Twin Sister Furious Over My Look at Her Wedding, AITA?

Angry twin sister
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Identical twins always have a certain level of competition between them, but what happens when one twin expects the other to change their appearance for their wedding? In this AITA post, a twin shares their story of how their sister demanded they let themselves go to avoid upstaging her on her big day. The twin refused, causing a family feud. Was the twin in the wrong for not complying with their sister's request or was the sister being unreasonable? Read on to find out more about this family drama and decide who the real a**hole is in this situation.

Double the trouble or double the fun? Identical twin problems.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Overcoming trauma after accident, seeking therapy for panic attacks.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Overcoming personal struggles to improve myself and my relationships 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Overcoming weight gain and finding my healthy body, inspiring story!

[deleted] | [deleted]

New look causes drama at twin sister's wedding, AITA?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bride's sister upset over wedding look, distance to blame?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bridesmaid feels sidelined, shares experience of wedding planning.

[deleted] | [deleted]

May's demanding beauty routine causes drama at wedding 💄

[deleted] | [deleted]

The bride's twin sister didn't see her until the wedding? 🤷🏻‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister upset over wedding look, expected us to hide scars 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

My sister accused me of upstaging her at her wedding 😒

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Wedding drama, whose side are you on? 🤔

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Twin sister accuses me of upstaging her at her wedding 😡

After a traumatic accident, I focused on my health, gained muscle mass, and embraced my natural look. However, my twin sister, who hadn't seen me during quarantine, was furious with my appearance at her wedding. She accused me of trying to upstage her and made snide remarks before throwing a drunk temper tantrum. Our family is on my side, but her friends and in-laws are giving me a hard time. AITA? Read on for the reactions and comments.

Redditors sympathize with the commenter and criticize the bride's behavior 💍

withOneStar | withOneStar

Bridezilla doesn't invite her own sisters to rehearsal dinner, NTA 🤷‍♀️

Careful-Bumblebee-10 | Careful-Bumblebee-10

Bridezilla demands bridesmaid changes, sister refuses. NTA

marmaladestripes725 | marmaladestripes725

Overcoming a traumatic experience and being proud of it, NTA 🙌

Something_or-Other | Something_or-Other

Stand up for yourself and embrace your beauty! 👏💪

ele71ua | ele71ua

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle, even at a wedding! ✨

VarnishedTruths | VarnishedTruths

Don't let anyone dim your sparkle, NTA! 💅✨

RestInPeaceLater | RestInPeaceLater

Sister demands ugly bridesmaids? NTA for looking beautiful. 🙄

bellePunk | bellePunk

In this section, commenters agree that everyone sucks (ESH) in this situation. The drunk bride was out of line, but OP should have recognized this was not the time to make snide comments.

Ritehandwingman | Ritehandwingman

Sister's entitled behavior worsened after an accident, NTA 👀

Party_Teacher6901 | Party_Teacher6901

Supportive comment slams rude sister at wedding, 💪👏

Organic_Extension750 | Organic_Extension750

Engaging discussion on whether OP is the a**hole or not 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Self care shamed at a wedding? NTA! 🙅‍♀️

TheLastSollivaering | TheLastSollivaering

Commenter finds twin sister's wedding situation hilarious 😂

GoldenTea999 | GoldenTea999

Sister insulted OP's look, but OP shouldn't have been mean. ESH 😬

mr_lemonpie | mr_lemonpie

Sassy commenter tells OP to stand up for herself 💁‍♀️💪

lapsteelguitar | lapsteelguitar

Beauty standards at weddings? NTA takes a stand! ✊

ChocolatePotatoFudge | ChocolatePotatoFudge

Shallow twin sister gets what she deserves, NTA 🙌

LoveBeach8 | LoveBeach8

Commenter called out for obvious post, YTA confirmed 🙄

poodlebutt76 | poodlebutt76

Bridesmaid calls out bride's insult over wedding look 👀

WaDaEp | WaDaEp

Don't sink to their level 🙅‍♂️👀

Goofius | Goofius

Body-shaming at a wedding? ESH, but this comment hits hard 💥

Indigoh | Indigoh

Commenter compliments OP's self-confidence and beauty, 🙌

rol5388 | rol5388

Commenter accuses OP of seeking validation, YTA verdict challenged.

FatedTitan | FatedTitan

Positive self-growth for the win! 🌟 NTA

VanMan32 | VanMan32

Commenter questions purpose of obvious moral story, ESH.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boosting self-confidence without putting others down, NTA 👏

HourlyAlbert | HourlyAlbert

Supporting your twin is important ❤️

theiconacuna_ | theiconacuna_

Commenter defends their appearance at twin sister's wedding. 👏

IllustriousPomelo152 | IllustriousPomelo152

Sister's wedding day, not the time to show off gains 💪

nonuniqueusername | nonuniqueusername

Is the comment calling the story fake? 🤔

WexiWexi | WexiWexi

Commenter calls out OP's biased retelling of wedding drama 💥

HomeGrownCoffee | HomeGrownCoffee

Body-shaming at weddings is not okay! Stand up for yourself 💪

TheeQuestionWitch | TheeQuestionWitch

Sibling Rivalry Over Physical Appearance, AITA? 😓

darthymacdougall | darthymacdougall

Sister's wedding revenge? NTA for looking attractive. 😎

CupcakeTootsie | CupcakeTootsie

Sarcasm and shade: Adding rhinestones to a scar. ✨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breaking free from toxic family expectations. NTA 🙌

JonesinforJonesey | JonesinforJonesey

Verdict or grammar - which is worse? 🤔

IdrisandJasonsToy | IdrisandJasonsToy

Stay out of it 👍

GrassTerrible5262 | GrassTerrible5262

Sister's wedding turns into a nightmare, ESH 🤷‍♀️

m_ttl_ng | m_ttl_ng

Wedding drama with a bridezilla 👰🏼💄

nathashanails | nathashanails

Confused sister expects me to hide my scars, AITA? 🤔

IHeartChickenFingers | IHeartChickenFingers

Twin sisters grow apart, but OP is NTA 👍

Shruggles8 | Shruggles8

Living your best life in quarantine, NTA 🙌

Myhairyleftfoot | Myhairyleftfoot

Bridezilla's assumptions about workouts - NTA has the last laugh 😂

nolechica | nolechica

Wedding day drama leads to ESH judgment, bite your tongue 😬

bagelmanb | bagelmanb

Wedding drama ensues, both parties share blame. 😕

MostlyPretentious | MostlyPretentious

Commenter criticizes lack of diversity in subreddit's opinions 🤔

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