Paris Hilton Opens Up About Past Abortion

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New mom, Paris Hilton, has opened up about an abortion she had.

The 42-year-old reality star and businesswoman revealed the secret for the first time, saying she didn’t feel ready to talk about it in the past because of the “shame” surrounding it.

Abortion In Her Early 20s

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In a recent interview with Glamour, Hilton said she had the abortion in her early 20s.

'There Was So Much Shame Around That'

She explained that it was something she “didn’t want to talk about because there was so much shame around that.”

“I was a kid and I was not ready for that,” she added.

She Now Realizes The Power Of Her Words

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However, the TV personality-turned-political activist now realizes the influence her words can have, especially in light of the Roe v. Wade repeal.

'It's A Woman’s Body'

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“I think it is important,” she said. “There’s just so much politics around it and all that, but it’s a woman’s body.”

'Your Body, Your Choice'

Hilton is questioning why a woman’s body is being subjected to a law.

“It’s your body, your choice and I really believe in that,” she stated.

Reproductive Health Should Be A Woman's Right

“It’s mind-boggling to me that they’re making laws about what you do with your reproductive health, because if it were the other way around with the guys, it would not be this way at all,” she explained.

She Got Candid About Other Topics, Too

Her abortion wasn’t the only hard topic she talked about in her interview.

Painful Experiences

Paris Hilton when she was younger
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The Simple Life alum also revealed a couple of painful experiences she went through years before her abortion.

She Was Groomed By A Teacher

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When she was just 15, she recalled being groomed and taken advantage of by a teacher. She said he constantly flirted with her and made her believe she “was this mature woman.”

A Kiss And High-Speed Car Chase

He picked her up one night in his car and they kissed. However, her parents came home and a high-speed car chase ensued.

It Could Have Gotten Worse

He brought her back home eventually. “We only kissed, but if my parents didn’t come, imagine what he would’ve tried to do?” Hilton said.

Another Incident Of Abuse

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Shortly after that, the socialite and hotel heiress experienced another incident of abuse.

Hanging Out With Older Boys

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She recalled hanging out at a mall on weekends and meeting some older boys there. One day, the boys invited her and her friends to their house, and one of them served her wine.

He Gave Her A Spiked Drink

Glass of wine
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After “maybe one or two sips” of the beverage, she felt unwell.

“I don’t know what he put in there, I’m assuming it was a roofie [Rohypnol],” she said.

Her First Sexual Experience

When she woke up a few hours later, she knew she’d been raped. It was her first sexual experience, and it made her “feel ashamed.”

She Got Candid About The Details

“I remembered it,” Hilton said. “I have visions of him on top of me, covering my mouth, being like, ‘You’re dreaming, you’re dreaming,’ and whispering that in my ear.”

From Abuse To Advocacy

These days, though, the media personality is doing much better and using her painful experiences to drive her advocacy work.

She's A New Mom

She’s also embracing life as a new mom. She and her husband, Carter Reum, welcomed a baby boy named Phoenix via surrogate last month.

'Most Empowered'

“I feel most empowered when I’m doing my advocacy work,” she told Glamour. “Knowing that I can be the hero I always needed when I was a little girl.”