Woman Lives On $180 Budget But Buys Her Baby Louis Vuitton

Asma Irshad
Woman Lives On $180 Budget But Buys Her Baby Louis Vuitton
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It's not uncommon for parents to want to spoil their children, but it seems that one mom seems to have gone overboard. Instead of paying rent, this woman spends $180 weekly on luxury clothes and jewelry for her seven-month-old kid. Keep on reading to find out about this story.

Mother Prioritizes Buying Brands For Her Kid

Carissa Spark, a resident of Dorset in South West England, said that clothing her daughter Lavinia to the nines is a priority over buying food for herself.

Single Mother Attends Part-Time Classes

The single mother attends part-time classes to become a hairdresser while receiving financial assistance from the government.

Carissa Spends Half Money On Her Baby's Designer Clothing

To give her child the finest, she spends half her money on baby designer clothing while surviving on canned soup and quick noodles.

The Mother Showed Up On A Reality Show

She showed up on the Blinging Up Baby TV show.

Mother Is Ready To Starve Herself

She said, "I like a lot of bows, a lot of frills, ribbons, anything sparkly - I'm never going to not be this way; if I had to starve myself to buy her bling, I probably would do it."

Carissa Has To Count Pennies

Woman Lives On $180 Budget But Buys Her Baby Louis Vuitton
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Carissa frequently has to count her pennies to pay her bills and buy necessities.

She Puts Her Daughter's Needs First

The mother always puts her daughter's needs before hers, whether for food, clothing, or toys.

She Ensures That Her Daughter Has Everything

She said, "I always ensure Lavinia's got the things she needs first. She's got everything - it's me that goes without things. I've been living off like tin soup, maybe Cup a Soups, and packet noodles."

People Think Her Daughter Is Tacky

But not everyone agrees with Carissa, and she acknowledges that many people think her kid is tacky and chewy.

Carissa Doesn't Care

But the mother doesn't care about the people. She said, "I don't really care about them - it's the look I like. Katie Price is my biggest influence."

Carissa Wants Her Daughter To Feel Loved

To make the most of her pricey wardrobe, the single mother ensures her daughter wears luxury clothing as much as possible. Carissa hoped that when her daughter sees old images of them together in the future, she can see how much work went into them and how much she cared for her.

Carissa Was Never Close With Her Mother

The mother also disclosed that her bad connection with her mother is why she wants to dress her child in Dior. Carissa said, "I never was close with my mum, and I knew when I had a baby [I wanted to be so close] with her."

Grandparents Raised Carissa

Carissa's mother, who was 17 then, could not care for a baby. Therefore, she was raised by her grandparents.

Her Grandma Still Helps Her

She continues to get financial and emotional assistance from her grandma. Her Grandma said, "I think if we didn't help her out, she wouldn't be able to have any food; as a family, we do a lot of her. That's what you do for your family; you help them out."

Many Parents Are Shocked

Many parents were shocked by Carissa's reckless spending habits.

Negative Comment By A Mother

One of the mothers wrote, "Babies grow really fast so I don't see the point in splashing out huge amounts on expensive clothes and accessories that are only going to be grown out of in a few months. Such a huge waste of money."

Some Parents Understood Carissa's Situation

Several parents, though, were understanding and sympathized with Carissa's situation.

A Mother Wrote A Supporting Comment

A mother wrote, "I feel bad for the single mum because I know exactly what she's talking about.

I majorly overcompensate for my children's father who has nothing to do with our children. Carissa is healing her inner child by being the mum she didn't have."

Carissa Ignores Negative Comments

Carissa doesn't care what people are saying. She knows how to ignore negative comments.