Madonna Finds a New Flame after Split from Andrew Darnell

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A punch in the heart 💔💔!! Madonna, 64,  breaks up with Andrew Darnell, 23, after five months only to hook up with ripped 29-year-old BOXER Josh Popper 😱😱

Madonna Is Back And Running

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Madonna finds a new flame following her split from model boyfriend Andrew Darnell. The Like A Prayer hitmaker is now in a relationship with 29-year-old Josh Popper, her children's trainer at Breadwinners Gym in New York City, Insider discloses.

She Spilled The Tea On Instagram

The singer was spotted cuddling up to her fitness-enthusiastic boyfriend in a series of pictures shared on Instagram.

A Detailed Description Of The Picture

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In the shared picture, she was wearing a dark shade and length of the silk cloth she wore to a post-Grammy party last month.

Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air
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Madonna was captured in a picture where she was pressing her lips to Popper’s shoulder and clutching his tattooed right hand teasingly as he fist-pumped in the gym.

What Is Madonna’s Boyfriend’s Profession?

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Madonna’s new boyfriend, Josh Popper, is a boxing coach at Beabredwinner Boxing Gym in Manhattan.

Who Was Madonna Dating Before?

The relationship started following her split from Andrew Darnell five months ago. The singer is not hiding her newfound love and was captured loving up on him alongside other friends on multiple occasions.

What Is Madonna Saying About It?

Women breaking stereotypes

In a male-driven culture, there are always exceptions, she wrote in an Instagram Story post, which followed a photo of the Material Girl hugging a punching bag with the caption: "It’s hard to ignore the reality… that most women break."

When Were The Pictures Shared?

The pictures were shared a few days following Madonna's criticism for being nearly unrecognizable at the Grammy Awards.

 Poppy Is Maintaining The Same Energy

Same energy
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The former NFL athlete also shared photos on his account in which Madonna was spotted leaning on his shoulder.

Madonna Lost A Loved One 😔😢

Amidst of all these lovey-dovey, Madonna is mourning the loss of her brother Anthony Ciccone who died on Sunday amid her recent breakup with Andrew Darnell.

This Could Be A Forever Deal! Never Say Never

This Could Be A Forever Deal

But loss and mourning aside, it seems Madonna’s newly found love is here to stay. According to, “her public display of affection is not just for show and that Madonna and Popper have been seeing each other romantically.”

Has Madonna Openly Talked About Her New Relationship?

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However, Madonna has not spoken publicly about their romance and is not debunking the rumors either. Rather, she is consistently sharing pictures of them together at the gym on social media.

What’s Popper's Take On This?


Popper has not confirmed the Pop Star’s fan suspicion or debunked it. When interviewed by, he did not confirm or reject that she is in a relationship with an older woman.

Could It Be A Rumor?

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He also played coy on Instagram when he posted the photos with his new woman at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, New York, on February 12.

Here Is Popper’s Verdict


He posted a picture on Instagram with the caption: Another W for the books!!' gushed the upstart boxer, who added: "I wanna thank my coaches, my team, and my Bredwinners family for pushing me to be my best in and out of the ring. I got some good people by my side."

Trust Fans—Online In-Laws To Come Through

Fans unhappy

But some fans were unhappy that Popper didn't add Madonna's name to his vote of thanks. The inquisitive fans took to the comment section to ask about Madonna, but he did not reply.

Could It Be A One-Sided Love?

The fitness coach only tagged the Powerhouse singer without mentioning the connection or kind of relationship that exists between them, let alone why she was joining him at a gym.

Here Is The Verdict

Private relationship

Popper, unlike Madonna, loves a private relationship away from the public eye, and fans' opinions.

Popper’s Career

The 6’4”, 240lb heavyweight has competed in a couple of official fights and also on reality TV.  He was featured in the latest season of the Bravo series Summer House, which showcases a group of nine young, attractive friends living in a summer house in Montauk, East Hampton.

He appeared in Monday night’s episode, where he was introduced as the boxing coach and love interest of new cast member Samantha Fehr, who later realized they were not a match.