Did Whoopi Goldberg Fart During The View? Fans Think So!

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg
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American actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg has made the headlines again after what many have described as a cringe-worthy moment on an episode of The View. The entertainment icon has been accused of farting on live television. Here are the details.

Whoopi Seemingly Passes Gas 

Whoopi Goldberg in a movie
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Wednesday morning's episode of The View caused quite a stir on social media as co-host Whoopi left fans in shock after appearing to audibly pass gas during the program.

Whoopi Suffers A Little Blunder 

The video capturing the moment showed the moderator suffering a bit of a blunder, which caused her to be thrown off her talking points.

Whoopi Admits The Gas Situation 

Whoopi Goldberg admits to farting

Whoopi was discussing a political topic when she experienced the gassy interruption and suddenly admitted it to everyone. "That was gas," the television personality confessed.

Whoopi's Words Leave The Audience In Stitches 

Immediately after The Deep End of the Ocean star made the surprising revelation, the in-studio audience laughed loudly. 

Social Media Users Are Confused 

Shortly after the episode aired, fans at home immediately took to social media to share their thoughts, with many debating whether the show business star farted on live TV. 

Fans Express Disgust 

One confused Twitter user wrote, "Wait did Whoopi just fart on national TV?" Another respondent shared their disgust, noting, "Ughhh!!! Spare me. Wait! Did Whoopi just pass gas?"

User Says It Was A Burp, Not A Fart 

Fans' reactions to Whoopi Goldberg's fart
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While others expressed their confusion about the incident, a fan shared that Whoopi had burped, adding that the hosts were loud and talking over each other that the burp was hard to hear.

Another Similar Occurrence 

The recent incident was not the first time the audience witnessed such a situation, as it came only a few weeks after the show was briefly interrupted by another noise that stopped the hosts and the viewers in their tracks.

The Hosts Were Discussing Mike Pence 

The noise was heard when the presenters began to discuss the classified documents found inside the home of former vice president Mike Pence.

What Happened Next?

Sunny Hostin asked her fellow panelist if it was true that Donald Trump had nuclear secrets, but Whoopi and Sara Haines were clearly distracted.

Sara Reacts Quickly 

Whoopi then pointed to a puddle of water on Sara's desk, prompting the 45-year-old to move her chair and jump from her seat quickly. 

Sara's Fast Reaction Causes A Loud Fart-Like Sound 

A very loud fart noise followed, with Alyssa Farah Griffin left awkwardly laughing and attempting to carry on the discussion about vice president Mike.

Sara's Next Words 

"Whoopi!" Sara exclaimed while trying to clean up the spillage on her desk. "Whoopi spilled water and how it's on my pants," Sarah added.

The Final Moments 

Alyssa awkwardly laughed and said: "Oh. We had a little spillage on the other side of the table." As Alyssa finally finished her point, the camera panned to show Whoopi and Sara still trying to clean up the spillage with napkins.

Whoopi Is Linked To Another Farting Incident 

Besides the 2023 occurrences, Whoopi was linked to a farting noise on The View back in 2014 when she was accused of passing wind on the show, with fans later dubbing the incident "fart gate."

What Happened?

Whoopi had been discussing the flu jabs during a Hot Topic debate with singer Ashanti when she shifted awkwardly in her seat while her co-star Rosie O'Donnell began fanning the air.

The Hosts Make Things Worse 

The other hosts joined in, picking up their topic cards and waving them up and down. The following day, the actress cleared the air, insisting she didn't pass gas.

Whoopi Explains The Situation 

Further explaining what happened, Whoopi said there was a new and unexplained sound effect, and the panelists only made a joke to cover up for it.

Fans Are Not Convinced

Unfortunately, some social media users didn't believe the onscreen personality's explanation, with one user tagging the incident as a great moment in television history.