Look Who's Joining Adam Levine's Home

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Adam Levine
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Adam Levine just got an adorable pet, but it’s going to grow big🐕!!

Adam Levine And Fam Are About To Get Pretty Busy

Busy family
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Adam Levine and his family are going to have their hands full with their new puppy addition to the family.

The Puppy Will Be Big

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It’s a species of puppy that promises to grow 100 lbs bigger.

Adam Caressing His New Pooch

Adam was spotted in Montecito on Friday snuggling with his new pooch.

What Breed Is Adam’s Dog?

Adam’s new pooch is a fluffy Leonberger, a German-bred dog that will be very big.

What's The Significant Difference Between The Male And Female Dog?

Dog differences
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Female Leonberger gets up to 140 lbs, while male dogs get up to 170 lbs.

Check Out The Dog's Breed Features


Aside from the insanely colossal size of the dog, it sheds a lot, such that grooming occurs often.

This Is Unbelievable 😱😱

This Is Unbelievable
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There are even competitions for who can get the biggest hairballs.

What Gender Is The Dog?

Diply cannot tell if it is a male or a female from the pictures. 

Will Cleaning Be Hard?

The dogs are bound to be big; thus, cleaning might be a bit tedious. Just imagine the size of the poop💩!!

Does This Mean More Chaos For Adam?


Adam Levine and his wife welcomed their third child some months ago, PEOPLE revealed on January 30, 2023, making them a family of five.

Adam once talked about being a dad of 3 for the first time: “I love the Chaos,” but with the new puppy addition, it could only mean more chaos. 

Maroon 5? More Like Family of Five


The Maroon 5 singer is married to Behati Prinsloo, and their first two kids are Dusty Rose, 6, and Gio Grace, 4.

What About Adam’s Third Child?

Neither Levine nor Prinsloo have publicly revealed the baby’s sex or name.

Adam’s Wife, Prinsloo Reflected On The Beauty And Responsibilities Of Motherhood

The Victoria's Secret model reflected on the beauty and responsibilities of motherhood in an August 2019 Instagram post that featured a sweet photo of her holding up both of her daughters simultaneously, with one on her hip and the other strapped onto her stomach.

Here Is What She Said


"Here's to the sleepless nights, bleeding nipples, crying, laughing, the highest of highs and lowest of lows and everything in between, I won't change a single thing, being mom to Dusty and Gio keeps me strong, motivated, and empowered."

The Dog Addition Didn't Come Up As A Surprise 

In November 2021,  Prinsloo opened up about the possibility of more kids as well while speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

Here Is The Breakdown

"You know what, never say never. We want a big family, who knows?" Prinsloo told the outlet.

Both the musician and the model have spoken out about their desire to expand their family over the years, with the "She Will Be Loved" singer joking in 2014 that he wanted "to have 100 kids."

Leaving It To Fate

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 "We're leaving it up to fate and just what happens. What will happen, will happen. So there are no limits to it."

COVID Played A Major Role In Wanting A Third Child

She continued, "I think it's just kind of where we are in our life. And with COVID too, I was just seeing [Dusty and Gio] together.

They Wanted A Third Child And Now They Do

Dog kid

I'm like, 'Maybe we should have a third just to have more kids,' because it was so sweet to see [them together]. But then I don't know. Never say never."

Whatever the couple decides, we wish them all the best with everything!