NYPD Cop Involved in Coney Island Shooting Tragedy

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Tragedy befell last Thursday when an NYPD cop was found dead in his home. Colin Rossiter, aged 22, lost his life to suicide months after being involved in a shootout where he killed a perpetrator engaged in violence against the police. 

Colin Rossiter, Aged 22


The officer, identified as Colin Rossiter and only 22 years old, shot himself in his Staten Island residence around 1:50 am on Thursday. A firearm was discovered beside him. 

The Circumstances Surrounding The Tragedy 

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Rossiter's father, a former NYPD sergeant, discovered him and rushed him to a hospital, but he was declared dead upon arrival. 

Colin’s Police Career

According to sources cited by the New York Post, he was assigned to the 60th Precinct, which covers areas such as Coney Island, Brighton Beach, West Brighton Beach, and Sea Gate. He was appointed to the position in October 2021.

Systemic Issue Within The System? 

On Thursday, Rossiter's loved ones, colleagues, and supporters came together outside Staten Island University North Hospital to honor him as his body was taken away. He is the third officer from the NYPD to take his own life this year.

Mayor’s Response To The Incident 

Eric Adams, New York City Major, weighed on this sad incident, ‘'These are young children, you know? Twenty-one, 22 years old, and when I communicated with them, I just told them, "You’re protecting New Yorkers."

Colin’s Involvement In Shootout Months Prior 

Colin was involved in the unfortunate killing of Jermaine Hickson months prior, and the incident invariably left a profound impact on the young man 

Who was Jermaine Rickson? 

In November 2022, Colin Rossiter was among the police officers who fatally shot Hickson in Coney Island. Jermaine Hickson was seen holding a firearm on the street and began shooting at the police officers who arrived in their vehicle. 

NYC Mayor Expresses Condolences to the Entire Police Force


Major Eric Adams expressed his utmost sorrow at the incident and reflected on the harrowing impact it can have on the police force at large. He said, “It really just broke my heart that we lost this young man.”

Police Investigation Of The Incident

The Father of Rossiter said that his son appeared fine on Wednesday night. That was the last he interacted with his son before the young man left for his bedroom to unwind. 

Background Information On The NYPD Officer

People who knew Rossiter in the neighborhood said he was well-liked and was one of many police officers and firefighters who owned homes in the area.

Reactions From Friends And Community 

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Rossiter’s fraternity brothers at Kappa Sigma Rho-Sigma paid tribute to him on Facebook, calling him a friend and a brother who will always be remembered. 

Calls for Justice And Accountability

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According to Blue H.E.L.P, an organization that advocates for better mental health support for law enforcement, 18 officers have taken their own lives in the US in 2023. This calls for support and awareness and mental health-related issues. 

The Impact Of The Incident On The Community

Several other incidents have followed Rossiter’s death in the area. In January, one officer jumped from a building after seeing a psychiatrist, while another shot himself in a park. More recently, a rookie officer shot himself in the face in a locker room.

Suicide Rates Among Police Officers 

Male first responders had a significantly higher rate of suicide compared to their female colleagues. In 2022, out of the 186 recorded suicides, 168 were males, and only 18 were females. 

Blue H.E.L.P

Blue H.E.L.P, was founded by Karen Solomon and Jeffrey McGill and aims to reduce the stigma around mental health and PTSD among first responders, acknowledge their service and sacrifice, and bring awareness to suicide and mental health issues.

Tributes To The Fallen Officer

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Tributes have poured in to express condolences at the incident, while people have also spoken to prevent further negligence in such cases of mental agony that officers face. 

The Impact Of The Incident On The NYPD

Statistics show that incidents of suicide are prevalent among frontline workers, and the NYPD has had its fair share in 2023 alone. 

The Aftermath Of The Incident

The shocking incidents surrounding the death of Colin Rossiter and Steven Hernandez have sparked a newfound vigor with which the mental well-being of police officers should be prioritized by the state as well as private organizations.

Calls For Measures To Prevent Future Incidents

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Mental health-related incidents must be flagged as a real concern worldwide; Rossiter’s tragic demise is only an example of how far behind the world remains in recognizing signs of extreme distress among close and functioning members of our societies. 

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