Boyfriend Shames Me For My Clean 'Period Panties'

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Couple fights
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Dealing with period shaming from my boyfriend 😔

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Boyfriend's hygiene obsession causing issues in relationship 😒

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Clean period panties vs. good basic hygiene skills 🩲🧼

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Laundry mishap leads to period panties shaming 😳

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Period panties vs. cute panties - relatable underwear dilemma 🩸💕

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Period shaming is not okay. Stand up for yourself 🩸💪

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Keeping 'period panties' is common among girls, but some disagree 🩸

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Period-shaming takes a toll on women's self-esteem 😔

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Should she be ashamed of her 'period panties'? AITA?

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Managing unpredictable periods and boyfriend's shame. 💪

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Surviving unpredictable periods with my trusty black period panties 🩲

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🩸💩🤔 Hygiene shaming and period panties: A relationship debate

One woman's boyfriend has shamed her for keeping separate, clean 'period panties' causing her to feel gross and alienated. The couple's hygiene habits clash as the boyfriend is extremely clean and expects the same from his girlfriend. The argument raises questions around cleanliness in relationships and how different hygiene habits can cause tension. Is it fair to expect your partner to have the same level of cleanliness as you? How can couples navigate hygiene differences without shaming each other? These are some of the issues we'll be exploring in the comments section below. But first, let's dive deeper into this couple's clash over period panties.

Save money and wear clean period panties. Boyfriend needs therapy 💆‍♂️

Forward_Squirrel8879 | Forward_Squirrel8879

BF's obsessive cleaning may harm relationship and future family. NTA.

Rhuthbarb | Rhuthbarb

Save money and the environment with period panties. NTA!

Background-Aioli4709 | Background-Aioli4709

Period panties are normal. Cold water removes bloodstains. Ditch the bf.


Boyfriend's hygiene obsession is a red flag. NTA.

SaltPepperSugarBlah | SaltPepperSugarBlah

Boyfriend tries to mansplain a period, commenters suspect severe OCD. 🩸

Load_Altruistic | Load_Altruistic

Normalize period panties and dump the cleanliness-obsessed boyfriend 👏

ofsmut | ofsmut

Own your clean 'period panties' and don't feel guilty 🩸👖

StrongBat7365 | StrongBat7365

Embrace the period panties, ditch the boyfriend, find a keeper! 🩸💃

evelbug | evelbug

Period panties stigma debunked while discussing germaphobic boyfriend 🩸🩲💬

AppointmentEastern | AppointmentEastern

Dump the wasteful boyfriend, not your clean period panties. 🚿💧

archetyping101 | archetyping101

Period stigma debunked with bleach and humor 😂

Frog-splat | Frog-splat

Normalize clean period panties. Boyfriend needs to work on OCD.

dwells2301 | dwells2301

Normalizing period stains in underwear, NTA stands up for self.

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Period underwear debate sparks concern for boyfriend's laundry habits 🩸🩲

EquivalentTwo1 | EquivalentTwo1

The importance of 'period panties' and personal hygiene 🩸💪

Lumpyproletarian | Lumpyproletarian

Embrace the tier system! 🩲👖 NTA for wearing 'period panties'

floopdoopsalot | floopdoopsalot

Period shaming sucks! Your body, your choice 💪

ashes2022 | ashes2022

Period panties are 100% normal, boyfriend's cleanliness is abnormal 🤔

KingPiscesFish | KingPiscesFish

Period panties are a norm, shaming isn't. 🩸❌

ThreeDogs2022 | ThreeDogs2022

Don't settle for a man who shames you for being clean 💪

Sariel-Eria | Sariel-Eria

Wear your 'period panties' with pride! NTA 🩸💪

mdthomas | mdthomas

Period stains are natural, but is your boyfriend mature enough? 🩸💩

I_Have_A_Question28 | I_Have_A_Question28

Celebrate sustainability and comfort with period panties! 🩲🌍

Buffy11bnl | Buffy11bnl

Supporting NTA comment suggests OCD assessment for boyfriend's behavior 💩

angelaheidt | angelaheidt

Wear what you want! Don't let anyone shame you 💪

Animlfarm | Animlfarm

Period shaming is unacceptable. Menstruation is natural and normal. 🩸

Virtual_Secretary_89 | Virtual_Secretary_89

Period panties are clean and yours – bf has no say 💁‍♀️

Laines_Ecossaises | Laines_Ecossaises

Saving money on sanitary products and period underwear. NTA.

customcurse | customcurse

Breaking the stigma around periods, one clean panty at a time 💪

King_Ghoost | King_Ghoost

Financially savvy period underwear, NTA. Boyfriend needs to grow up.

CoconutChai73 | CoconutChai73

Supportive response to boyfriend's concerning behavior, recommend therapy 💙

Amazing_Excuse_3860 | Amazing_Excuse_3860

Embrace practicality! 💪🩸 Don't let anyone shame you for it.

bumblebee7310 | bumblebee7310

Period panties are a thing, dude. Let's normalize it! 🩸

[deleted] | [deleted]

Period panties are not up for debate, NTA wins 🩸

Anxious-Armadillo565 | Anxious-Armadillo565

Don't shame someone for their hygiene choices. #NTA 💪👍

Sea_Bar8885 | Sea_Bar8885

Saving money by air drying clothes vs BF's long showers 📷, NTA

NachoMamaToo | NachoMamaToo

Keeping clean stained clothes isn't disgusting, period. 🩸

cindereilly | cindereilly

Normalize period hygiene. Don't let others' issues shame you. 🩸

ReactionEuphoric5362 | ReactionEuphoric5362

Don't let him shame you, girl! 💪 NTA

MeanestGoose | MeanestGoose

Celebrate the heroic women in your life 💪🩸

Fancy_Avocado7497 | Fancy_Avocado7497

Wear what you want, period panties are hygienic and practical 💁‍♀️

itsyoirll | itsyoirll

Period panties shame? Not cool. NTA standing her ground.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Normalizing period panties, but addressing boyfriend's clean freakiness 💁‍♀️🩸

Around-My-Corner | Around-My-Corner

Partner's extreme hygiene might indicate OCD or phobia, NTA.

jluvdc26 | jluvdc26

Keep your panties clean and stain-free with this hack 💡

PurpleMarsAlien | PurpleMarsAlien

Is your boyfriend's behavior abnormal? 💭 Get insights here. 🤔

skobeloff_pasta | skobeloff_pasta

Reusable period pants? NTA for clean period panties 🩸👖

SquashedByAHalo | SquashedByAHalo

Period stains are expensive. Living alone has its perks! 🩸💰

SiameseCats3 | SiameseCats3

Period panties are a must-have! 🩸👙 NTA, dump him.

Thisismyswamparg | Thisismyswamparg

Period shaming? NTA! Save money on panties. 💪🩸

gracenweaver | gracenweaver

Your boyfriend's hygiene habits may be excessive and he's TA.

Jazzlike-Greysmoke | Jazzlike-Greysmoke

Embrace the mess of life. NTA for period panties.

justwantsomezen | justwantsomezen

Period panties are normal and boyfriend is being ridiculous 🩸🩲💁‍♀️

TeeKaye28 | TeeKaye28

Join the period panty squad and dump the shamer 💪🩸

EntertainerFlat | EntertainerFlat

Reuse of 'period panties' is hygienic and practical. NTA.

criticalgraffiti | criticalgraffiti

Clean period panties? NTA, boyfriend needs to grow up 🙄

BeautifulCharacter96 | BeautifulCharacter96

Don't let anyone shame you for taking care of yourself 💪🩸

Mindless_Rabbit1628 | Mindless_Rabbit1628

Period panties are normal. Boyfriend's shaming is a red flag.

veni_vidi_dixi | veni_vidi_dixi

Celebrate your body 🎉 Don't let anyone shame you for it

Langstarr | Langstarr

Period shaming? NTA needs a lesson. 🩸👩‍🏫

mmiggs | mmiggs

Sustainable living vs. high maintenance partner 🌍💦

joey0live | joey0live