Kristen Doute Slams Tom Schwartz Amid Tom Sandoval's Infidelity

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Kristen Doute | Michele Corriston

When speaking about the recent Vanderpump Rules infidelity controversy, Kristen Doute spoke frankly.

Ariana And Tom Sandoval's Breakup

According to our report, Ariana Madix, who had been with Tom Sandoval for nine years, called it quits last week after finding that he had been having an intimate connection with Raquel Leviss for months through a video he had recorded on his phone.

Silence Of Tom Schwartz

Kristen Doute Slams Tom Schwartz Amid Tom Sandoval's Infidelity

Most of the cast has spoken out frequently throughout the past week, but Tom Schwartz, Sandoval's longtime closest friend and business partner, has been unusually silent. And now people are criticizing him for it!

Schwartz and Sandoval are Business Partners

Schwartz and Sandoval collaborate on two projects, so he might not have said anything to preserve their productive working relationship.

Schwartz is Supporting Sandoval

But as supporters are aware, the co-owner of TomTom typically has Sandoval's back no matter what. Yet this is the same person who promised to defend Jax Taylor following his years-old infidelity scandal.

Tom Schwartz On Scheananigans Podcast

On Friday's Scheananigans podcast, Tom Schwartz sat down with Lala Kent and Scheana Shay to discuss the Scandoval. As the cameras have been turned back on for Season 10 of VPR, the group is at a loss for words.

Kristen's Thoughts on Schwartz's Silence

Kristen Doute Slams Tom Schwartz Amid Tom Sandoval's Infidelity
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While Kristen is no longer a cast member, she is free to express her opinions and has many opinions about Schwartz.

Kristen Criticized Tom Schwartz's Actions

Kristen criticized Tom Schwartz for speaking openly about the controversy privately while remaining mute in public.

Kristen Called Schwartz a Pu**Y

While talking to Page Six, She said, “Tom Schwartz is a f**king p***y, and he needs to man up. Enough is enough. He’s just burying his head in the sand and thinks that things will go away and things will happen. It’s like he can be honest with us in real-time and texting, ‘I don’t stand for this’ or ‘I really feel this way,’ but he doesn’t do anything about it.”

Here's the Clip:

Kristen Asked If He Is On Both Sides

Damn! So, when no one is looking, he's also on Team Ariana?

Kristen Can't Trust Schwartz's Words

Kristen eventually concluded that she couldn't "trust" anything Schwartz had said in private since she hadn't seen his "actions" to support them.

Actions Are Everything

It's everything
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She said, “Words don’t mean s**t. Actions are everything.”

Schwartz's Relationship With Raquel

So, most viewers assumed that Schwartz's relationship with Raquel was staged to conceal the relationship between Sandoval and Raquel.

Lisa Vanderpump Arguments

Lisa Vanderpump
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If such is the case, nobody anticipates him criticizing his friend's behavior anytime soon. When questioned about the fan theory on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Lisa Vanderpump argued that he must have known about the affair given his close relationship with Sandoval.

Lisa's Comments On The Ongoing Controversy

Lisa said, “I think they are so close. I mean, I’d have been less surprised if you said Schwartz and Sandy got together rather than Sandoval and Raquel. I think he sits on the fence so tight it’s up his ass … He tries to placate everything and play both sides.”

Tom Sandoval Denies Everything

Tom Sandoval
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Sandoval denies and claims that “Schwartz specifically only found out about this recently, and most did not condone my actions.”

Schwartz Knew About Raquel

In the most recent episode, Scheana, Lala, and Kristen avoided mentioning whether Schwartz knew about Raquel and Sandoval's romance. Yet, Doute asserted last week on her show that he "found out a month ago."

Schwartz Hid Things From Ariana

It's a secret
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And he didn't even say anything to Ariana!? Wow. Whether they were best friends or not, that's a terrible thing to keep a secret, especially because he was close to Ariana and Sandoval.

Controversy Affected Business

After all the scenarios, it started affecting Tom-Tom's business, and then Schwartz & Sandy's Bar issued a statement.

Statement Issued By Schwartz & Sandy's Bar

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They Said,

"In light of the recent news, we appreciate the many words of support, but we also understand the outrage directed towards our business. However, those who are not famous have dedicated their time, hearts, and money to making this restaurant a reality. We, too, are disappointed by the current situation, as Ariana has always been a good friend and a great supporter of the restaurant. We appreciate that you may feel a certain way, but please understand that the livelihoods of others also depend on this business; there are far more people involved in this venture than just Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. Our staff, from the waitresses and bartenders to the cooks and dishwashers, all have had nothing to do with this unfortunate situation. Please consider that posting negative comments affects more than just the individual you may be upset with. Our goal has always been to create a place where our community can come and enjoy a fun atmosphere with good food and friendly service, and we intend to continue to focus on that endeavor."