86-Year-Old Grandmother's Garden Ruined By Council

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Watching people destroy something you've spent a lot of time creating is up there with a few of the most painful things to feel on earth. This 86-year-old grandmother was in tears as the government officials cleared up the garden she's spent years building.

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Naughty Council Bosses

Garden ruined
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Gillian Davies became emotional when workers under the authority of South Kesteven District Council destroyed her garden, which has gulped hundreds of pounds over the past 17 years.

Why The Garden

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According to the council bosses, her retirement home garden posed a health and safety hazard to the community.

Robert Reid Comes Clean

The council's cabinet for housing and property member Robert Reid said the plants in the garden obstructed a fire exit and it had to be removed in the interest of the safety of the community.

Made In 2006

Davies began building the garden when she moved into the retirement home in 2006. The retired land worker developed Emlyn's Gardens, Stamford, Lincolnshire, outdoor space with a friend to pass time and stay active.

Epic Transformation

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The 86-year-old turned the entire space around by growing plants and adding ornaments and furniture. She even won an award for her noble acts.

An Emotional Outburst

The 86-year-old couldn't hold back her displeasure as the destruction took place.

"They used a big hammer to smash my shed and plastic container, and started taking all my ornaments. I have lost it all."

Even Her Potted Plants?!

Potted Plants
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Her potted plants were removed and thrown in a pile in the garden. The councilmen also drew down the wooden trellis she erected.

It's All She Has

Davies's son, Stephen, also added that she loved the garden, and that's all she has as she doesn't have that much time left before she passes on.

"She used to do it with her friend until her friend passed away. She's done it for 17 years. She also won an award for the garden."

A Big Mess

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Stephen continued that the state of the destroyed space is now terrible and that no one can use it at the moment.

"It's the way they smashed it all up, they used a big lump hammer that they smashed the shed up with."

Davies Made It For Everyone

Stephen described his mom as a big gardener who cared for the garden because she knew it wasn't just for her alone but for everyone in the area.

Davies Is Not Close To Happy

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The 60-year-old continued

"She was saying to me "I've had enough of life." How could they do this to an elderly and disabled woman. They are saying it was a fire hazard and they'd fall over the rocks in the garden. But there's paths here."

More Complaints

Even the lady next door wished she had never moved into the retirement home with the level of destruction.

Jillian Murcott

Another resident, Murcott, 83 who recently moved into the home had something to say to the council members. "It is called Emlyn's Gardens but where are the gardens? I was in one house since 1978. I have come here and in one week I have seen more upheaval and destruction."

Nothing Was Spared

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The men removed every single item in the garden, including the sheds, which were bought by the home residents.

The Space Is Owned By The Council

Reid, however, defended their actions and revealed that communal spaces like the resident homes are there for all tenants to enjoy, but the council ultimately owns them. The council is responsible for their safety and maintenance.

Emlyn Garden Is An Exit Route


Reid continued his statement.

"The communal space at Emlyn's Gardens provides an exit route in the event of a fire and therefore it is vital it is always clear."

A Notice Was Given

Reid also stated that the council met with the tenants to explain their motives. They were also notified by a letter of the need to move their items and the shed but were not responded to by residents of Emlyn's Gardens.

The Items Are Safely Tucked Away

Reid confirmed that the removed items were safe and in appropriate quarters.

"Following their removal by the council, some of the items are now in the possession of a family member and others remain at Emlyn's Gardens awaiting collection."

The Path To Restoration

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Good news for the residents of Emlyn's Gardens. Reid assured that work has started to restore the garden and provide a "safe area that all tenants can use and benefit from."

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