Jamie Lee Curtis Sobs Watching Her Oscars Acceptance Speech

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Jamie Lee Curtis
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Jamie Lee Curtis, who recently won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Everything Everywhere All at Once, became emotional as she watched a video of her acceptance speech for the first time since the ceremony. 

Curtis Broke Into Tears

Jamie Lee
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During her appearance on The Today Show on Tuesday, the 64-year-old broke down in tears. She confessed to hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb that it was the first time she had seen herself accepting the prestigious award. She wiped away her tears and shared, "I hadn't watched that, so that was the first time I've seen it."

Referred To Statue As They/Them 

Appearing via video call from Los Angeles, Curtis showcased her Oscar to The Today Show hosts before making a heartfelt announcement. She shared that she has decided to refer to her statue as "they/them" in honor of her transgender daughter, Ruby. 

Support For Daughter


Jamie's decision reflects her support for gender inclusivity and diversity. As she held her Oscar to the camera, Curtis affectionately stroked the award and expressed her support for her transgender daughter, Ruby. 

Ruby Is Settling In well

She announced that she has decided to refer to her statue as "they/them," saying, "In support of my daughter Ruby, I'm having them be they/them. I'm just going to call them 'they/them.'" Jamie went on to share that Ruby is settling in well.

Shared News Of Daughter's Transition

Last July, the actress shared the news of Ruby's transition with AARP magazine. She proudly stated that she and her husband, Christopher Guest, had witnessed their son become their daughter.

Desire For Gender Parity

Gender Parity
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Following her win at Sunday's ceremony, the actress paid tribute to her child and advocated for genderless acting categories. Speaking to reporters backstage, she expressed her desire for more women to be nominated and for gender parity in all areas and branches.

Still A Long Way To Go

Long Way To Go

While acknowledging progress, she noted that there is still a long way to go toward inclusivity, especially in the context of binary choices, which can be challenging to navigate.

Importance Of Understanding The Issue 

As the mother of a trans daughter, the actress emphasized the importance of understanding the issue. In addition, she has spoken out about the importance of understanding and accepting transgender people.

Curtis Cautioned 

However, she cautioned that eliminating gender from acting categories could have unintended consequences, such as potentially reducing the number of women winners as voters may favor men.

Curtis Expresses Concern

The actress also expressed concern about the potential impact of genderless categories on women's opportunities in the industry. This is something she has been actively promoting.

Issue Is Complex

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She acknowledged the issue's complexity. However, she emphasized that inclusivity and increased representation of women are the most critical goals.

Curtis Has Been Candid About Ruby’s Transition

Curtis has been open and candid about her child's transition. She revealed it to the public two years ago.

Opportunity To Support Her Daughter

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In October 2021, she shared that she initially struggled to stop using her child's dead name but expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn about and support her daughter.

Curtis’ Acceptance Speech 

Jamie Lee Curtis
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During her acceptance speech at the recent awards ceremony, Curtis thanked her husband, Christopher, and her two daughters, Ruby and Annie. She paid tribute to her late parents, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, and the cast and crew of Everything Everywhere All at Once. However, she also acknowledged the importance of her friends, whom she wished to thank but didn't get to mention.

Curtis Expressed Disbelief 

She expressed her disbelief and gratitude for the past few days, saying she never thought she would experience something like this.

‘Nepo Baby’

Despite growing up in a family of Hollywood icons, Curtis has always seen her parents' fame as a blessing. She has playfully referred to herself as a "nepo baby" during awards season.

Curtis’ Parents Were Also Nominated For The Oscars

Curtis’ parents, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, were nominated for Oscars but never won. Her mother received a nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in Psycho. In contrast, her father was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in The Defiant Ones.

Oscar Not Just Her Achievement 

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Despite not winning, Jamie's parents were always present in her life and career, and she accepted their influence with grace. In her speech, Jamie emphasized that the Oscar win was not just her achievement but the result of the contributions of hundreds of people who had supported her throughout her career. 

Shout-Out To Fans

She also gave a shout-out to the fans who have supported her genre movies over the years, saying that they, too, had won the Oscar along with her.