpson holding Birdie as both smiled big for the camera.

Tina Simpson Joins The Party


Simpson's mom, Tina Simpson, also joined her daughter and granddaughter for the celebrations. The family looked happy and relaxed as they celebrated together.


Birdie Is A Ray Of Sunshine

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In her Instagram post, Jessica Simpson wrote that Birdie Mae is a ray of sunshine who lights up every room she enters. She added that Birdie has a contagious spirit and a smile that can light up the darkest days.

Fans Send Their Love

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Fans of Jessica Simpson and her family sent their love to the little girl on her birthday. Many commented on the Instagram post, wishing Birdie Mae a happy birthday and saying they loved the photos.

Jessica Simpson Is A Dedicated Mom

Dedicated Mom
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Jessica Simpson is known for being a dedicated and loving mom to her three children. She often shares photos of them on social media, giving fans a glimpse into their happy and fun-filled lives.

Jessica Simpson's ‘Bright Light’ Birdie Mae Captures Her Heart

Captures Her Heart
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Jessica Simpson's love for her youngest daughter, Birdie Mae, is clear. Simpson dotes on her youngest child. The star has even written about Birdie in her memoir, "Open Book," describing her daughter as a "bright light" in her life. It's clear that Birdie Mae holds a special place in Simpson's heart, and her love for the little girl is a joy to see.

Family Comes First

Family Comes First

 Jessica Simpson's love for her family is evident in the countless photos and sweet moments she shares on social media. The fashion designer has always made it clear that her family comes first, and she's not afraid to show her affection for them in public. In her memoir "Open Book," Simpson wrote about how motherhood changed her priorities, stating that her kids are her number one priority.

Jessica Simpson's Fear Of Love After Her Last Relationship

Jessica Simpson was afraid to love after her first marriage to Nick Lachey ended in divorce, causing her to have trust issues and fear getting hurt again. She revealed in her memoir, Open Book, that it took time and healing before she was ready to open her heart to love again.

Eric Johnson: The Man Who Restored Jessica Simpson's Faith In Love

Eric Johnson's unwavering love and support helped Jessica Simpson again believe in love after her tumultuous past relationship. In her memoir, Simpson wrote about how Johnson was patient and kind, allowing her to heal from past wounds and trust again. Their loving and affectionate relationship is evident to the world, and it's clear that Johnson is the rock in Simpson's life. Simpson describes Johnson as her "gift from God" and reveals that he has been her "constant" and "best friend" through some of the toughest times in her life.