Justin Bieber Angers Fans Down Under With Tour Announcement

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Justin Bieber Justice World tour concert
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Unfortunately for Justin Bieber's fans, tragedy has struck just weeks away from the start of his eagerly anticipated Justice World Tour.

Cancellation of the Justice World Tour

justin bieber cancelling world tour
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After months of preparation, the event company in charge of Bieber's Justice World Tour has just announced that he will be canceling the tour – just weeks before its scheduled relaunch.

No Details Of Cancellation

Frontier Touring, the company in charge of Bieber's world tour, released a statement saying that the tour would be cancelled but provided no further details.

However, they did say that they would refund the tickets for the shows that were planned for this year.

Frontier Touring's Instagram Announcement

"Frontier Touring regret[s] to advise that Justin's Justice Tour of Australia and New Zealand has been cancelled. All tickets purchased through the official ticketing outlets will receive a refund directly from the show[']s ticketing agency," they said on Instagram.

Nothing on the Official Website

justin bieber world tour official site
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Some fans tried checking Bieber's official website to see if there was any announcement, but there were none.

Ticketmaster Shows Cancelled

Ticketmaster for Justice World Tour
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Meanwhile, on Ticketmaster, his other upcoming shows, which Frontier Touring didn't mention in their Instagram post, are also marked as cancelled.

The shows marked as cancelled included concerts in Dublin, Ireland, Manchester, Great Britain, and Paris, France. Even 2024 concerts in California and Washington DC are marked as cancelled.

Justin Bieber's Justice World Tour was scheduled to begin in May 2022 and conclude in March 2023, taking him across five continents while he performs over 90 dates throughout more than 20 countries.

Diagnosed With Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome

Unfortunately, many of these dates had to be cancelled after the 28-year-old singer was diagnosed with Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that causes facial paralysis.

In June 2022, he had to cancel some US dates on the Justice World Tour in order to prioritize his health. Because of his condition, he said he struggled to eat, talk, and sing.

Resuming His World Tour

justin bieber in rock in rio 2022
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After a few months, the tour resumed. He first performed in Italy on July 31, 2022, and was seen taking the stage in various concerts across Europe in August.

He then went to Brazil to perform at the Rock In Rio music festival in September 2022.

Rescheduling the Tour Again

The Justice World Tour had been resumed at that point, but after the Brazil concert, Bieber took to social media to claim that he had to reschedule again.

"After getting off the stage, the exhaustion overtook me, and I realized that I need to make my health the priority right now," the singer said.

No News From Bieber Himself

This time, however, Bieber's completely silent on the cancellation, leaving his fans puzzled and hurting.

Disappointed Fans Around the World

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Some commenters were clearly disappointed by the news.

"Anyone else just hear the sound of their kid’s biggest excitement completely shatter in front of them? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Better buy her another Christmas present i guess"

"Disappointing after 15 months of waiting"

comment on justin bieber cancelling world tour
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Others were more critical of the singer himself.

"It's not a world tour then is it. More like a pick and choose when and where you feel like putting in an appearance. People will eventually tire of the inconsistency, unreliability and disappointments."

"This has become a thing every time he is supposed to go on tour lately. He probably doesn't care if he gets sued for failure to promote b/c he sold all his music rights an made a ton of money."

"I knew he would cancel he doesn’t want to [do] anything anymore. [He] sold his catalogue he wants to retire from music"

comment on justin bieber cancelling world tour
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There are also commenters who seem to have just given up on the young singer.

"Meanwhile he's been seen holidaying, attending events and looking happy as larry. He'd be better off pretending to be messed up when he is in public."

"We’ve waited this long and now he cancels. After all the partying and travelling he’s been doing lately. Not to mention special appearances to kid laroi concerts. But we can’t even get an appearance for a concert. Rubbish"

"He cashed out and doesn't care. And so nobody should."

Some Are Still Hopeful

comment on justin bieber cancelling world tour
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Still, there are fans that want to stay hopeful and supportive.

"Disappointed, but at the end of the day, Justin’s health is important. I’m sure he will come back again. There’s still plenty of time."

"It was on the news a month ago he was going through so major medical stuff with his face and it was affecting his singing"

"So disappointed. But hopeful he still tours one day 😢"

Why the Sudden Cancellation?

It's unclear what caused the sudden tour cancellation just weeks before its launch, but it seems that Justin Bieber will just have to put his health first.

Just goes to show that even the biggest pop stars can't escape the harsh realities of life. Regardless, we hope that Bieber will make a full recovery and be able to perform again!