Father Refuses To Pay For Entitled Daughter's Vacation

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A father is in turmoil after his daughter demanded him to pay for her vacation after refusing to pay for her own ticket. The father had planned a surprise vacation for his youngest daughter who is excelling in school and sports, but his oldest daughter, who has a history of being rude and disrespectful, expected him to pay for her ticket too. After being reminded multiple times to pay for her ticket and failing to do so, the father decided not to pay for her ticket. This resulted in a huge argument and the entitled daughter lying about the situation on social media. Read on to find out if the father is in the wrong or if his decision is justified.

Entitled daughter gets free ride while father refuses vacation payment.

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From troubled teen to responsible adult, Kate's comeback story 🙌

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Proud dad surprises hardworking daughter with dream vacation. 😍

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Entitled daughter skips out on vacation payment, dad shares disappointment 😞

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Daughter expects free vacation, dad puts his foot down 💸🚫

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Daughter demands vacation funding, father refuses, argument ensues. 💸🙅‍♂️

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Daughter lies on TikTok, demands vacation payment from parents 😢

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Daughter's entitled vacation causes family drama and internet outrage 😠

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Dad faces backlash for refusing to fund daughter's vacation 🧐

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Father refuses to pay entitled daughter's vacation 🚫💸

A father's decision to not pay for his daughter's vacation has caused a rift in the family. Kate, the older daughter, was given the opportunity to come on the trip but was expected to pay for her own ticket. After failing to do so, she was left behind. However, things took a turn for the worse when Kate made a TikTok video that went viral, twisting the truth and portraying her father and younger sister in a negative light. This caused a lot of backlash, with people even donating money to Kate's Go Fund Me page. The situation escalated even further when Kate began to post on social media, leading to a heated argument and the father kicking her out of the house. While some may argue that the father should pay for his daughter's ticket, others believe that Kate, who lives rent-free, should be responsible for her own expenses. What do you think? Read on for the comments and reactions to this family feud.

NTA for refusing to pay entitled daughter's vacation and reporting fraudulent GoFundMe

IAmMrSpoo | IAmMrSpoo

Engaging debate on equity vs equality in parenting styles.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father refuses to pay for entitled daughter's vacation, sparking family drama. 🤔

JNF919 | JNF919

Confused by entitled daughter's logic, NTA- comment gets agreement.

jake7992 | jake7992

Tense family dynamics lead to resentment and missed deadlines. YTA.

disasterj0nes | disasterj0nes

Father accused of favoritism towards daughter in vacation dispute 🤔

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Father's biased treatment towards daughters sparks criticism and suspicion.

BeccasBump | BeccasBump

Father treats daughter's friend unfairly, commenters call him out YTA 🙄

itsminimes | itsminimes

A father explains the reasoning behind paying for one daughter's vacation.

TheRed_Knight | TheRed_Knight

NTA - Father's decision to not pay for entitled daughter's vacation.

Alarming_Print_8341 | Alarming_Print_8341

Parent-child relationship needs therapy. Daughter shouldn't have gone online.

makingburritos | makingburritos

Sibling rivalry and favoritism, ESH. Family therapy recommended 👨🏻‍🎓

Diligent-Release1156 | Diligent-Release1156

Commenter calls out toxic family dynamic, predicts entitled future for 'golden child'

ramsrude | ramsrude

Father's punishment of kicking daughter out receives backlash 😬

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Reward or excluding? A debate on family vacations 🏖️

GeorgeFayne | GeorgeFayne

Commenter supports OP but calls them out for past failures 🤔

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Favoritism and entitlement lead to ESH judgement 💩

FreshwaterOctopus | FreshwaterOctopus

Father faces backlash for showing favoritism towards daughter Alexa

Minute-Common-6625 | Minute-Common-6625

Why was Kate misbehaving all through her teenage years? 🤔

gsydhsbj | gsydhsbj

Parenting or pampering? A debate on rewarding bad behavior 🤔

JeepersCreepers74 | JeepersCreepers74

Understanding the daughter's perspective on entitlement and social media 🤔

Spookypossum27 | Spookypossum27

Family dysfunction and trauma require therapy, not punishment. ✨

cryinoverwangxian | cryinoverwangxian

Commenter defends daughter, calls out father's favoritism and lack of empathy 🤨

TheOrangeNights | TheOrangeNights

Adult daughter acting entitled for vacation, NTA for refusing payment.

jellyfishnova | jellyfishnova

Curious commenter wants to see all perspectives of family drama 🤔

Earth2plague | Earth2plague

Daughter wants vacation, but can't afford if moving out soon 🏖️💸

Regular-Tell-108 | Regular-Tell-108

Parental favoritism causes resentment, ESH.

quedeusmeperdoe | quedeusmeperdoe

NTA but consider Kate's perspective and have an honest talk.

striccklar | striccklar

Sibling rivalry and parental favoritism explained 👨‍👧‍👧💔

Mobile_Prune_3207 | Mobile_Prune_3207

Parenting style causes rift between entitled daughter and father 💔

NoMoreFruit | NoMoreFruit

Commenter accuses father of favoritism and social media addiction.

KittiesLove1 | KittiesLove1

Commenter relates to Kate's struggles and emphasizes the importance of learning emotional regulation. Criticizes father's lack of communication and setting Kate up for failure.

Boeing_NCC-1701-D | Boeing_NCC-1701-D

Parenting or favoritism? Rewarding children for their achievements 🤔

BadgirlThowaway | BadgirlThowaway

Commenter calls out father for favoring younger daughter, suggests therapy 💭💸

neg_one | neg_one

A father's concern for his daughter's self-esteem and advice for her behavior on Tik Tok.

betsycrocker | betsycrocker

Daughter asked to pay for vacation, gets upset. NTA 👍

fastyellowtuesday | fastyellowtuesday

A comment suggests OP is unfair to their eldest daughter.

SadReflection5118 | SadReflection5118

Standing up to entitlement and social media backlash. 👍

dublos | dublos

Father criticized for favoritism and neglect towards troubled daughter. ⚠️

MrWarfstache | MrWarfstache

Commenter remains neutral but raises concerns about parent's bias 🤔

StompyKitten | StompyKitten

Commenter questions father's parenting, sparking family drama 🤔

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Father begs internet to leave entitled daughter alone 😬

Minute-Common-6625 | Minute-Common-6625

Parental favoritism and hurtful treatment towards one daughter 🤨

HereWeGo_Steelers | HereWeGo_Steelers

A comment suggests the father should have communicated better with his entitled daughter and worked out a written contract, but ultimately the vacation should have been about Alexa, and he should have footed the bill for her sake. #FamilyIsImportant ❤️

Embarrassed_Injury45 | Embarrassed_Injury45

Family feud over vacation leads to therapy recommendation 🌊💆‍♀️

scarletcrimsonrouge | scarletcrimsonrouge

Ungrateful daughter gets a reality check from dad 💥

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