Rift Escalating Between Prince Harry And His Family

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Prince Harry
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Conflict is mounting between Prince Harry and his family members.


As per Prince Andrew's ex, Prince Harry might be forced into "exile" if he keeps sabotaging his connection with Prince William.

The Modern Version Of Cain And Abel

A close family friend of the royals named Lady Victoria Hervey equated the bond between Harry and William to that between Cain and Abel, Eve and Adam's very first two sons.

The Comparison 

Cain kills Abel in the Bible, and Hervey observes that the Duke of Sussex “is self-sabotaging his relationship with his brother so much so that it has now become Cain and Abel.”

“It’s becoming a bit of a blood sport,” she reported to the Mirror

A Few Steps Is All It's Going To Take

She continued, “Harry is getting himself closer and closer to being exiled. I think he’s only one or two steps away from that happening.”

The Victim

Hervey said that Harry, under Meghan Markle, has long attempted to present himself as the sufferer of the circumstance. “I think he’s pushing the line as much as possible so that happens, and he can wallow in victimhood,” claimed Hervey, who reportedly had a short affair with the Duke of York back in 1999.

Things Worsening

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Harry's persistent relationship with his brother was made more severe by the bomb-dropping action that was the publishing of his tell-all book, "Spare," in January.

The Shade

The 38-year-old impressively made intimate family arguments and talked publicly in his protocol-breaking book, criticizing his family for various conflicts.

Seeking Justice For His Wife

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Harry reported that top royal family members "briefed" the media and "leaked" unflattering articles regarding his spouse and that he had a "responsibility" to put the facts out there.

More Than Enough Drama In the Royal Family

When he chopped out about half of his material from the initial draft, he further fueled the flames by admitting that he had enough material to write even more volumes on his childhood experiences as a prince.

A Book To Destroy The Royals

In particular, the banished royal's remarks against his brother and their father, King Charles III, were edited out of "Spare" to prevent a permanent rupture. Just by this statement, one can understand how Harry holds all the secrets to the destruction of the royals.

The Apology

Prince Harry has been a loyal husband and has proven to take his oath faithfully. Most recently, he unbelievably asked the royal family to "come clean" and apologize for their treatment to his wife.

Calling The Royals Out In Public

During a January interview with the Telegraph, the Duke of Sussex made shocking claims to his family: "You know what you did, and I now know why you did it. And you’ve been caught out, so just come clean.”

Not Letting Anything Slide

Harry did not specify what he wanted his family to apologize to Meghan for, claiming they are handling him as they believe he is "delusional and paranoid."

Finally Feeling Safe


Residents of Montecito are anxiously expecting an evacuation order as the city is on mudslide alert. The Duke of Sussex undoubtedly feels more comfortable in his Montecito house compared to what he did in the royal castles where he spent his formative years, despite the risk of mudslides.

The Fight 

The Duke of Sussex reportedly hasn't spoken to his brother or father, King Charles, ever since the publication of his contentious biography Spare. In the novel, Harry alleges that William physically abused him and that the King was envious of Meghan Markle, placing his interests before Harry's.

Harry’s Sister-In-Law’s Reaction 

Kate Middleton, the sister-in-law to Prince Harry, is said to be "appalled" by the several discoveries the Duke of Sussex has covered in his new book, "Spare."

Response To The Book 

In response to the shocking book, the Princess of Wales feels that Harry's acts are horrible, a source told US Weekly.

The Dress Fitting Scandal 

Harry explained his version of the famed dress-fitting argument involving Kate and Meghan, which left his wife "sobbing on the floor," according to reports.

The Duke made public text messages exchanged between his and William's spouses during a dispute about Princess Charlotte's bridesmaid outfit.

Harry’s Planning About The Future

He stated, “I thought the four of us would, you know, bring William and me closer together, we could go out and do work together, which I did a lot as a third wheel to them, which was fun at times but also I guess, slightly awkward at times as well.” 

The Unexpected Wife


Harry believes his brother and sister-in-law had another idea of his spouse and never thought he could fall for someone like Meghan. He said, “I don’t think they were ever expecting me to get — or to become — to get into a relationship with someone like Meghan, who had, you know, a very successful career.”