Murder On The Farm: Man Killed By Chicken

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Jasper Kraus killed by chicken
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There are several ways to die, but being mauled to death by a chicken could be the least expected. However, it is possible, as reports have revealed that a man tragically passed away after a vicious chicken attack. Here are the details.

Brahma Chicken Attacked Jasper 

A Brahma Chicken
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On April 28, 2022, cancer survivor Jasper Kraus, who was living near Ballinasloe, Ireland, lost his life after a Brahma chicken attacked him.

Jasper Lost A Lot Of Blood

According to reports, the 67-year-old suffered a heart attack after the chicken drove its spur into his leg, causing him to lose liters of blood.

Jasper's Daughter Virginia Saw Him Before The Incident 

Jasper's daughter, Virginia Guinan, said in her deposition that she dropped by her father's house earlier in the day, but he was asleep.

Virginia Didn't Want To Wake Her Dad

Virginia noted that she didn't want to wake Jasper because of his ill health and anger about his dog's death.

Virginia Is Informed About Jasper's Situation 

Sadly, a few hours later, she was informed about a bloodbath and rushed to Jasper's house.

Virginia Finds Jasper In A Pool Of Blood 

Upon arrival at the location, Virginia and police officers found Jasper lying in a pool of blood from the injury on the back of his leg as paramedics performed CPR on him.

The Blood Trail Leads To The Chicken House

According to reports, Virginia followed the trail of blood, and it led to the chicken house, where she saw the Brahma chicken, which had blood on its claws. 

Jasper's Lodger Contacts Virginia 

Reports revealed that Virginia was contacted by her father's lodger, Corey O'Keeffe, who had been living with Jasper for two years and looked after the animals.

The Events Of That Day

Corey had returned from a night shift, fed the animals, and greeted Jasper before heading to bed. Not long after, Corey was awoken by Jasper shouting, "come quick."

The Tenant Recalls Seeing A Large Injury

The lodger reportedly performed CPR on Jasper for 25 minutes before the ambulance arrived. Giving evidence, Corey said that blood was coming from the victim's leg, and Jasper's calf had a large injury.

Jasper's Last Word 

He also noted that as Jasper was falling in and out of consciousness, he whispered to his tenant, "rooster." Sadly, Jasper eventually lost so much blood, causing the heart attack.

The Doctor's Report

Dr. Ramadan Shatwan, who carried out an autopsy on the victim, said Jasper's face was covered in dried blood, but no cuts on his face were found.

Jasper's Cause Of Death

The doctor also reportedly mentioned that Jasper's lower limbs were covered in dried blood, adding that Jasper's cause of death was due to lethal cardiac arrhythmia in the context of severe coronary atheroma and cardiomegaly.

The Chicken Previously Attacked Virginia's Daughter

A Brahma chicken
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While it seemed absurd for a chicken to kill a human, Virginia said she was certain it was the culprit because it had previously attacked her daughter.

Virginia Wanted To Get Rid Of The Chicken

The deceased's daughter confessed that after the chicken attacked her daughter, she wanted to get rid of it, but her father, who was a huge animal lover, wanted to keep it.

Jasper Had Other Health Issues

Jasper — a father and grandfather of two — was suffering from other health issues at the time. The victim was in remission from cancer, and his heart was severely calcified.

Jasper Was Visiting His Dog's Grave

Reports revealed that Jasper had been visiting his dog's grave when he was attacked. Afterward, Virginia had to clean up her father's blood.

Virginia Warns The Public

She also called for more support to be given to families who suffer from similar tragedies. In addition, Virginia warned others of the dangers of owning chickens. 

What To Take From The Tragic Story

Meanwhile, Jasper is considered one of the few people in the world to die in such a way. People should be aware and get rid of birds when they show signs of aggression.

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