RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin Calls Out Rachel Fuda's 'Terrible Nose Job'

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It's a new season of the Real Housewives of New Jerseyand the drama is already starting as Jennifer Aydin mocks newcomer Rachel Fuda's nose job. The reality TV stars went hard at each other during the Season 13 premiere last month.

The New Trending Topic

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Fuda's Rhinoplasty overtook Aydin's botched surgery topic from Season 12 in a shocking turn of events. The newcomer joined the reality TV show as Jennifer Fessler's friend during a luncheon hosted by the group.

Aydin's Apology Didn't Seem Genuine

Unfortunately, Fuda didn't get a soft landing as she recounted to her "friend" Fessler. She told her fellow newcomer that Aydin called to apologize for mocking her nose when they met at Danielle Staub's party earlier.

Exchanging Notes On Rhinoplasty

Aydin jabbed the newcomer asking, if her pointed nose was real to which the latter replied embarrassingly,

"No, I got my nose down."

Fuda Gets Tense

Aydin didn't take the curt response as a hint to drop the subject and continued the intrusive questions. She asked Fuda about the recovery process, to which the latter replied tensely. The second time was the charm, as Aydin finally took the hint.

Fessler Pushes Back

Fessler got visibly upset on her friend's behalf and asked if Aydin's questions offended Fuda. When the newcomer explained that she's a free spirit and doesn't mind talking about herself, Fessler disagreed, saying,

"You're a better woman than I am."

Tensions Build Up

Fessler's response let fans know that wasn't the end of the shady interaction with Aydin, and we soon saw the tension bubble to the surface. 

RHONJ OGs Teresa Giudice and her new husband, Luis Ruelas, hosted a housewarming party with fellow returning stars Aydin, Margaret Josephs, and Dolores Catania, causing the latter to confront Aydin.

The Women Turn On Aydin

Josephs defended Fessler while Catania confronted Aydin about asking intrusive questions.

Aydin didn't take their reactions well and defended herself, saying she was helping the newcomers by giving them a rundown of the relationships on the show, including her beef with Catania.

Not Backing Down

Jennifer Aydin tries to keep the peace
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Aydin further explained that her questions about the rhinoplasty came from a place of solidarity because she got the flak for her nose job. Fuda took that backhanded compliment as her cue to leave Giudice's party but not before Aydin sent her off with a scathing remark saying,

"Don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out!"

Fans Pick Sides

RHONJ fanatics shared their thoughts on the feud with most of them siding with the newcomers Fessler and Fuda due to their longstanding dislike for Aydin.

The OGs Are Hypocrites

Some Twitter users called out Catania and Josephs as hypocrites saying they didn't remember mocking Aydin's rhinoplasty last season.

An Unnecessary Fight

Others said they had frivolous fights because nose jobs weren't enough reason to get angry.

Aydin's Supporters Come Out

Some tweets supported Aydin for being direct rather than cutting through the corners like the rest of her castmates.

Fessler Took The Shade Personally

Fessler's anger went beyond supporting her friend as she's also a connoisseur of cosmetic surgery. The reality TV star got a Facelift, Nose Job (like her friend, Fuda) and a Neck Lift.

Fessler's Extensive Surgery

Fessler revealed the details of her extensive cosmetic surgery ahead of her first RHONJ season 12 episode via her surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk.

Her Quick Recovery

He shared candid pictures showing the difference between Fessler's old face and her current look at 53. She got a deep plane facelift two weeks before filming the first Season 13 episode.

What's Her Procedure?

Fessler's procedure included an improved jawline definition, a facelift, and a fine droopy nose tip.

Creating Boundaries

Despite being open about her extensive surgery, Fessler found Aydin's questions inappropriate and intrusive. She's not an open book like Fuda but would only open up to her close friends.

A Match Made In Drama Heaven

Fans of the show believe Fuda would match Aydin's fervor on the show and they're excited to see how the drama plays out.

Teresa Shades Her Brother Joe

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Meanwhile another age-old beef on RHONJ reared its head at Giudice party but there's more to come from that plotline.