Sharon Stone Looks Fabulous In Bikini Bottoms On A 'Perfect Day'

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Sharon Stone
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Sharon Stone went viral within hours of posting to Instagram in July 2022. The Basic Instinct star braved a topless finish as she celebrated a "perfect day" while in bikini bottoms, and fans loved it.

Braving Topless Look

Sharon Stone
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Sharon, now 65, was still 64 when she posted. The iconic actress posed from a sunny and furnished terrace, immediately drawing the eye with one very skimpy look.

Stripping To Bikini Bottoms

Showing off her killer figure and zest for life, Sharon modeled a leopard-print pair of bikini bottoms in green, also ditching her bikini top for a giant chest flash as she added in a striped kaftan in green, white, and blue.

'Gratefully Imperfect'

Going for a body-positive message as she went makeup-free while throwing back her head and wearing eyeglasses, Sharon showcased her toned waistline and shapely legs, but with zero editing, the image was also sending a message. Likewise, the caption. "Gratefully imperfect on a perfect day," Stone wrote.

Celebrities Are Loving It

Topping comments is reality star Lisa Rinna, 59. "Legend," she wrote. A like also came in from talk show host Kelly Ripa.

Fans Say Hollywood Needs To Change

Sharon Stone

The comments section has gotten busy. "If Hollywood took as much time working on their inner selves as they did on their outer selves the world would be a much better place," one user wrote.

Joining Age-Defying Celebs

Sharon joins the slew of celebrities making headlines for defying their age over 60. Actress Demi Moore turned 60 this year and model Christie Brinkley is approaching 70!

See Her Bikini Selfie!

Sharon thrilled fans all over again in August 2022. She snapped a bikini selfie while in front of a mirror while flaunting her toned abs and womanly curves. "Why do I always get in shape when summers over?" she joked in a caption.

Once again, love came in. "I don't give a damn about the ladies' age. All females are wonderful, they bring a different perspective to life that only enhances it!" one fan gushed.

'Basic Instinct' Equals Instant Icon

Sharon became an overnight sex symbol following the 1992 release of movie Basic Instinct, costarring Michael Douglas. In January 2023, she made headlines for revealing that she never felt "comfortable" around Douglas while shooting the flick.

Celebrities Following Her

Sharon is followed by 3.6 million on Instagram. Celebrity followers include actress Priyanka Chopra and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson. For more, check out her account.