Dua Lipa And Cher Face-To-Face After Awkward Exchange Online

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Comparisons in the music industry have been the norm for decades, and the recent duo to get entangled in its web are Cher and Dua Lipa. Let's take a look back at Cher's shady tweet and the awkward first encounter between the two music legends since then.

A Tale Of One August

Back in August 2022, a Twitter user tweeted a picture of Dua Lipa, calling her the "Cher of our generation."

Delete The Mistakes

The original tweet, which has now been deleted, showed a two-picture collage featuring pictures of Lipa and Cher side-by-side, highlighting their sparkling outfit choices and long dark hair.

So Much Truth In One Tweet

While several people have pointed out the stark similarities between the two pop stars, one user commented, "so much truth in one Tweet," and tagged both the singers.

The Queen Reacts

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Although music legends such as Cher cheer on their juniors when such comparisons come to light, Cher had an entirely different response in her tweet, which read, "How many yrs are in a generation."

Regular Comparison

While Cher and Lipa have established themselves firmly in the music industry, they are often compared for their identical and bold fashion choices.

The Versace Show

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7 months after Cher shared her stance on Twitter, the two Grammy-winning singers united at the Versace Fall/Winter 2023 Show, and it's all over Twitter about how cold their encounter was.

Dua Lipa x Versace

Lipa has been seen donning several Versace looks, including her iconic butterfly dress from the Grammys 2021. She walked the runway for the brand's 1992 fall ready-to-wear collection earlier last year.

Cher x Versace

Cher and Versace joined forces to release a limited collection titled "CHERSACE" for Pride Month 2022. The collection was focused to raised funds for the LGBTQ+ community.

Not A Hugger

Hug ignore
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In the clip that has gone more viral than the entire Versace Show, Dua can be seen moving forward with a hug, but Cher puts her hand forward for a handshake instead.

The Camera Captures It All

The Camera Captures It All

The awkwardness in the air is clearly visible from the look Lipa gives to the camera, or more like the camera steals it from her.

Twitter Reacts

Twitter Reacts
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One user commenting about the encounter, whose tweet has received over 66,000 likes, says, "Dua was about to hug her, but then she remembered the tweet."

Some Clarification Is Required

After deleting the original tweet, the user offered some clarification saying, "Well I'm truly sorry for the whole cher x dua situation. I was just praising their looks and promoting the edit."

No Bad Blood

The user further wrote, "I truly believe Cher didn't mean anything bad with her reply." If their encounter hadn't been so shocking we would have actually paid some heed to this tweet.

The Supporters React

The Supporters React
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While some fans thought the comparison between the singers was disrespectful, others saw it just as a harness comparison between the two artists.

Active And Unfiltered


Cher is known for being active on Twitter and vocal about her opinions. And the best part about her tweets is that they're always unfiltered, which means more drama for us!

Taking A Look Back

Cher first catapulted to fame at 19 with her 1965 hit single "I Got You Babe" and has since been a strong presence in the music world.

Dua's Big Break

New Rules
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Dua, on the other hand, received her big break in 2015 after signing with Warner Music Group at the age of 15.

"New Rules" Breaks The Charts

New Rules
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However, it wasn't until the release of her second album Future Nostalgia that Lipa stepped into stardom. The album's hit single "New Rules"  garnered love from people around the world and got Lips her first Grammy win.

Amazing Artists In Their Own Rights

Both Cher, 67, and Lipa, 27 are incredible artists with multiple awards to their names. However, being the more experienced artist, Cher's comments seem seriously out of proportion.