Celebrity Bombshells Exposed In Paris Hilton Memoir

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Paris Hilton has always been an open book with her fans even if it requires digging up traumatizing memories. The Business mogul has even more intriguing details about her in her new memoir and we are just as excited to find out more about the new mom.

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Letting It all Out In Her New Book

In her new memoir, "Paris: The Memoir," which was published yesterday, she speaks openly about the events that occurred behind the scenes as never before.

She Had Made Some Of The Revelations Known To Fans Before Now

Although, some of her revelations in the newly released Memoir aren't new to her fans such as when she opened up about getting raped at 15, the teacher's inappropriate interest in her, the abortion she underwent at age 20 after falling pregnant with a model Jason Shaw, and her "unpleasant" encounter with Harvey Weinstein.

On Getting Into Details

The Simple Life alum shares more harrowing information about the two years she spent in various institutions after initially speaking out in her 2020 YouTube video This Is Paris about the alleged abuse she allegedly experienced at the Utah boarding school she attended as a teenager.

Looking Back At The Start Of Her Career

Paris also looks back on the media attention she received at the beginning of her career, notably, the famed Holy Trinity shot with Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

She Had Earlier Spoke About Her Sex Tape

However, before the book was published, she also spoke about her tragic history at a boarding school when she was a teenager and the leaked sex tape she had with Rick Salomon.

How Demi Lovato's Documentary Inspired Her To Share Her Story

Demi Lovata
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She also mentions in the book that after watching Demi Lovato's "Simply Complicated" documentary, the singer served as her inspiration for talking openly about her time spent in boarding school.

Paris Hilton's Take On Reporting Sexual Assault

According to toofab in the Memoir, Hilton claimed many women are called "stupid girls" after reporting sexual assault, something she herself believed of herself, after coming forward about having been the victim of rape. And it hurt to see P!nk utilize that phrase while she was dealing with the fallout from the sex tape incident.

Is There A Paris And Pink Feud?

There is "no Pink-Paris "feud," Hilton emphasized, adding that she doesn't keep grudges but wanted to be "honest" about how the video made her feel. She also underlined that she is "not upset" with the singer.

On Her Relationship With Kim Kardashian

Of course, throughout the book, Hilton provides hints about her friendships with some of her well-known pals.

Before claiming that she and Kim "balanced each other out," Paris lauded Kim Kardashian's former closet organization company.

They Travelled Together

"I was a disorganized night owl; Kim was an efficient early riser," wrote Paris, "It felt good to have someone I knew I could trust and depend on. We went everywhere together—New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Australia, Germany, and Ibiza."

They Also Watched Out For Each Other

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton

According to Hilton, she and Kim "watched out for each other" on a trip to Ibiza, and she added that "reliable support is a crucial feature of the girlfriend trip."

Before adding that she and Kim "made Instagram our bitch," which resulted in a drop in "the kind of paparazzi frenzy that killed Princess Diana," she said that Kardashian believed in her DJ ambitions.

On Her Friendship With Nicole Richie

She spoke of her long-standing friendship with Nicole Richie and revealed that the two even shared their first kisses while playing the game Spin the Bottle.

"Nicole Richie and I were ride or die from our terrible twos, and we'll stay that way until the world ends," she added. "When we were teenagers, riffing off each other, doing silly voices, everyone around us was dying. We were dying. I'm dying now just thinking about it!"

The Impact Of Her Friend In The Simple Life Series

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

She compared them to Lucy and Ethel and praised Richie's bawdy side on "The Simple Life," calling her "genuinely nice and sweet." She continued,

"This show would not have been what it is with anyone other than Nicole Richie."

About Her Relationship With Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay lohan
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Lindsay Lohan was mentioned when discussing the infamous "Bimbo Summit" or "Holy Trinity" photograph of Paris, Lindsay, and Britney Spears taken in 2006 in Hollywood. Lohan getting into the two-seater car with them was "sort of odd," Paris remarked, but she was unable to recollect anything else after they took off.

Other Issues Mentioned In Her Book

Britney Spears' release from her conservatorship, Lindsay Lohan's engagement, and Hilton's success as a businesswoman were all mentioned by Hilton as reasons why she loved that the "Bimbo Summit" headline hasn't held up well over time. We're not close, but I always wish her well, she continued.

On Her Relationship With Spears

Britney Spears

She added that Spears, "after all those horrible years" under a conservatorship, looked like a "beautiful angel princess bride" at her wedding to Sam Asghari.

Her Issue With South Park

The makers of "South Park" poked fun at the public's infatuation with celebrities like Paris Hilton in the 2004 episode Dumb Spoiled Whore Video Playset. She was eager to watch the program when it finally started.

She took major offense at the fact that her dog Tinkerbell committed suicide in the cartoon just to get away from her.

Does Paris Hilton Have Any Regrets?

She criticized "South Park" before throwing the finger in her own direction and naming some of her biggest regrets.

She first made light of her wearing "horrific Von Dutch caps," then confessing to dressing up as "Sexy Pocahontas" for Halloween once and being caught on camera singing "a really inappropriate version of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice," N-words and all.

She's A Better Person Now

She described a situation in which she pretended to support Donald Trump since he was an old family friend and the owner of the first modeling agency she joined. When she left to join a different agency, he became enraged and threatened her over the phone.

However, the Dj admitted to being a better person now;

"The truth is even worse: I didn't vote at all. Am I standing by these choices? Would I make the same choices again, knowing what I know now? Of course not! None of that reflects the person I am now."