Julie Burchill on What Prince Harry's Been Up To!

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Among many critics, Julie Burchill made headlines with her comments on Prince Harry and Gabor Mate, who had a session of 'intimate talk' on Saturday. Julie criticized the session as being baseless. Meanwhile, other people are stunned to know that Harry has ADHD!

Reaction To Harry’s Live Stream Trauma Talk

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News and concerns have been speculated since his mental trauma went live stream on Saturday. The reactions aren’t as good as expected. People think it’s the same thing they have heard over and over. 

Julie Burchill Says It Was A Nonsensical Talk 

For an entire hour, viewers were subjected to the same tedious and nonsensical talk while seated on two comfortable couches illuminated by the warm glow of a burning fire. This is something we have now grown accustomed to.

Some Praises And Some Criticisms

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Some have praised him for his bravery and honesty in discussing his mental health struggles, while others have been less than impressed.

All The Feisty Ginger Life-Blood Is Being Drained Out Of Him

A British journalist and author, Julie Burchill, was particularly scathing in her assessment of the Duke of Sussex. She described him as "completely beige," claiming he had been "drained of all his feisty ginger life-blood."

The Money Went In Vain

It's like being asked to pay for a glimpse of someone's innermost thoughts without guaranteeing any real insight. Julie is disappointed about charging people £17 to watch a live-stream event.

The Conversation Was Pretty Vague

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His conversation with Gabor Mate was so vague and non-specific that it felt like a waste of time. This conversation felt like a missed opportunity.

Not Helpful At All!

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There needed to be more real depth and insight. Julie said it was a surface-level conversation that gave us nothing new or exciting.

It’s Not Like Prince Harry Was Holding Back From Speaking Previously

It's not that Prince Harry isn't capable of being vulnerable or open. He's shown time and time again that he's willing to talk about his struggles with mental health and his own experiences. 

Did People Agree With Julie Burchill?

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Burchill's harsh words have sparked a debate about whether or not it is acceptable to criticize someone for seeking mental health help. While some agree with her assessment of Harry's demeanor, others argue it is wrong to vilify someone for being open about their struggles.

Dr. Gabor Mate Failed Meeting The Expectations 

Dr. Gabor Mate is highly regarded for his knowledge of trauma, addiction, stress, and childhood development and is often requested as a speaker and author on addiction. But in this session, something seemed off.

Sounded Like A Session Of OnlyFans

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Julie Burchill said this talk altogether with Dr. Gabor Maté, the "trauma expert" and supporter of Hamas and hallucinogenic drugs, everything felt like a session at the grownup subscription website OnlyFans.

Harry Wants To Be Helpful, But The Strategy Is Lacking

The noble Prince desires to be of assistance, give others strength and inspire individuals to be open, particularly while they are inverted. Money is being jolted out of their wallets.

He Seemed Strong At His Stance

He remained resolute, refusing to accept the role of a victim and denying any need for pity. Well, that is suspicious.

What Did Harry Claim?

He says that nearly everyone has experienced some form of trauma, if not all of us. Harry says 99.9% of us are related to trauma; that is one big claim!

Harry And His Conflicting Point Of View

Occasionally, Harry appeared to feel his way toward a logical conclusion, claiming he had "an incredible childhood!" But it was only a short time until Mate contradicted.

Mate Made Harry Change His Point Of View

The doctor refused him, objecting that his life was “a narrative of deprivation” underscored by the three major childhood traumas: the grief of a parent, separation, and discord within the family. And there you go, a whole different story, the opposite of what he called “an incredible childhood.”

Doctor’s Diagnosis!

Julie said that the physician identified him as having Attention Deficit Disorder - more commonly known as ADHD - and after 20 minutes of talking, she felt like developing the same condition.

Poor Harry Is Still Not Able To Connect The Dots

A few chuckles were heard when the Prince said, 'I've always been trying to join the dots,' which reminded me sadly of Harry's difficulty with schoolwork, said by Julie, roasting Harry and his irrelevant talk session. 

Praises Of Meghan And Her Wisdom

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How can he forget Meghan after all? The grand finale of his speech was a heartfelt declaration of how Meghan had rescued him with her sagacity.