Paris Hilton Sets The Record Straight: "I'm Not A Dumb Blonde!"

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Beautiful socialite Paris Hilton
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American Media Personality, Paris Hilton, is currently on a promotional tour for her memoir. Recently, she stopped by the UK show, Lorraine, and discussed her public image, setting the record straight that she wasn't a dumb blonde. Here are the details.

Paris Says She's Ahead Of Her Time 

A few days ago, Paris opened up about her life in the spotlight on a TV show. The onscreen personality began by praising herself, revealing she had always been ahead of her time.

Paris Isn't A Dumb Blonde

Then, the 42-year-old socialite shocked the world, confessing that she was not a "dumb blonde" but always good at pretending to be one.

When Did Paris Become Famous?

Paris gained international recognition in the early 2000s when she featured in the first-of-its-kind reality TV show The Simple Life with her best friend, Nicole Richie.

Paris Says Her Time On The Show Was Amazing 

Despite being known for her ditzy blonde persona during her stint, Paris said it was all an act. Speaking about her time on the show, she described her experience as ground-breaking.

The Show Inspired Viewers

The TV personality-turned-DJ relayed that it was great to see many people inspired by the show as she and Nicole created a new celebrity genre.

Paris Previously Shared A Similar Detail 

This is not the first time Paris is revealing that her dumb blonde persona was just an act, as she previously told Sunrise in September 2020 that she was faking the act the whole time.

Paris Says She's Brilliant 

As a result, Paris said the world didn't know who she truly was. She then described the real her as a brilliant person and not some "dumb blonde."

Paris Kept Up With The Dumb Act After The Show 

Television personality Paris Hilton
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While Paris' reality TV series ended in 2007, she kept up her clueless rich girl persona. However, there was an underside to the star that many never knew about.

Paris Shares Some Unknown Details About Herself 

During the chat, Paris mentioned that she had always loved music and played the violin and piano since she was a little girl, adding that she always loved singing.

Paris Is Working On A Second Album 

Next, Paris announced she was in the studio working on her second album, and it had been an incredible experience. Overall, Paris said she felt like she could do it all.

Paris Is A Family Woman 

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum
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Away from her thriving career in show business, Paris is a happy family woman. In 2021, she tied the knot with 42-year-old entrepreneur, Carter Reum.

Paris Documents Her Relationship With Carter 

She documented the relationship on her reality TV show Paris In Love shortly before she and Carter welcomed their bundle of joy, Phoenix, in January 2023. 

Inside Paris' Thoughts 

Speaking about her relationship with Carter, Paris revealed that she and her man were friends for so long, but at that time, she felt like the timing was everything.

Paris Says She Had Walls Around Her Heart 

According to the television personality, she had so many walls around her heart, and it wasn't until she did the documentary that they came down.

Paris Says Her Husband Brought Down The Walls

Paris Hilton husband Carter Reum
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Paris credited her husband for making the walls come down, adding the entrepreneur was everything and that she felt complete and excited for the future.

Paris Releases Her Memoir 

Meanwhile, Paris recently released her memoir, sharing many compelling and thought-provoking details, including singer Pink's 2006 depiction of Paris in her music video for Stupid Girls

Paris Talks About Pink's Music Video

In the video, the singer parodied Paris' s*x tape with her then-boyfriend, Rick Salomon. According to Paris, Pink sang about outcasts and girls with ambition, which was what she wanted to see. 

Paris Accuses Pink Of Not Seeing The Ambition In Her

However, Pink chose not to see the ambition in Paris. She also noted that when everyone was buzzing about her s*x tape, the takeaway was Stupid Girl

Paris Is Still Affected By The Scandal 

While the scandal happened over two decades ago, Paris disclosed that the incident still affects her while noting that the United States still didn't have revenge porn laws in all its states.