Gwyneth Paltrow Says 'There's Nothing Like It' In Strappy Swimsuit

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Gwyneth Paltrow
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Gwyneth Paltrow is telling and there's "nothing like it" as she shows off her fabulous swimsuit body and her self-care routine. The GOOP mogul, 50, is always on the promo front when it comes to sneaking in a brand mention on Instagram, and this post also brought in a bathing suit.

Strappy Swimsuit Vibes

Gwyneth Paltrow
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In May 2022, GOOP updated its IG to feature its famous founder.

Gwyneth had been filmed from a sauna setting and giving herself a good rub-down as she promoted the benefits of dry brushing.

Stuns In Swimwear

The Sliding Doors actress sat on a white towel and amid sauna woods, also lit up a little by nearby red mood lighting. Paying attention to the brushing she was applying to her legs, Gwyneth flaunted her tiny waist and trim pins in a strappy black swimsuit, one also showing off her slender arms.

She's A Natural

Also going low-cut at the neckline, the Hollywood star kept glam with her blonde locks worn down and straight. She proved a natural-born saleswoman as she let her brand do the talking. See more photos after the video.

'Nothing Like It'

GOOP told fans: "The benefits of dry brushing are noticeable both instantly and in the long term. Gwyneth uses her dry brush right before her morning shower. “The bristles feel so good on my skin,” she says. “There’s nothing like it.” Link in bio for a guide on how to dry brush your skin."

It's Totally Working!

Gwyneth Paltrow
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Fans are loving it! "Gwyneth is so intoxicatingly lovely her refinement and her sensuousness are so captivating so irresistible," one user replied. Others were keen to shop the merch, although GOOP does not come cheap.

Fans Watching It 'Every Day'

Also gushing over the MCU star was one fan replying:

"God do I love this video - I look at it every day every morning when I'm having coffee ☕☕ and orange 🍊 juice and it never gets old Gwyneth I am so much in love with you 💕."

1.7 Million, Baby!

GOOP hit cult status a long time ago and is now followed by over 1.7 million on Instagram.

These Celebs Follow GOOP

The brand is also popular with celebrities. GOOP's Insta is followed by 54-year-old actress Jennifer Aniston, plus fashion mogul Jessica Simpson.

See Gwyneth's Hottest Photos Below

Gwyneth Paltrow
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There's also spicier stuff on offer. "Making every choice count. Testing the waters so you don’t have to. Read, listen, watch, shop. Pursue pleasure with us @goopsex," the brand's IG bio reads.