Claire Danes, 43, is Bumping Along!

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Claire Danes
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43-year-old Claire Danes looked healthy and fit in her yoga outfit earlier this week. The third-time mother announced her unplanned pregnancy with her partner, Hugh Dancy. The Romeo + Juliet star beamed as she prepared for her daily workout.

Showing Off Her Growing Bump

Danes and her spouse announced their pregnancy in January, saying it was an unexpected blessing. However, their older children, Cyrus (10) and Rowan (6) weren't as pleased with the news.

Yoga For The Baby

Danes looked laidback in her casual leggings, sweatshirt, and shearling coat. After walking a few kilometers, the actress removed her coat and sweatshirt to reveal a gray t-shirt.

The Start Of Their Romance

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy in Evening
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The couple met on the set of Evening in 2006 and started dating shortly after. In 2009, they sealed their romance with a promise of forever.

Rowan Isn't Pleased

Thirteen years later, the couple is parents to two boys, Cyrus (10) and Rowan (4), who aren't fans of the big news. Danes told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that the older of the two is resigned to sharing his parents with a second child.

Wanting His Peace

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy walk their son
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However, the four-year-old is more vocal about his displeasure. Since he'll no longer be the last born, Rowan believes the new baby would disrupt the status quo. Danes reported the toddler saying,

"I don't like it. I like peace, Mama."

Rowan Suggests Giving The Baby Up For Adoption

Rowan then suggested a better solution to the incoming "disruptor" by asking Danes to give up the baby to a family that's in need. Danes encouraged him to be a great older brother to appease the toddler.

Being The Older Sibling Is Exciting

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The four-year-old is excited about being the all-knowing older sibling. Danes said it made Rowan more optimistic about having a younger sibling. However, she agreed with the toddler that this would be the family's last child.

Baby's Sex Stays Hidden

Danes and Dancy made their big reveal at this year's Golden Globes where the actress admitted she's rolling the dice and wouldn't bother checking the child's sex.

Getting Into Mama Mode

Danes made headlines when she walked the Golden Globes carpet in her Giambattista Valli dress. She shared details about her surprise bump, including that she's in "Mama Mode."

Thrilled But Not Ready

Dancy is also thrilled about the new baby but isn't ready because it was a surprise. He told Fallon that one could only prepare for the baby's arrival and adjust life to each child's uniqueness afterward.

Sixth Golden Globe Nomination

Claire Danes at the Golden Globes
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This year, Danes' earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Fleishman is in Trouble.

Losing To Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge accepts her award for Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes 2023
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Danes lost the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Television Film to The White Lotus: Sicily's Jennifer Coolidge.

The Former Golden Globe Wins

The 2022 nomination marked Danes' sixth since 1995 when she won her first Golden Globes for My So-Called Life at 15. The actress has four Golden Globes, including two for Homeland and one for Temple Grandin. 

Nomination for Best Supporting Actress

Her role as Rachel Fleishman also earned Danes a Critics Choice Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a miniseries.

Time To Rest

There's no news of any new movies starring Danes as of now since the actress wants to focus on welcoming her baby into the world.

Dancy Would Be There To Support

Hugh Dancy on Law and Order
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Meanwhile, Dancy starred as a series regular in Law & Order as E.A.D.A. Nolan Price. He joined the show in its 21st season and would remain through the 22nd season until otherwise stated.

Taking A Break From Work

Claire Danes shows off her Golden Globe Award
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When Danes was pregnant with Rowan, she was filming the final season of her critically acclaimed series Homeland. The actress mentioned that the pregnancy was an opportunity to relax after putting in hard work on set.

Staying Off Social Media

Despite the surprise baby, Danes' sentiments on relaxing during pregnancy remain the same. Already, the actress has a limited social media presence, so there's no worry about outside distractions.

Going Through Life With Her Family's Love

Claire Danes
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Dancy would be there with Danes throughout her pregnancy and the older children would step up to their roles as protectors and guardians of their new siblings.