Man Records Coworker's Lies To HR, Gets Her Fired, Sued For It?

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In a workplace dilemma, a man records his female coworker after she spreads lies about him on social media. He confronts her and records the conversation, which he then takes to HR. His coworker is fired, but now he's being sued for recording her without permission. Coworkers are divided on whether he was right or wrong. What do you think? Read the full story here.

Standing up against workplace harassment: one man's experience 👊

past_long7166 | past_long7166

Coworker spreads false rumors, gets caught, seeks revenge on recording.

past_long7166 | past_long7166

🔥 Coworker caught lying and scheming against colleague, gets exposed!

past_long7166 | past_long7166

Worker gets fired and sues colleague for recording conversation 🎥

past_long7166 | past_long7166

Recording coworker's lies to HR- justified or a**hole move? 🤔

past_long7166 | past_long7166

Employee faces potential legal trouble after recording coworker's lies

past_long7166 | past_long7166

Grateful for support after exposing coworker's lies to HR 🙏

past_long7166 | past_long7166

Man defends age gap with wife and quick marriage on Reddit.

past_long7166 | past_long7166

Man records coworker's lies to HR, gets her fired 🔥

A man records a conversation with his female coworker after she spread lies about him to his wife. He takes the recording to HR and she is fired immediately. Some coworkers criticize him for recording her without permission and he may face legal trouble. Read on for reactions and comments on this controversial situation.

NTA for recording and having proof of sexual harassment at work.

zombiemiki | zombiemiki

Recording coworker's lies to HR was justified (NTA).

Crankypenquin | Crankypenquin

Coworker hits on OP, tries to ruin his career and marriage, gets fired, and potentially sues. NTA.

del901 | del901

Recording lies to HR? NTA, consequences of being a jerk 😅

IHateKoalas1 | IHateKoalas1

Standing up against sexual harassment is commendable. NTA ✊

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Justice served! 🙌

PizzaInteraction | PizzaInteraction

Protecting oneself from lies at work. 👍

ivylass | ivylass

Recording a coworker without consent is risky business 💬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Clear and just consequences for a lying coworker 🙅‍♂️

peepingtomatoes | peepingtomatoes

Protecting yourself from false accusations in the workplace 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

New redditor seeks legal advice after recording coworker's lies.

Lesland | Lesland

Recording a coworker's lies to HR and getting her fired - NTA

Jennypenny_03 | Jennypenny_03

Standing up against abhorrent behavior, even from single parents 💪

gabby0197 | gabby0197

Protecting yourself from workplace harassment: NTA did the right thing ✊

StretchedPatience | StretchedPatience

Recording coworker was best way to prove harassment. NTA. 📹

should_be_sleepin | should_be_sleepin

Justified revenge? Coworker loses job after sexual harassment and threats.

Unit-Hea1thy | Unit-Hea1thy

NTA plays games, she learns lesson. 🤷‍♀️

I-am-here-what-next | I-am-here-what-next

👍 Keeping it professional and avoiding legal trouble. NTA wins.

dont_fuckin_die | dont_fuckin_die

Man records coworker's lies to HR, gets her fired. NTA.

PuzzleheadedState405 | PuzzleheadedState405

Standing up to harassment: NTA gets justice for himself 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Recording coworker may lead to legal trouble, but NTA.

Evil_Mel | Evil_Mel

Taking legal action against lying coworker, NTA commenter seeks advice.

PaintLicker_2022 | PaintLicker_2022

You go, NTA! 👏🏼😎

RedRose_Belmont | RedRose_Belmont

Report harassment always! 👍

ProfessionalSir9978 | ProfessionalSir9978

Recording workplace conversations can lead to legal consequences ⚖️

BrianFuckler | BrianFuckler

Woman applauds man for standing up against workplace harassment 💪

benslady | benslady

Coworker tries to ruin OP's life, gets what she deserves 🎉

Gwyndion_ | Gwyndion_

Don't blame the single-parent card for her manipulative behavior 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Debating recording consent laws for public settings 👀🎥

this_guy55 | this_guy55

Coworker lies to HR and pays the price 🤥🔥

GlitteringWing2112 | GlitteringWing2112

Age gaps: the latest issue to complain about? 🤷‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Recording coworker leads to legal trouble and potential counter-suit 💼

HoxtonLover | HoxtonLover

Coworker's lies exposed, justice served. 👍

bina101 | bina101

Recording your coworker's lies can save your a** 🎥👀

ClockworkMinds_18 | ClockworkMinds_18

Recording lies to HR: Legal or not, NTA did right 🔥

Rohan0785 | Rohan0785

Coworker's sexual harassment led to instant firing and lawsuit. NTA.

Eastern_Fox5735 | Eastern_Fox5735

Gender equality works both ways. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Employee rightfully defends actions in recording and reporting coworker

millylyza1 | millylyza1

👍 Taking one for the team. NTA deserved better.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Employee fired for sexual harassment, not coworker's report. NTA 👍

crumpledspoon | crumpledspoon

Recording coworker's lies to HR leads to her firing. NTA 🎥🔥

shadow-foxe | shadow-foxe

Recording lies at work? 🎥 NTA, but check legality first.

kramorp | kramorp

Beware of coworkers who lie, they might harm your loved ones 🤔

MsBabs1 | MsBabs1

Falsely accused coworker records lies to HR and gets sued. NTA 👍

guntonom | guntonom

Recording coworker's lies to HR may have legal consequences. 🎙️

madthegoat | madthegoat

🤥 Coworker lies to HR, gets caught, AITA for exposing?

DirtyDeedsDunderKeep | DirtyDeedsDunderKeep

Taking a stand against workplace harassment 💪🚫 NTA

Dragons_20 | Dragons_20

👍 Standing up against lies in the workplace pays off.

peanutandbaileysmama | peanutandbaileysmama

Standing up against harassment, NTA wins against lying coworker 🙌

Dingo-ate-me | Dingo-ate-me

Documenting workplace interactions can protect you from false accusations. 📝

justcupcake | justcupcake

You're not the a**hole for reporting wrongful behavior 🤷‍♂️

raceulfson | raceulfson

Employee records coworker's lies, gets justice for all involved 👏

Individual-Work-626 | Individual-Work-626

Recording coworker's lies gets her fired, but check state laws. NTA.

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