Celebrity Surprise for one lucky fan with Richard Wilkins!

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Richard Wilkins
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What did Richard Wilkins do when he was caught on camera? Let’s find out🤔🤔

Are You Thinking What I Am Thinking? 

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Channel Nine's Richard Wilkins, 68, is caught in an awkward position with a fan as he spends several minutes signing a bizarrely elaborate autograph.

How Did It Happen? 

It all began when Richard ran into a fan who asked for a picture and autograph.

He Granted The Fan Her Wish 

lucky fans
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The co-host of The Weekend Today was glad to grant the woman’s wishes as he sketched an elaborate autograph on her work vest across her chest.

Who Is The Lucky Fan? 

Marie, the lucky fan, couldn't help but smile as she cuddled up to Richard during a break and even posed for a photo to show her friends and family.

Richard Gave Her An Undivided Attention 

While signing the autograph, Richard had a look of concentration as he scrawled, “Marie, much love, Richard Wilkins,” across her chest😱.

Richard Waits For A Car To Pick Him Up After Such A Long Day 

As Marie left the entertainment editor, Richard went back to his newspaper puzzles, setting up on a park bench for some fresh air as he waited for a car to pick him up.

What Was Richard Wearing?

Dressed all in black with tight jeans, a tucked-in button-up, and a velvet suit jacket.

He Also Made A Phone Call 

Richard was also spotted taking an important phone call before he left the work site.

Congratulations Are In Order 

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It was announced in late December last year that Wilkins would take on the title of Network Entertainment Editor this year.

He Threw A Party To Celebrate His New Found Title 

The Weekend Today’s co-host celebrated 35 years with the network in May by throwing a poolside party at his home in Sydney's Cremorne and inviting all his famous friends.

Who Attended The Party? 

The likes of Sylvia Jeffreys, Lauren Phillips, Ben Fordham, Jayne Azzopardi, and Tim Gilbert were all in attendance.

Friends Colleagues Richard

party time
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Among others in attendance, Jeffreys and Phillips took to Instagram to congratulate Richard on his incredible career milestone.

What Did Jeffery Write About Richard? 

Jeffrey posted a group photo session from the party and wrote, “Dickie is the kind of friend who makes you feel like family.”

We Love You Dickie Bird

“I'm so proud to call him a mate and to celebrate his 35 years at Channel Nine. We love you Dickie Bird.” Jeffreys wrote.

Philips Tendered Her Hearty Congratulations 

Philips also shared two photos of herself embracing Richard and holding onto a glass of Champagne.

Does This Mean Richard Wilkins Is Stepping Away From Today? 

With this new title, Richard could be gearing up for retirement as the Weekend Today co-host will be reducing his time on camera.

The Daily Mail also reported the 68-year-old could soon be replaced as co-host of the weekend breakfast show by Charles Croucher.

Belinda Russell's Role On Today Might Change Too? 

The publication went on to report Belinda Russell's role on Weekend Today, and Today Extra may also look different in the New Year.

Richard Is Used To Hearing Stepping Down Rumors 

It's not the only time Wilkins has faced rumors that he may soon be stepping down from Today.

It Goes As Far Back As 2021…

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In December 2021, Nine's boss Darren Wick was forced to tell The Sunday Telegraph that Wilkins would be returning to work amidst rumors that his workload was being reduced due to concerns for his health. 

“Richard is absolutely fine. He is fighting fit and will be with us for many years to come,” he said at the time.

… And now, he has celebrated 35 years at Channel Nine.