Christina Ricci's Refusal To Do A S*x Scene Almost Got Her Sued

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Christina Ricci is renowned for portraying unusual roles with a gloomy undertone. Ricci has won numerous awards, including a Golden Globe, a National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actress, a Satellite Award for Best Actress, and many more.

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Christina Is Selective When It Comes To Playing Certain Roles

Christina appeared on The View as a guest, where she and the hosts discussed the film Yellow Jacket. The actress, who initially got prominence for playing Wednesday Addams when she was nine, seems to have both roles she could play and ones that aren't even quite possible.

Major Revelation

Christina Ricci disclosed that she received a legal threat after declining to take part in a s*x scene.

The Evolution Of Hollywood's Culture

Christina Ricci
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The "Yellowjackets" actress spoke candidly about the horrific incident while describing how Hollywood's culture has evolved since she first began her acting career.

Christina On The Young Generation Of The Industry

“They’re able to say, ‘I don’t want to do this s*x scene. I’m not going to be naked,’” she added. “They can set boundaries for themselves that we were never allowed to do.”

How She Almost Got Into Trouble

Christina Ricci
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Following this, Christina disclosed that she had supposedly been threatened with legal action for once refusing to do a s*x scene in the manner that was requested.

She's Thankful For How The Industry Has Evolved

However, the actress is thankful there are a lot of changes in the industry;

“It’s just really changed and it’s great to see.”

She said.

Christina Counters The Host On 'The View '

Although Joy Behar's comment that there has been an increase in the amount of nudity and s*x depicted on television in response prompted Christina to point out that the environment and conditions surrounding filming have changed.

Christina's Take On The New Hollywood Culture

“Now that it’s more of their choice instead of something you’re forced to do, then you can get into the artistry of it or know how important it is for the story.”

She explained, adding:

“I think that when you take away somebody’s control over something like that, it just makes you never want to do it.”

Her Role In Yellowjackets

In Showtime's Yellowjackets, which centers on a girl's high school soccer squad that survived a plane disaster in the 1990s, Ricci portrays the contemporary Misty Quigley.

Her Other Movie Roles

In addition to "Yellowjackets," the 43-year-old actress also starred in "Wednesday," a "The Addams Family" spinoff, on Netflix. When Ricci was cast as Wednesday Addams in the 1991 film, she was only 9 years old.

Sharing A Variety Cover With Euphoria Star

The "Euphoria" star Sydney Sweeney and the twice-nominated actress for an Emmy shared the Variety cover in June, and the two had an open discussion about taking part in s*x scenes.

Sydney On Her Playing S*x Scenes In Euphoria

Sweeney, 25, spoke on how she feels at ease showing everything on the big screen and what it's like.

"It’s a very safe environment. I’m very fortunate that I am coming up during a time where there is so much thought in this process, and we now have intimacy coordinators."

Sweeney revealed at the time.

Christina's Take On Playing S*x Scenes

While Christina added;

"I haven’t done a s*x scene in a couple years. I’m at that age where they don’t ask you to do them so much anymore. I mean, I don’t really enjoy them."

She Stayed Naked On Set

Christina Ricci

Ricci also mentioned that she used to stay completely naked on set to embarrass other people.

"The thing that made me more uncomfortable was other people being uncomfortable with me being naked. So what I did — and you probably wouldn’t be allowed to do this now — I just stayed naked. I was like, ‘Don’t make me feel weird, like I’m the person who has to be ashamed.’ I would talk to crew members naked," she explained.

About The Show

If you've watched the show Euphoria, which centers on a group of dysfunctional high school students, you know that it doesn't hold back when it comes to showing X-rated material, which can range from drug usage to s*x scenes.

Sydney On Trusting Filmmakers

Sydney expressed her admiration for Euphoria's author, Sam Levinson, to GQ in November. She also emphasized how crucial it is to have faith in the filmmaker because not doing so alters the entire experience.

On Exercising Boundaries

Sydney mentioned having the power to set boundaries around nudity and what she felt comfortable with on another occasion.

“There are moments where Cassie was supposed to be shirtless and I would tell Sam, ‘I don’t really think that’s necessary here," she told the Independent.

Sydney Wasn't Pressured On Set

Cassie In Euphoria
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She said that she never had the impression that Sam was pressuring her or trying to get a naked scene into an HBO show. He didn't force her to do it when she didn't want to.

The Industry Has Truly Evolved

From Sydney's revelations of her ordeals on set it makes a lot of sense what Christina says about young actors setting boundaries on s*x scenes in movies.