When Favoritism Meets Sibling Rivalry: Is It Wrong To Show Preference?

Sibling rivalry
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When it comes to sibling rivalries, it can be hard to show favoritism. But one Reddit user was recently put in a difficult situation when their parents heavily favored their twin sister over their brother. The user did what they could to try and make their brother feel less alone, knowing their parents had treated him as the “scapegoat” and the twin sister as the “golden child.” When their twin sister recently demanded the same level of help in finding a job, the user wasn't sure how to respond. Was it wrong to favor their brother over their sister?

Grandparents and parents show favoritism to their "daughter" and "bonus baby", sparking sibling rivalry.

throwaway649q | throwaway649q

Feeling bad for my sibling Joe, I took it upon myself to show him some favoritism and make him feel less alone 🤗

throwaway649q | throwaway649q

Sibling rivalry and favoritism collide as two siblings get different college experiences. 🤔

throwaway649q | throwaway649q

Joe gets reassurance from a helpful sibling as they talk about avoiding parental favoritism.

throwaway649q | throwaway649q

Sibling rivalry heats up when favoritism is thrown into the mix. Is it wrong to show preference?

throwaway649q | throwaway649q

Doing the right thing can cause sibling rivalry 🤔 Is it wrong to show preference?

The post highlights a common problem faced by many siblings - when favoritism meets sibling rivalry. The poster has a 20-year-old brother, Joe, and twin 18-year-old siblings, Jill. Their parents have always favored Jill due to wanting a daughter while Joe is the 'bonus baby'. To make him feel less alone, the poster took Joe skating with their friends and sat through his elementary school musical. As the twins are graduating high school, Jill is going to a university in San Francisco fully funded by their parents while Joe got a full ride and is ineligible for financial help from his parents. The poster also mentions that they prefer spending time with Joe over Jill due to her 'princess syndrome'. Jill got angry when the poster wouldn't help her find a job in San Francisco, accusing the poster of favoring Joe over her. The poster wants to know if they are in the wrong for showing a preference for Joe. With this in mind, let's take a closer look at the comments and reactions this post has evoked.

🤔 Is favoritism wrong?

BaltimoreBadger23 | BaltimoreBadger23

NTA: 🙋‍♂️Love your bro, but don't forget Jill!

sandwich_paper | sandwich_paper

Sibling rivalry: 🤔 NTA

Zookeeper-007 | Zookeeper-007

Sibling rivalry & 🤷‍♀️: Is it wrong to show preference?

CakeEatingRabbit | CakeEatingRabbit

🤯 Twin with a golden-child opposite-gender sibling

SKatieRo | SKatieRo

🤝 Good on you!

Global_Rich2165 | Global_Rich2165

🤔 Is it wrong to show preference?

wilf_theangelbean | wilf_theangelbean

🤗 A brother's love

waterfairyunicorn | waterfairyunicorn

NTA: 🤷‍♀️No one is the a-hole in this family drama 💔

Everyday-HereOH | Everyday-HereOH

A strong stance 💪 against favoritism

FloppyEaredDog | FloppyEaredDog

When favoritism meets sibling rivalry 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Is it wrong to show preference? 🤔

the_fatal_lozenge | the_fatal_lozenge

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Sibling rivalry and favoritism 🤔

futurebillandted | futurebillandted

🤷‍♀️ You don't owe siblings equal treatment!

[deleted] | [deleted]

Good brother or bad parents? 🤔

geeIjane88 | geeIjane88

Big bro goes 🆙, Jill goes 🆘

Remdog58 | Remdog58

Big brother to the rescue! 💪🏼

Beardo-73 | Beardo-73

In the midst of sibling rivalry, 🤔 NTA?

Open-Possibility-723 | Open-Possibility-723

You're not the a-hole 🤔

False-Guess | False-Guess

NTA: 💙 Big Brother, 🤦🏻‍♂️ Too Bad So Sad!

JonesinforJonesey | JonesinforJonesey

Help your brother❤️ NTA, but don't burn bridges with sister!

Lucylovei | Lucylovei

Family & favoritism 🤔

ggGamergirlgg | ggGamergirlgg

Caring❤️for a sibling ✨

[deleted] | [deleted]

🤔 Is it okay to show preference?

SneakyRaid | SneakyRaid

👩‍👩‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 NTA 💪

heyitsta12 | heyitsta12

NTA: 💪🏼 Parents should help brother, not a baby girl.

AbbyFB6969 | AbbyFB6969

NTA: Take care of your brother💪

nerothic | nerothic

🤗 A brother's love!

Key-Butterscotch-571 | Key-Butterscotch-571

🤔 NTA - Joe deserves support!

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Don't expect everyone to bend for you 🤷‍♂️

Merely_Dreaming | Merely_Dreaming

NTA: ✊️ Someone's got you!

AzureFlare4 | AzureFlare4

🤔 Is it wrong to show preference?

Just-a-sad-girl | Just-a-sad-girl

NTA! 💪🏼

Serious_Plum_8467 | Serious_Plum_8467

🤗A good dude supporting family

Petite_Tsunami | Petite_Tsunami

🤗👍 NTA: Supportive sibling

UnEazyRider | UnEazyRider

💛 NTA: You're a good person! 💛

GreenByNumber | GreenByNumber

🤗 Supporting a sibling's success

exkart | exkart

Sibling rivalry: 🤔🤔

snailingdifferent | snailingdifferent

Underdog stories 🐶📖

DamaloBlack | DamaloBlack

🤔 Is it wrong to show favoritism?

ShineFallstar | ShineFallstar

🤝 Parents siding with one child?

Bad-Cop-No-Donut | Bad-Cop-No-Donut

Big brother is 👍🏼 NTA!

SilentCounter6750 | SilentCounter6750

Joe is appreciative 🤗, Jill entitled 🤔

TheBattyWitch | TheBattyWitch

A family scapegoat 🤦‍♂️

Stuck-in-the-Tundra | Stuck-in-the-Tundra

Sibling rivalry: NTA 🤔

keyboardaddict | keyboardaddict

NTA but 🤔keep the 🗣️“I have contacts”

Taranadon88 | Taranadon88

NTA: Older sibling 🤝 looking out 🔍

Moonboy_Apollo | Moonboy_Apollo

Show your 💗 for Joe! 💪🏼

moimoisauna | moimoisauna

NTA: Jill's behavior won't 💔 the situation

GoldenJaguar1995 | GoldenJaguar1995

🤔 NTA: Supporting brother over sister's wrong move.

OriginalDogeStar | OriginalDogeStar

NTA 🤔 Setting boundaries 📏

princemephtik | princemephtik

Parents helping out 🤝

PattersonsOlady | PattersonsOlady

Family bias 😒

Moscavitz | Moscavitz

NTA: She's reaping the consequences 🤷‍♀️

Anewstageinlife | Anewstageinlife

Potential job🤩 for the Seattle area?

welfarewonders | welfarewonders

🤔 An interesting take on favoritism

Dexterity99 | Dexterity99

NTA: Helping a sibling?

megankneeemd | megankneeemd

A brother's struggle with 🤔 favoritism and sibling rivalry 💔

Icy-Veterinarian942 | Icy-Veterinarian942

🤔 Is it wrong to show preference?

RocketteP | RocketteP

😊👍💯 Saving Joe years in therapy!

greensandgrains | greensandgrains

NTA: 🤷‍♀️One sibling has it all...

Catatomical | Catatomical

NTA: Teaching Jill a life lesson 🤔

Wyrd_byrd | Wyrd_byrd

Helping out a sibling in need 🤝

demon_king_ares | demon_king_ares

😮 Dirty family secrets 🤐

Chaghatai | Chaghatai

🤔 Is it wrong to show preference?

FlagCityDiva | FlagCityDiva

NTA: 🤔She's used to expectations.

CinnamonBlue | CinnamonBlue

🤔 Is it wrong to show preference?

Diane_Mars | Diane_Mars