Exclusive: Rachel Uchitel Addresses Her NDA With Tiger Woods

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Erica Herman, Tiger Woods' ex-partner, is facing a difficult legal battle as she seeks to nullify the non-disclosure agreement she signed at the beginning of their relationship. Rachel Uchitel, another ex of Woods, believes that Herman faces an uphill battle against Woods due to his wealth and resources. Uchitel advises Herman to focus on fighting for her right to speak out rather than making the case about money.

Herman’s Recent Lawsuit 

Herman recently filed a lawsuit against Woods in the Circuit Court of the 19th Judicial Circuit in Martin County, Florida. The Speak Out Act was cited as why the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she signed at the beginning of their relationship in August 2017 should be nullified. 

Details of The Speak Out Act

The Speak Out Act protects victims of sexual assault or harassment. However, Uchitel believes that Herman faces an uphill battle in her case as she is up against a formidable opponent.

Details of Legal Documents 

According to legal documents, Erica Herman indicated "yes" when asked whether her case involved allegations of sexual abuse. However, she did not provide any specific details about the accusations. 

Herman’s Main Argument 

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Herman's main argument is that the NDA she signed with Tiger Woods should be voided under the Speak Out Act. This would clarify the matter.

Details of Herman’s Court Filing 

Herman's court filing reveals that she is uncertain about whether she can disclose certain facts related to her legal claims. She also expressed uncertainty about what personal information she could discuss and with whom.

Why Is Clarification Needed 

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Herman stated an ongoing dispute between her and Tiger Woods requires clarification from the court. Therefore, she seeks a court declaration to clarify the matter.

Nature of The Recent Court Filing 

The recent court filing by Herman has brought to light other legal documents that shed light on the strained relationship between Tiger Woods and Herman. In an October 2022 lawsuit, Herman alleged that "agents" of Woods used deception to convince her to take a "short vacation" from their shared home, only to lock her out of the residence. This claim suggests a significant mistrust and conflict between Woods and Herman.

‘Oral Agreement’ 

According to the lawsuit filed by Herman, she and Tiger Woods had an "oral agreement" that allowed her to live in their mansion for 11 years. Herman claimed that she had five years remaining on this agreement when the couple separated. 

Herman’s Entitled Compensation 

As a result, she argued that she is entitled to approximately $30 million in compensation. This claim suggests a significant financial dispute related to their shared property between Herman and Woods.

Uchitel’s Advice 

Uchitel, who spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier, advised Herman on improving her credibility in the legal battle against Tiger Woods. Although Uchitel stated that she was not privy to the specifics of Herman's case, she shared valuable advice that could help her gain credibility. 

Herman Should Not Make the Battle About Money

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Uchitel suggested that Herman should not make the legal battle about money but instead focus on fighting for her right to speak out. She advised Herman to fight for the freedom to tell her story and not to make it about money. According to Uchitel, making the case about money could lead to doubts about the authenticity of her story.

Uchitel’s Payout 

In August 2021, Uchitel revealed to The New York Times that she had negotiated a $5 million payout and a promise of $1 million per year for three years. However, the actual amount she received was significantly less after taxes and legal fees were deducted. 

Woods’s Team’s Hesitation

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Additionally, according to Uchitel, Tiger Woods' team hesitated to pay the initial $1 million installment. As part of the settlement, Uchitel was required to sign an NDA that was over 30 pages long.

Woods’ Documentary Series 

Following her appearance in HBO's Tiger documentary series, Uchitel spoke candidly with ET about her regrets regarding the NDA she signed as part of her settlement with Tiger Woods. Uchitel revealed that the NDA had a significant negative impact on her life, and in hindsight, she would not have signed it. 

Settlement Money Not Worth It 

She explained that the settlement money was not worth the hatred and the difficult life she endured afterward, including losing respect, self-worth, friends, and family. Uchitel expressed that no amount of money could ever repay what she went through, and she would prefer to be poor and homeless rather than have to relive her experiences.

Uchitel’s Unique Perspective 

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According to Uchitel, who is launching her podcast, her experience gives her a unique perspective to offer insight into Herman's legal battle. However, she has no desire to become involved. Uchitel notes that Herman faces an uphill battle due to the wealth and resources of Woods' team. "Tiger's team is very...he's got a lot of money. He has a machine behind him, and she's just one person. So, she has a lot of work to do if she wants to prove a case," says Uchitel.

Uchitel Speaks Up About NDA

Uchitel, who gave birth to her daughter Wyatt Lilly in 2010, recently spoke about her difficulties in the last 14 years due to her NDA. The NDA was unrelated to her relationship with Tiger Woods. 

How The NDA Affected Uchitel 

Still, it prevented her from speaking her truth and finding her footing in life, especially when many people wanted to discuss the situation. This stigma has followed her for years; even events in her personal life, such as pregnancy, were seen as violating the NDA. 

Uchitel’s Podcast 

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Uchitel is now launching a podcast where she wants to reveal the human behind the headline and talk about the complexities of the human experience. Some of her upcoming guests include former NBA star Matt Barnes and famed celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. While Uchitel is excited to have her voice back, she still has not revealed why she signed the NDA, saying it's a long story she will eventually share.