Brian Austin Green Defends Megan Fox Against Ex-Partner's Claims

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Brian Austin Green
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Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox may have chosen different paths since ending their union, but Brian has proven he would give her credit when it's due. The star recently fired back at his ex-wife, Vanessa Marcil, after she termed his co-parenting skills nonexistent in a recent social media appearance. Brian countered Marcil's words while noting that his ex-wife, Fox, also played a crucial role.

Vanessa Marcil On Brian's Co-parenting Relationship

TV actress Vanessa Marcil recently hosted a Q&A session on her Instagram stories as she indulged fans in a life update. During the live session, a fan asked about her co-parenting lifestyle with her former husband Brian Austin Green. The duo shares a 20-year-old son, Kassius. Replying to the fan, Marcil stated that she and Brian did not have a co-parenting relationship and that she raised her son all by herself.

Brian Did Not Hold Back On His Feelings

Brian Austin Green
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Hours later, Brian made a post on the same platform as he took a screenshot of his ex-wife's post while addressing her words head-on. The Beverly Hills 90210 alum started by stating how "frustrating" it felt to "read continued lies from a 50+-year-old woman on social media like she is still in high school." Brian described her as someone who will never "walk the walk."

He Stated His And Megan Fox's Roles

The star actor continued by stating that he and his ex-wife Megna Fox played a crucial role in Kassius's childhood as they worked together to give him a well-rounded childhood. Green added that Marcil was "rarely there." He noted that he felt Marcil was posting more of her son now that he is an adult because she was absent when he was younger.

Brian Austin Green's Fatherhood

Kassius is the star actor's oldest child, and following his split with Marcil in 2003, he moved on with Fox. The Jennifer's Body actress and Desperate Housewives actor got married in 2010, and within their decade-old marriage, had three kids, Bodhi, Noah, and Journey. Presently, Brian has welcomed his fifth child with DWTS star, Sharna Burgess.

Inside His Relationship With Marcil

The former partners met on the set of Beverly Hills 90210 and this was during the ninth season when Marcil joined the cast. They would go on to date for several years, but at a later time, the actress stated that she was "never" in love with Brian. The duo welcomed their son in 2002, and in the following years, there was a lengthy custody and legal battle between them.

Marcil On Being With Brian

Vanessa Marcil
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The General Hospital actress spoke on her relationship with Brian following their split. According to Us Weekly, she shared that she always told the actor how she felt about him. Marcil stated that she felt sorry for him. The 54-year-old actress stated, "He’s a very angry/sad human being who still has too much shame to take full responsibility for his actions as a father. I consciously knew that I could work through childhood traumas through him and I have..."

Marcil Was Quite Antagonistic To Brian And Fox

Following her and Brian's custody battle, the actress took to her Instagram page in 2018 opening up on their relationship post-splot. Marcil penned that she initially stayed mum about it to protect her son when he was young. Going on, Marcil claimed that Briana and Fox were absent in her son's life. At the time, she relayed that they hadn't seen him for five years.

After the BH90210 actor became romantically involved with Fox, Marcil did not hide her feelings as she never had nice things to say about them, However after Fox and Brian got separated in 2020, she applauded the Transformers actress stating that she was "finally living her life for herself"

The Terms Of Fox and Brian's Co-parenting Life

While Brian and Marcil keep being at loggerheads even after more than two decades of their split, the same cannot be said of his relationship with Fox. There seems to be no bad blood between them even as they moved on with other committed relationships. An insider once told ET that the former spouses have found an amicable middle ground in blending their families and being there for their children. The source noted that the adults, Megan FoxMegan FoxMeghan, MGK, Sharna Burgess, and Brian are "all cordial."

Brian Has Also Spoken On Being A C0-parent

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox
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Last year in October, Brian opened up to E! News about his parenting lifestyle with his ex-wife. The star gave positive updates as he noted that over time, they have found a way to get along. He relayed that they never have issues with how to portion time spent with the children, and they alternate their Christmas holidays.

Life Before Their Split

Brian and Fox first crossed paths in 2004 on the set of ABC's Hope & Faith. Their connection was instantaneous and according to Fox when he accidentally highly brushed her legs with his hand, she felt the "literal electricity shooting through Mr and out of me from every direction." This led to a series of romantic moments between the two before they got engaged in 2006.

Inside Fox And Brian's Marriage

Through their journey to tying the knot, Brian and Fox had some back and forths that saw them breaking up briefly in 2009. However, by the middle of the following year in June, they were right back on track. In the same month, the couple said their vows in a private ceremony in Hawaii.

By the next few years, Fox and Brian welcomed three children together, and by 2019, it was clear things were going downhill. In May 2020, Brian confirmed his split from Fox. While Brian at first hoped for them to rekindle their romance, Fox moved on with rock star, Machine Gun Kelly, real name, Colson Baker.

She Moved On With Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox
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The Till Death actress and MGK met on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass in March 2020, and although they had to stop filming at the time due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Fox and the star rapper spent quality time together. By July they confirmed their relationship on social media and went on to display affection for each other.

The Couple Is Engaged

MGK proposed to the love of his life in January 2022, and this was followed by steamy red carpet appearances alongside KUWTK alum and her celebrity drummer husband, Travis Barker. Their most recent star-studded attendance was at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Fox And MGK Are Currently Working On Some Hitches

A few days after the musical ward, MGK and Fox made headlines in connection to split rumors. This was due to a series of her actions on Instagram. Fox went from alluding to one of Beyonce's songs about to cheating to deleting the post and then deleting Instagram altogether. A People source would later make it known that the couple had a fight that led Fox to be deeply upset.

Cheating Rumors Emerged

Megan Fox MGK
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This got fans talking and many pointed accusing fingers at MGK's guitarist, Sophie Lloyd. After a fan suggested that the singer probably got with Lloyd, Fox retorted that she probably did.

The Rumors Have Been Quelled

Some days later, the actress returned to Instagram and put out a statement to quell the cheating rumors. Fox made it known that there was no third-party interference in her relationship. In a statement from Lloyd's representative, her name was cleared. Fox also defended her on social media.

Brian's Love Life With Burgess

Sharna Burgess
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On the other side of the spectrum, Brian has been enjoying his love life with ballroom star Sharna Burgess. The pair first connected after being set up by their mutual manager. At the time, Green fresh out of his split from Fox was not looking for anything serious, but Burgess wanted a stable relationship.

They hit it right from the start when they met at a coffee shop. Quarantining together helped them bond better and it became clear they wanted to be together. The pair competed together on the 30th season of Dancing with the Stars, and their relationship blossomed in the following months.

They Have A Son

On October 29, 2021, the couple found out they were expecting a child. Although they did not immediately make the announcement, Burgess shared this bit on social media. By June of the following year, the couple celebrated the arrival of their son, Zane Walker Green.

Burgess On Motherhood

Sharna Burgess
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A few months after the baby was born, the pro dancer made it known on GMA, that she was so excited to explore a new side to herself. She described it as one that was "nurturing, caring, and dedicated," to motherhood. She stated during the interview that the older kids were equally excited about the new baby.