Cher Finds Love Again With Alexander Edwards

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With Cher Light and Alexander, out of sight is not out of mind, and neither is the distance a barrier. Rather, distance is strengthening their bond❤️❤️🥰.

Age Is Just A Number For This Duo

Cher, 76, shared a sweet update about her beau, Alexander. Edwards, 37, while making a solo appearance at Carol Burnette's 90th birthday celebration taping in Los Angeles on Thursday. 

Cher’s Gushes Over Alexander Edwards

The 76-year-old star and Believe Hitmaker, who is also known as the Goddess of Pop, opened up to Access Hollywood on the red carpet shortly before the star-studded event began. 

Do You Have A Date?

lets do this

After Cher gushed about the popular host, the reporter diverted the topic of conversation by humorously asking, “Do you have a date tonight? You know what I am trying to get to…”

Out Of Sight Is Not Out Of Mind 

The lovestruck actress and singer flashed a small smile and responded, “My date is taking care of his son.”

Alexander Welcomes New Child 

Alexander welcomed a son named Slash Electric Alexander Edwards in 2019 with his ex, Amber Rose.

Is Alexander Still With Amber Rose?

No! The once-upon-a-time love birds split in 2021 following his reported infidelities and philandering.

Is There Bad Blood?

While they are no longer lovers, they are civil around each other and maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship. 

The Reporter Congratulates Cher On Her Relationship 

The Access Hollywood reporter then told the star, “We’re happy for you. Congratulations on the relationship,” which spurred a kind, “thank you” from Cher.

When Did Cher And Alexander's Relationship Started?

The partners were first linked in November 2022 when they were spotted arriving at a celebrity hotspot for a tasty dinner while holding hands, sparking romance rumors.

Alexander's Confirm Romance Rumors With A Kiss 

After enjoying a bite to eat, the happy pair returned to an awaiting car where Alexander 'A.E.' Edwards gently kissed Cher's hand as they sat close together in the back seat.

It All Began In Paris, The City Of Love😉😉

The couple first crossed paths while attending Paris Fashion Week in October 2022 and were spotted on various other occasions in November, going on romantic date nights and affectionately holding hands.

Cher Also Boldly Confirms Fans’ Suspicions 

its confirmed

Cherpublicly confirmed their romance the same month.

Cher Pushed Away Criticism

The actress and singer, who is 39 years older than him, pushed away criticism geared toward their relationship.

A source told US Weekly then, “Cher knows full well that there’s a lot of skepticism about this romance but she couldn’t care less.”

We Have Something Special Going On

“She is reveling in the attention and saying that she and AE have something very special going on that’s made her feel more alive and sexier than ever.”

Cher Loves Young Men 

“She’s always been drawn to younger guys, and this is by no means the first fun, no strings attached fling she’s had in recent years. The difference here is that this one feels special, which is why she felt confident to go public as a couple,” the insider concluded. 


Aside from Cher having a nickname for Alexander, the duo has already confronted engagement rumors. 

Cher rang in the new year with the love of her life right by her side, and an extra detail caught fans' attention.

Is Alexander Cher’s First Love?

Certainly not. The Believe singer has been in love a couple of times and had two very high-profile marriages with fellow musicians that both ended in divorce.

She Loves Singers 

She was married to vocalist partner—Sonny Bono from 1964 to 1975 and singer Gregg Allman from 1975 to 1979. However, she never stopped being open to love and speaking freely about her relationships.

She Beat Cupid To It

Over the years, she has been linked to a few famous men, including Gene Simmons and Tom Cruise, and now Alexander— the man of the moment. 

Best Wishes

best wishes to the couple

Whatever the story is, we wish the duo the best of luck for their future!