Brooke Burke Flaunts Firm Glutes In Poolside Leg Lift

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Brooke Burke
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Brooke Burke is showing off her buns of steel poolside as she stuns at 51! The former Wild On! star proved just why she's a fitness authority in a recent social media share, and her derrière game was definitely strong.

Buns Of Steel

Brooke Burke
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Posting to her Brooke Burke Body brand's Instagram on Wednesday, Brooke wowed as she stretched one leg out behind her while on a yoga mat.

'Four Week Booty Challenge'

Gearing her fans to sign up for her 4-week Booty Challenge, Brooke posed all smiles from a yoga mat while flaunting her ripped figure in skintight gray shorts with a blue waist trim. She added a matching blue sports bra to the outfit while drawing attention to her muscly arms and toned back.

Leg Stretch Time

Keeping her right leg straight and pointing her foot, Brooke aced her glute move, while also showing off the results of the many reps she has done. She grinned for the camera while rocking her lightened locks down. Low-key makeup added a bronzer finish to the former TV star's face.

Taking It Poolside!

Fans swiping got a sweet poolside surprise as Brooke recreated a similar stretch on an outdoor pool deck while soaking up the sun. Here, she folded her raised leg while balancing a small pink ball on it.

Booty Gains

In a caption, Burke wrote, "My favorite #glute shaping moves! It’s ready! 4-weeks Booty Challenge🍑🔥10 min a day! Tone, lift & sculpt. Let’s get specific. #BOOTY 101 #homeworkout." Scroll for more photos!

Doesn't Like The Word 'Diet'

Brooke Burke
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Brooke is a fan of intermittent fasting, a lifestyle that includes fasting and eating windows to get the body into a state of ketosis, where it burns fat for energy.

"I don't like the word diet. It's all about building a sustainable, enjoyable, healthy lifestyle," Brooke also revealed as she was profiled by Celebwell.

Shakes To Break Her Fast

"I give myself a resting window of 16 hours, and I eat in an eight-hour window. It's 1:30p right now and I'm breaking my fast. I'm having a shake which is high in calories and in fat, which is totally okay," she continued, detailing her IF structure.

Pilates And Yoga

Brooke's plans mix up muscle-toning Pilates and gentle yoga, as well as plenty of cardio to burn calories!

Add Weight To Build Curves

In a recent share promoting her booty challenge, Brooke reminded fans that gaining weight through her muscle-building program equals "curves."