Jessica Simpson Flaunts Her Bust In A Chic Black Outfit

Geri Green
Jessica Simpson
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Jessica Simpson is stunning as she flaunts her killer cleavage in a plunging black look that even flashed her bra. The 42-year-old actress and singer put her figure on show in a stylish look yesterday, and her 5 million+ Instagram followers have plenty to talk about!

Stuns In Sexy Black Look

Jessica Simpson
Flickr | Keith Middlebrook

Posting shortly before the weekend, the Dukes of Hazzard star updated from her fancy mansion and backed by a staircase.

Sizzling in a head-to-toe black look, Jessica went for leggings, but it wasn't a gym look.

Flashing Her Bra

The ex to Nick Lachey posed amid glam surroundings and modeled a tight pair of black leggings paired with a very low-cut top. Fans saw a lacy black bra, and Jessica had gone push-up style.

Sizzles After 100-Pound Weight Loss

Jessica, who dropped 100 pounds in 2019, posed clutching a light and patterned check purse, placing the other hand on her hip as she drew attention to her tiny waist.

All bombshell blonde hair, the Jessica Simpson Style founder also rocked a high-heeled pair of black boots, showing she meant business.

Caption Game Strong

Giving fans something to think about, Simpson opened:

"The mind believes in what you tell it. Be gentle. Be brave. Be ready. Be resilient. Be humble. Be courageous."

Says Honesty Matters

Jessica continued:

"Be honest. Be patient. Be creative. Be grace. Be confidence. Be understanding. Be curious. Be aware. Be love. Be the conversations with God, your angels, and your heart."

Celebrity Like!

The mom of three concluded: "Mindset is a choice that we make every day to revolutionize our character in its purest form."

Quick to leave Jessica the seal of approval was 34-year-old country singer Jessie James Decker.

Getting Weight Hate

Much of 2022 and the early parts of this year have seen Jessica tormented by her followers, and largely about her weight. Fans seem to think that Jessica is too skinny.

Fans Say Ignore Trolls

Replying to this post was one user, who reached out to Jessica and told her to ignore the hate.

"You are one of the very beautiful people in the whole universe inside and outside and I’m so glad you don’t let those people get to you," they said.

She's Tight-Lipped

Jessica has remained silent amid months of remarks from countless followers. She's also gotten hate over her gorgeous pout as fans think she's had surgery.

Dropped 100 Pounds

Jessica made 2019 headlines for losing 100 pounds following the birth of her third baby Birdie Mae.

10,000 Steps Per Day

Jessica walked up to 10,000 steps per day while controlling her calories to lose weight.

Egg-White Heavy

Under the watchful eye of trainer Harley Pasternak, Jessica ate carefully, going heavy on the egg whites, which are low-calorie.

Says She Doesn't Pressure Herself

Jessica Simpson
Flickr | mikeyschnedler

In 2020, Simpson told Hollywood Life:

"If I haven’t moved enough, I’ll make sure and get in extra steps the next day. For me, it’s moderation – I don’t put too much pressure on myself.”

Corn Dog Lover!

Jessica also revealed that her favorite indulgent foods are mac and cheese, plus corn dogs!

Works Out Early

The former reality star also gets up early and works out before her kids are even awake. Her brand, of course, also retails stylish gym wear.

'Open Book' Hit

Jessica has stayed popular off the screen and away from music. Her pandemic-penned Open Book memoir proved a massive success and is now coming via a scripted series.

Jessica Simpson Style Brand

Jessica also dedicates much of her time to running JSS, a brand she recently bought back from bankruptcy.

$65 Million From Her Own Pocket!

Jessica Simpson
Flickr | gossipcop

Jessica dug deep, forking out an insane $65 million of her own money to save her brand.

Fans Are Absolutely Shopping

And it's paying off! For more, see Jessica's social media.