Neighbors Demand Beekeeper Get Rid Of Bees Despite Legality

Beekeeper checking honey production in a beekeeping suit.
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A suburban beekeeper has been asked by their new neighbors to remove their bees due to their son's severe allergy to bee stings. Despite the legality of beekeeping, the neighbors have expressed their discontent and even attempted to outlaw beekeeping in their town. The beekeeper, who has spent thousands on their hobby, is hesitant to comply and has taken measures to ensure the safety of their bees.

However, the question remains - is the beekeeper in the wrong for wanting to keep their bees? Let's find out what happened in this situation.

Beekeeping hobbyist faces opposition from neighbors despite legality 🐝

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Beekeeper faces backlash from new neighbors over beloved bees 🐝

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Family's beekeeping hobby under fire due to son's allergies 🐝

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Neighbors unhappy with beekeeper's refusal to remove bees 🐝

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Beekeeper fights against bee-hating neighbors and possible legislation 🐝

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Beekeeping feud causing buzz in neighborhood 🐝

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Beekeeper defends safety measures amidst neighbor complaints 🐝

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Neighbor considers surveillance to monitor bee activity 🐝🎥

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Redditors support OP receiving death threats over beekeeping controversy 😬

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Beekeeper wins legal battle to keep beloved bees 🐝🐝

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Beekeeper can't take the financial blow amidst neighbor demands 🐝💸

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Beekeeper faces opposition from neighbors despite following all regulations 🐝

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Beekeeper addresses safety concerns and legality of bees 🐝

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🐝Neighbors demand beekeeper get rid of bees despite legality🐝

In this story, a beekeeper has been asked to remove their four legally registered hives from their suburban backyard after new neighbors discovered their son is highly allergic to bee stings. The beekeeper has followed all state and local laws and has invested thousands of dollars into their setup. After legal advice, the beekeeper has decided to keep their bees but will reach out to their neighbors with suggestions to keep their son safe.

The conflict highlights the tensions that can arise between personal hobbies and the safety of others. The next section will explore the comments and reactions on Reddit to this debate.

Neighbors ask beekeeper to remove bees, but keeping them is legal. Commenters agree it wasn't unreasonable to ask but wrong to try and legislate against the hobby. Bees are important for the ecosystem and coexisting is possible. 🐝🌺

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Beekeeping neighbor deemed NAH, but online complaints are ESH 🐝👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🐝

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Neighbors express empathy but suggest ways to avoid bee stings 🐝

LuckStrict6000 | LuckStrict6000

Keeping bees in suburban areas - NAH, but consider rehoming bees 🐝

[deleted] | [deleted]

Former beekeeper defends bees, but acknowledges potential for more bees and aggression.


Beekeeper's neighbor is highly allergic. Uncle's solution: hive donations. 🐝🌻

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Protect the bees and yourself with cameras 📹🐝

Helpful_Thought_6608 | Helpful_Thought_6608

Beekeeper defends hobby while raising awareness to beekeepers' responsibility 🐝

Aggressivecleaning | Aggressivecleaning

Neighbor demands beekeeper get rid of bees, citing child's allergy.

kittyBoB2 | kittyBoB2

Beekeeping hobby puts neighbor's kid at risk of death. YTA.

Craftyhobby | Craftyhobby

Beekeeper not responsible for child's bee sting, NTA 🐝

Comprehensive-Fun47 | Comprehensive-Fun47

Legal beekeeping creates complicated neighborly concern 🤔

elizajaneredux | elizajaneredux

Beekeeper called out for risking neighbor's life with bees 🐝

Rapt88 | Rapt88

Neighbor accuses beekeeper of prioritizing hobby over child's safety 🐝❌

Salty-Transition-512 | Salty-Transition-512

Legal beekeeping, but potential trouble with neighborhood laws 🐝👨‍⚖️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Former beekeeper agrees with neighbors' demand to remove bees 🐝

lego_tintin | lego_tintin

Beekeeping hobby may not be worth risking a child's life ❤️🐝

Bayfp | Bayfp

Beekeeping hobby vs child's life, tough decision for OP 🐝😬

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Commenter calls out OP for endangering neighbor's son with bees 🐝

sunflowerroses | sunflowerroses

NTA. Disclosing beekeeping should be required for allergy-prone homebuyers 🐝

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Neighbors concerned about increased risk of bee hive proximity 🐝

MikeOfAllPeople | MikeOfAllPeople

Neighbor's allergy doesn't justify forcing beekeeper out 🐝

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Beekeeping neighbor called out for being selfish and dangerous 🐝

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New neighbor discovers beekeepers next door, contemplates own hive 🐝

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Protecting the bees or the beekeeper? 🐝👨‍🌾

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Son of a beekeeper explains dangers of keeping bees as neighbors.

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Suggests amicable solution for beekeeper's neighborly dispute 👍

warrantyinvalid | warrantyinvalid

Beekeeper's hobby vs community wellbeing - who's the a**hole?

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Protect your bees and your property with security cameras 📹🐝

_LaVidaBuena | _LaVidaBuena

Beekeeping family explains why bees only sting as last resort 🐝🐝

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A compassionate suggestion to find a new home for the bees 🐝

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Neighbors demand beekeeper get rid of bees despite legality. Redditors debate if they're the a**holes.

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Beekeeping neighbor under fire for endangering allergic child 🐝

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Beekeeping vs child safety 🐝 - NAH & understandable concerns

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Neighbors demand beekeeper remove bees despite legality and child's allergy.

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Beekeeping vs. child safety: A controversial stance. 🐝👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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Beekeeping is harmless, neighbors should have done their research 🐝

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Beekeeper has a right to enjoy his hobby, but concerns arise 🐝

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Beekeeping dilemma: NTA believes neighbors are overreacting 🐝

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Empathetic neighbor understands beekeeper's situation 🐝

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