American Idol Contestant Slams Katy Perry For 'Mom Shaming' Joke

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It makes sense when contestants who've been rejected in the audition phase of American Idol spew hatred against the judges. But why would a contestant who received the famed Hollywood pass criticize the show's judges? Keep reading to find out.

A Contestant Speaks Out

One American Idol contestant, Sara Beth Liebe, shares her side of the story in a TikTok regarding her now-viral audition video.

A Cheap Shot

The video spread like wildfire and not because of Sara's phenomenal singing but because of Katy Perry seemingly mocking her even before she auditioned. 

An Embarrassing Broadcast

Sara shared her feelings about the broadcast and said, "It was embarrassing to have that on TV. And it was hurtful."

Women Supporting Women

Taking this opportunity to uplift fellow women, she declared, "I did want to take this opportunity to say that I think that women supporting and uplifting other women is so cool, and I think that mom shaming is super lame."

Hard Enough To Be A Woman

She added, "It's hard enough to be a mom, and it's hard enough to be a woman," before expressing gratitude towards her followers and commentators on YouTube for their support. 

Your Voice Is Heard

Talking to other women in a similar position, but we're scared to speak up, Sara commented, "I see you, and I hear you, and I am grateful for you."

Don't Feel Crappy

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Sara continued her declaration to all the mothers: "Keep loving your babies; nobody deserves to feel crappy about that."

There's Only One Thing That Matters

She concluded her video by giving a final message to the mothers, saying, "I think if you're a good mama and you love your babies, that's all that really matters, and other comments don't feel necessary."

An Attempt At Humor

The TikTok comes as a response to Katy's weak attempts at humor after Sara introduced herself as a 25-year-old mother of three before her performance.

Unbelievable Facts 

The judges expressed disbelief at the news as they commented on her youthful appearance, at which point Katy faked an act of passing out.

About To Pass Out

Sara joked about Katy's act as she said, "If Katy lays on the table, I think I'm going to pass out."

A Humorous Jab Or A Rude Retort?

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Katy responded to Sara with a joke of her own, "Honey, you been laying on the table too much!" as a reference to the upcoming singer's three children.

Away From The Public Eye

According to her TikTok account, Sara had her first child when she was just 18 and kept her children away from social media to the point that she has never even mentioned their ages or genders.

Divided Opinion About The Matter 

Some fans targeted Katy for her crude remarks and branded them "bullying," Others rushed to her defense and called the singer "honest" for speaking her heart out.

A Dream Opportunity

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Later during the audition, Katy asked Sara if winning American Idol was her dream, to which the aspiring singer could not provide a clear answer and kept going back and forth in her response.

The Dreams Of People Are On The Line

At this point, Katy became frustrated and said, "If it's not your dream, you might need to leave because there's a lot of dreams behind you."

Nothing To Lose

Unimpressed by her first song, Katy encouraged Sara to give more on a second song, but it was evident that her lack of passion for the position didn't sit well with the American Idol judge.

Off To Hollywood

Ultimately, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry voted in favor of her, while Lionel Richie expressed his final decision was a "no." But the two votes were all Sara needed to jet off to Hollywood.

Eager For What's Yet To Come

It would be interesting to see Sara and Katy face each other again in the upcoming live episodes after the 25-year-old's public outcry of being slammed by the judge.