Elizabeth Hurley And Damian Remember Former Partner Shane Warne

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Elizabeth and Damien Hurley
Getty | Karwai Tang

British actress Elizabeth Hurley with her son, Damian, remembered her late ex-fiancé Shane Warne on his one-year death remembrance. The two dated in the early 2000s and were engaged to marry but never did. However, on the anniversary of his death, Elizabeth gave fans a few of one of their romantic escapades in France.

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A Year Without Shane

Hurley, 57, shared a photo of the couple on Saturday on Instagram. The Pont des Arts bridge in Paris is well-known for the padlocks couples have connected to it.

"A year without Shane. You’ll be missed forever. I hope our padlock is still there ❤️ #pontdesarts"

She captioned.

About The Lock

A lock with the couple's names and the date etched on it symbolizes their unbreakable tie.

Where Shane Passed

Warne passed away on March 4 of last year in Koh Samui, Thailand, from what is believed to have been a heart attack.

In his illustrious career, he took 708 Test wickets and played a key role in Australia winning the 1999 World Cup. The former leg-spinner is regarded as one of cricket's all-time greats.

Damian Paid Tribute To Shane

Her model son, Damian Hurley, then offered a moving eulogy for the Australian batsman.

The model captioned his post;

"A year without SW… This photo was taken on one of the happiest days of my life. I will treasure it forever."

The picture depicts a large family, featuring Shane and his three children from a previous relationship with Simone Callahan: Summer, Brooke, and Jackson, cuddling Elizabeth and a young Damian, now 20.

Shane Once Said He Would Always Love Elizabeth

He reportedly stated of the relationship in 2018: "Who knows what the future holds," according to Daily Mail.

"There's a difference between in love with someone and loving someone. I'll always love Elizabeth but I don't think we'll ever get back together."

The Happiest Time Of His Life

According to the sportsman, he remembered those times with Elizabeth as "happiest time of his life."

When the batsman looked back on his relationship with Elizabeth, he recalled they both had a great time while they were together. Sadly, it didn't out very well.

How Their Relationship Died

He continued;

'It wasn't something that she or I did wrong, it just fizzled out. We're still great friends, we still stay in touch, we're good for each other and our kids get along great.'

Recalling How Much He Loved Elizabeth

He said to The Mirror that he was more in love with Elizabeth than he had imagined and that he misses their relationship in 2018.

How He Died

However, Shane was found unconscious in a villa at their Koh Samui resort, and the four friends who were with him when he passed away fought for his life for 20 minutes.

On Finding Him Unconscious

When one of the group attempted to rouse Shane for dinner at around 5 o'clock local time, according to Thai police, he was found to be unconscious. Shane was reportedly staying in the villa with four others.

All Attempt To Resuscitate Him Proved Abortive

The father-of-three couldn't be resuscitated, according to Shane's manager, who independently confirmed his death.

Elizabeth Had Hoped The News Of Shane's Passing Was Fake

Elizabeth revealed to The Times in a December interview that she had trouble coming to terms with the passing of her ex-fiancé. When she first received the news, the British actress hoped that his passing was a fake or a joke.

On Handling Shane's Death

"Losing Shane was terrible. It's taken a long time to sink in. I honestly kept thinking he'd call and it would turn out to be some big Aussie joke."

Elizabeth Isn't New To Losing Her Loved Ones

Hurley has also had to deal with loss previously, as the biological father of her only son, Stephen Bing, died by suicide in 2020.

Still, while talking to the she recalls, that she had "four great loves" in her life, one of which was the late cricketer and Damian's dad.

Her Advice To Her Other Ex's

However, the actress didn't fail to mention how she often told her other ex's to be careful, in her words;

"I always say to the other two, you’d better watch your backs," she joked.

How Steve Bing Died

The father of Damian, 55-year-old film producer Steve Bing, died in 2020 after falling 27 floors from the roof of a luxury apartment building.

He Died By Suicide

Bing's death was initially deemed to be suicide, but it was later discovered that he had been at odds with his wealthy father over his desire to leave money to Damian, whom he had allegedly never met.

How Steve's Passing Impacted Damian

Hurley, who was married to the billionaire from 2002 to 2010, claimed that Bing's passing presented a "mental challenge" for Damian, who had never known his actual father and referred to his stepfather, Arun Nayar, as "dad."