Taylor Swift Superfan Ties The Knot At Singer's Arizona Concert

Ashley Hunte
A newlywed couple cutting into their simple yet elegant two tiered wedding cake.
Unsplash | Kadyn Pierce

After months of waiting, Taylor Swift's Eras tour is finally underway. And with it, casual fans and superfans alike have come out to show their support, listen to Taylor's impressive musical repertoire, and make their own dreams come true.

But none have done it quite like René Hurtado, who went above and beyond by getting married in the middle of Taylor's first stop of the tour in Arizona.

René Married her Now-Husband Max Bochman At The Show.

Rene and Max are at the concert in wedding attire, as the person behind them films them while holding a phone with its notes app open.
TikTok | @rene_hurtado

The pair tied the knot during the second show Taylor performed in Glendale, Arizona.

At First, The Plan Was To Just Celebrate Their Marriage At The Concert.

Rene shows off the various bracelets she worse, which featured phrases like "just married," and "lover."
TikTok | @rene_hurtado

They were planning to get married beforehand, and then use the concert as a reception. But then, a friend suggested they get married during the concert, and the plan was set.

René Spoke With Rolling Stone About The Ordeal.

Rene and her friend pose for a pic ahead of the concert.
TikTok | @rene_hurtado

"It was really thrilling and exciting. I’m so glad that we did it," she said in an interview published on Monday. "It was really special, and the timing during the concert was so beautiful."

They Attended The Concert At The Front Row.

Rene shows off the dress she wore, with a caption that reads, "POV: You get married at the Taylor Swift concert."
TikTok | @rene_hurtado

René shared that she and her wedding party, which consisted of her maid of honor and (of course) her groom-to-be, paid around $1000 each for their front-row tickets.

And They Got Married While A Poem Played.

The moment Rene and Max get married at the concert.
TikTok | @rene_hurtado

During the interlude in which the poem Seven plays, which happens before Taylor sings Invisible Strings. According to the Rolling Stone article, the song is important for the couple.

René's Maid Of Honor Was Also The Wedding Officiant.

Rene and Max get married as other concert-goers look on.
Rolling Stone | Rene Hurtado

Prior to the concert/wedding, René's maid of honor got officiated in order to make the wedding legally binding.

René Shared The Special Moment On TikTok.

René excitedly posted a TikTok showing off how she arrived to the venue in a wedding dress, with Max in his suit, and how the pair got married right in the front row of the Taylor Swift concert.

The TikTok, which was posted after the concert, ended up going viral, with over 6.1 million views in just a few days.

Thousands Of People Reacted To The TikTok.

Commenters share their thoughts on the TikTok.
TikTok | @rene_hurtado

Fans of Taylor and followers of René alike shared their thoughts on the wedding. So many people joked that Taylor had attended René's wedding, and even performed for the newlywed couple.

Others Were Amazed By How Viral The Moment Went.

Some point out that even Taylor knows about the wedding.
TikTok | @rene_hurtato

In fact, even Taylor Swift herself has seen videos of the wedding that took place at her own concert.

Some Pointed Out That There Was A Bit Of A Missed Opportunity.

Some wished Taylor had played Speak Now at the wedding.
TikTok | @rene_hurtado

Commenters pointed out that the moment could have only been made more perfect if Taylor had happened to play her song Speak Now at the concert. The song didn't make it to the setlist, though.

Videos Of The Wedding Have Been Shared Online.

People point out how the wedding went viral.
TikTok | @rene_hurtado

Though René posted a TikTok of her own wedding, commenters were quick to discuss how they'd actually seen it before, from the perspective of the complete strangers who happened to be there.

In Fact, Those Videos Have Made It All Across Social Media.

Videos showing the wedding have made it around social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, with onlookers reacting with amazement over the couple's commitment.

And Of Course, Swifties Love It.

After all, getting married at the concert of your favorite artist isn't something that happens every day.

René Shared More Videos With The Backstory To The Wedding.

Two silver wedding bands resting on top of a bouquet of pastel pink and purple flowers.
Unsplash | Beatriz Pérez Moya

After posting the initial video, René went back onto her TikTok account to discuss how she managed to put it all together.

René Shared How She Figured Out The Timing Of The Wedding.

Among other things, such as how she got her friend to officiate her wedding and how she had other friends attend, René explained how she'd actually gone to the night one concert, with the intention to figure out when to get married.

She And Max Are Both Fans Of 'Reputation.'

Taylor Swift as she appeared in a Netflix documentary.

"My husband and I are huge Rep stans," she said. "I wanted to do it during a Rep song, if they did King Of My Heart or something like that."

She Figured Out The Timing Thanks To 'Invisible String.'

Taylor Swift blowing a kiss, with added effects showing hearts blooming out of her hand.
Giphy | The Voice

René shared that, though they got legally married at the concert, she and Max will have a wedding at a later date. During that wedding René will be walking down the aisle to Invisible String, which made that moment in the concert perfect.

She Also Shared How They Got Security In On It.

In another of the series of TikToks, René explained how security helped to make sure the wedding went smoothly and safely.

After The Concert, They Even Got A Guitar Pick.

A shot of Taylor Swift playing a guitar while singing.

René showed off the pick that was given to them by the concert staff.

We wish the newlywed couple well!

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