Hugh Grant And Ashley Graham's Awkward Red Carpet Encounter

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Hugh Grant
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Hugh Grant is getting all the flak following his appearance on the Oscars red carpet and his brief exchange with TV presenter Ashley Graham. Hugh’s red carpet interaction with Graham carried off an awkward aura and it did not go unnoticed by fans. 

Hugh Grant On The Red Carpet 

Hugh Grant
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The star actor did not seem all that thrilled about the red carpet formalities as he joined Graham outside the Dolby theater ahead of the award show. The clips circulating on social media showed Graham addressing the 62-year-old concerning the award show. 

Grant And Graham’s interaction

The TV personality first asked Grant about his outfit as she tried to inquire about the design he was wearing. Grant gave a curt answer as he stated, “Just my suit.” Graham continued by smiling as she proceeded to ask him who he was rooting for regarding the award ceremony. Once again, the Notting Hill actor appeared terse as he made it known that he was not rooting for anyone in particular. 

More Questions From Graham

Ashley Graham
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The Sports Illustrated model took on another approach by diverting the conversation to Grant's latest movie project, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. She asked about his widely-talked-about cameo in the movie, but the Hollywood star was anything but conversational. He replied, “Well, I'm barely in it. I’m in for about three seconds."

The Red Carpet Small Talk Ended Abruptly 

Before the awkward red carpet moment came to an end, Graham asked a final question, but Grant maintained his lackluster energy. This time around, the Music and Lyrics actor did not reply, but Graham ended the conversation with a pleasantry. The media star stated, “Well, it was nice to talk to you,” to which Grant replied, “Yeah.” 

Fans Were Quite Aware

Ashley Graham
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It was a potpourri of mixed reactions on social media as fans watching from home zeroed in on the interaction. While many deliberated on what went down, others made light fun of it. One person regarded Grant’s short talk as the “worst Oscars interview ever.” The person wrote that if Grant did not want to be there he should not have bothered attending. 

Some Fans Disapproved

A second user noted Grant’s seeming eye roll at the end of the interview. The person was curious as to why he reacted that way as they suggested he could have been pissed that Graham referred to him as a “veteran.” Another observer referred to Grant’s interview as the most dismissive ever, as they recounted the Glass Onion part of it. 

Fans Praised Graham

Viewers also took the opportunity to praise Graham for her expertise and how she handled the less-thrilling red carpet moment. Someone wrote on Twitter that the presenter "nailed" the interview even though Grant "gave her literally nothing."

The Tweep stated that if [Grant] did not want to do press or an interview he could have gone straight for the ceremony or "stay at home." Another admired Graham's grace nothing that she remained civil and did not let his less-enthusiastic demeanor get to her.

Ashley Graham At The Oscars 

Ashley graham in her floor-length mesh dress
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Graham attended the event showing her fashion prowess as always. The American plus-sized model put on a busty display that had her slipping her full figure in a black number. Graham's outfit was a floor-length low-cut dress with a sweetheart neckline that left her ample cleavage in view.

Graham Showed Out

The dress bore cutouts around the waistline and a strappy detail that went in transversal form around her waist. Graham's evening gown was styled with long sleeves with high slits around the arms which looked like wings when she spread them.

The lower part of the outfit bore mesh details revealing her thighs and black underwear. Graham styled her hair in an updo with intricate and interwoven braids.

She Previously Shares BTS Snaps

A day before the Oscar Awards, Graham took to Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes details of her preparation. The star dressed up in a tie-dye outfit. She also took to her Instagram Stories posting images of herself and fellow red carpet hosts Vanessa Hudgens and Lilly Singh.

Who Is Ashley Graham?

Ashley Graham
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Graham is a successful entertainer with a well-rounded modeling career, and she keeps breaking boundaries by being a plus-size fashion model. The star was discovered in 2000 at the age of 12 at a shopping mall in Omaha, Nebraska. She had been spotted by a scout and was soon signed by I&I modeling agency.

Her Unique Modeling Career

In the following years, the American Next Top Model alum started walking the runway as a plus-size model. This was after she signed with the top agency Wilhelmina Models. Her career progressed in leaps and bounds when in 2003, she signed with Ford Models.

Graham Champions Body Positivity

Since she became a big name in the fashion industry, Graham has never shied away from flaunting her full figure and she is also outspoken about it. She once revealed that 67 percent of the women in America "wear a size 14 or larger." She added, "Maybe you could ignore those consumers before, but now, thanks to social media, they’re making their voices heard."

She Has Made History

Ashley Graham in a dark green dress
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In 2016, Graham became the first full-figured model to grace the cover of Sports illustrated. She had a good one that year because a month before that, she was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

Graham Has A Lingerie Line

Being in the fashion industry has motivated the star to create her own lingerie line. She collaborated with Additon Elle to help distribute her brand to stores. The sizes in her lingerie line go up to size 44DD.

She Doesn't Buy The 'Plus-Size' Term

Despite making a name for herself as a celebrated fashionista, Graham does not like the term "plus-size." She once revealed to Associated Press that it was "divisive." The media star stated, "I think labeling and putting a name on women in certain categories because [of] a number inside of their pants isn’t really getting us any farther in life.” 

She Has Been Active With Charity Works

Ashley Graham
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The star has been quite invested in speaking on body positivity and encouraging it. Graham to high schools sensitizing students on body acceptance. She has also been active in taking up humanitarian missions in South Africa with the Themba Foundation.

Graham Is Married

Graham met movie director and videographer Justin Ervi in 2009 during a church service and immediately connected. They tied the knot the following year and almost a decade later, decided to start their parenting journey.

Her Life As A Mother

The brunette bombshell announced her first pregnancy in August 2019. The baby new has been on her ninth wedding anniversary. The A New Model author welcomed her son, Isaac five months later. By 2021, she was ready to go again. The star announced her second pregnancy a few months later and in January 2022, she became a mom to twins Roman and Malachi.