Parents Pull Prank on Teen, What He Says Leaves Them Horrified

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Being a big sister means standing up for your little brother, no matter the cost. That's exactly what 20-year-old Jamie_doo did when her stepdad and mom pulled a cruel prank on her 17-year-old brother. Jamie_doo took to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong for standing up for her brother and the internet had a lot to say about it. Read on to find out why Jamie_doo was so angry and what people had to say about it.

Sister finds out her brother's reaction to a family prank that left them horrified!

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

Teen opens up to his parents, but their reaction is far from what he expected.

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

Teen's hard work and determination to get a new car for his grad party wasn't enough, his parents said no

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

Teen works hard to get a car, but parents' prank leaves him shocked

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

Teen's response to his parents' prank leaves them shocked and speechless

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

A family's prank leads to a shocking outcome

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

Teen's shock revelation about his parents leaves family stunned

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

Family reaches a compromise on car purchase, but tensions remain high

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

A prank gone wrong: the parents thought it was a joke, but their son was horrified when he saw what they bought with his money.

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

Teen's response to prank leaves parents "horrified"; his words a promise of "crying later."

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

Teen's reaction leaves parents shocked and furious, leading to double punishment

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

Family prank gone wrong, AITA? Baby brother's heart crushed and parents can't see it.

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

Teen's response to parents' prank leaves them 😱. AITA?

The older sister of a 17 year old high school graduate describes how her brother had been pleading with their step-dad and mom for a car for his graduation party for months. After much argument, the parents gave in and said they'd buy him the car in 2021. But on the fateful morning, the parents pulled a prank on him with a completely different model of car and said it was for their mom. The brother's response leaves the parents horrified. The older sister explains the situation to her friends and feels bad for her brother, while their parents grounded both of them. How should the parents have handled the situation differently?

Parents' prank leaves teen 🤯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter says it's not the teen's fault, and that the parents are the a-holes for their cruel prank. Replies agree the parents are in the wrong, with some suggesting the teen take legal action. Others share their similar experiences.

Parents pull 🤯 prank on teen 💰, what he says 💔

merlin242 | merlin242

The commenter asked if the parents used 75% of their brother's money to buy themselves a car as a 'prank', to which the replies confirmed that the parents had indeed stolen the money from the brother. Everyone agreed that this was not a prank, but rather a theft and the original poster was Not The A**hole.

20 yo moves out & takes legal action 🤯

jamie_doo | jamie_doo

The 20-year-old is planning to move out and pursue legal action against his step-father after being horrified by a prank pulled by his parents. Replies to the comment offer various advice such as moving in with the bio-dad and filing a police report."

Parents prank their teen and it backfires 💥

indignant-loris | indignant-loris

The commenter thinks that pranks are a form of bullying and the parents shouldn't ground their 17 year-old. They suggest that the brother should report the money stolen to the police. Replies suggest that the only good pranks are harmless jokes with no lasting effects and should make everyone involved laugh. NTA.

Teen's family goes too far 🤯

SnarkyGoblin85 | SnarkyGoblin85

The commenter believes the teen's parents crossed the line when they stole their son's money to buy themselves a vehicle and laughed about it. They suggest that the teen and his brother should cut ties with them and possibly seek help from their father if he's still in the picture. The commenter also mentions that the family's actions could be considered a crime.

👎 Parents deceive and cheat teen and brother!

VinnyCapistrano | VinnyCapistrano

Commenter says the parents' actions are "deceitful, cruel, and borderline criminal" and suggests both the teen and brother should go no contact with them. Replies agree that the parents are "huge a-holes", and mention the mom had to use public transport due to the parents' actions.

👊🏼 Brother's money stolen by stepdad? 🤬

Avebury1 | Avebury1

The comment suggested to reach out to the father, send out a mass email to family, consider Go Fund Me, close bank accounts, and publicly humiliate the stepdad. The comment also recommended considering an exit strategy. The reply confirmed that the commenter was aware of the need to leave with their brother.

Parents pull a prank, 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

jkshfjlsksha | jkshfjlsksha

The commenters agree that the parents' prank was cruel and used the teen's brother's money. The commenter questions how a 20 year old can be grounded when they still live with their parents.

NTA: 20-year-old needs to find a way out 🤔

cranbeery | cranbeery

The comment says 'NTA and they have no right to "ground" a 20-year-old. Time to go your separate ways.' The replies agree, expressing their sympathy for the brother and their intention to get back to living with their biological dad if need be.

😡Family 'prank' goes too far!

brelen01 | brelen01

Commenter NTA says the parents stole their brother's money and 'f***ed him over', and recommends the two siblings get away from their parents asap. A reply agrees, saying the 'prank' is simply theft and suggests the brother takes legal action and the OP stay away from the parents.

Adulting gone wrong 😱

radshowmance | radshowmance

Commenter says NTA (not the a**hole) in response to a prank pulled on a teen by their parents. The comment also expresses horror at the teen's little brother's situation. Reply to the comment expresses feeling trapped as they still live with their parents.

Two adult siblings 🤔 caught in a "f-*ked up" situation

RarBlack | RarBlack

The comment asks if the bio dad is still in the picture and suggests filing a police report or going through a small claims court. The reply explains that the bio dad is seen 40% of the time and that the two siblings prefer him to their step dad and bio mom.

🤔 Family finances 💰 gone wrong?

Weskit | Weskit

The commenter was confused about a part of the article, asking if the step-father had stolen the brother's money to buy the mother a car. The reply clarified that the brother and step-father had pooled their money together for the purchase.

Family drama 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment pointed out that the teen may have looked like an a**hole in their parents' eyes after taking their brother's side in a prank gone wrong. A reply then clarified the situation, revealing that their step-dad was offended by the teen's perceived insult to his pride and their mother was offended by the teen taking the brother's side.

Furious brother ✊😠

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

The comment expresses outrage that the parents would pull this prank on the brother, and suggests that the brother should take action against the parents. The reply agrees that the brother's calmness was concerning.

😱 Parental prank leaves teen horrified!

SlinkyMalinky20 | SlinkyMalinky20

The commenter is in disbelief that a 20-year-old is still living with their parents, as revealed in the comment replies.

20-year-old forced to follow parental rules?

ACorania | ACorania

The commenter asked if they were 20 and grounded, to which the reply confirmed they were forced to follow their parents' rules.

Teen's response to prank 🤭

Kiara1919 | Kiara1919

The comment asked for information about the prank, and the response indicated that the car was for the mother, but the brother can use it when necessary. The comment concluded that the prank was not the a**hole's fault.

NTA: Dad's spending 75% of 💸 on himself 🤦‍♂️

ChewMyFudge | ChewMyFudge

The comment states that the dad's spending 75% of his stepson's money to buy himself a car is unacceptable and that the brother is right. The comment further states that the mother should not be surprised when the stepson cuts them both out of his life once he leaves.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Prank goes wrong 😱

Woooosh-Me-If-Homo | Woooosh-Me-If-Homo

A comment suggests that the story might be fake, and states that if it isn't, the parents are not the a**holes for the prank.

Teen's plans for the future 🤔

winree | winree

The teen reveals plans to move to their bio dad full time or to live with their sibling and support each other as they work, leaving their parents horrified.

🤔 20-year-old's🗣️ reveals truth 💥

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment initiator claims YTA (you're the a**hole) for the situation, and points out that the stepfather's alleged actions are theft. In response, one reply explains why narcissist parents may think of their children as their property, while the other acknowledges that the idea of independence from parents at 18 is a western concept.

Parents pull a prank😱

T-money79 | T-money79

The comment questions the believability of the story, while a reply doubts how people are accepting it as truth. "We all know he didn't actually say that, though." - Comment. "How people are believing this actually happened is beyond me." - Reply.

🤔 Something's off here...

fischestix | fischestix

The comment questions inconsistencies in the original post, such as the age of the sibling changing in the comments. It suggests the poster might be using English as a second language or has been gaslighted into thinking they need their parents' permission to live independently.

Parents commit fraud against their own son 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment accuses the parents of committing a fraud against their own son, instead of a prank as the article suggested. The comment suggests that the son should report the crime to the police and leave the house since he is 20 years old and an adult.

Parents pull prank, 🤔😳 Gen Xer not amused!

JustVern | JustVern

The comment questions the parents' prank saying it reads like an 80's movie. The commenter, a Gen Xer, recalls that when they couldn't afford a car, they rode the bus instead. They end by warning against anyone spouting off "OK, boomer".

Teen 🤯 after parent's 🧐 prank 🤭

LurkingToaster66 | LurkingToaster66

Commenter agreed that the teen should take legal action against his stepdad for stealing from him, and urged him to get out of the situation as soon as possible.

Grounded at 20? 😲

Stormry | Stormry

The comment asked how someone can be grounded at 20. One reply suggested that the parents may expect their adult child to either accept the grounding or get kicked out. Another reply stated that this wasn't hard to figure out.

Parents pull 🙈 prank on teen 🤭

Organic_Extension750 | Organic_Extension750

Commenter says the parents' action was not the a**hole and that they were behaving like monsters.

Teen's response leaves parents 😱

BurritoSuperTurbo | BurritoSuperTurbo

The comment 'So fake' was met with no replies, leaving the commenter's opinion uncontested.

Parents take it, too 😞 🤪

Kaliasluke | Kaliasluke

NTA: The commenters agree that the parents crossed the line and committed fraud. They should refund the teen his hard-earned cash.

An adult getting grounded?! 😂

WetDog1986 | WetDog1986

The comment suggested that a 20 year old being grounded is funny and the commenter would laugh in the face of their parents.

Escape abuse🚨: Help siblings move🏃‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA suggests calling their biological father immediately and packing important documents like their driver's license, passport, birth certificate, and social security card in a waterproof bag before moving out. They should also report their parents to the police."

🤔🤔 Suspicious details in OP's story

Duke_Newcombe | Duke_Newcombe

Commenter takes note of the strange details in OP's story, and wonders how the punishment of "getting grounded" works for someone who is already 20 years old. They also point out that the monologue OP's brother gave has a "The Dark Knight" flavor to it. Reply agrees that the age of the brother in the story has changed from the original post to the comments.

Teen's family plays 🤡 on him - 🤯 what he said next!

icalyn80 | icalyn80

The commenter said that the teen's step-father was *NTA* (not the a**hole) in this situation, as he legally had the money to buy the car. They suggested the teen and his brother get a lawyer involved and get their step-father's name on the title, so he can take the car and sell it. They also advised the teen to get out of the toxic house and not accept the 20 year grounding sentence.

🤔 Parent's prank leaves son horrified

SilentNyxx | SilentNyxx

The commenter thinks this story may be fake, writing "NTA but I doubt this story is real". No replies found.

😱 Parent's prank gone wrong!

eatthebunnytoo | eatthebunnytoo

Commenter says NTA, as the prank was evil. They hope the teen makes good on his words and calls out the thieves and liars.

NTA - exposed for their twisted prank 🤬

dookle14 | dookle14

The comment states that the stepdad and mother are 'awful people' for pulling a 'terrible act' and encourages the two family members to get out from under their roof as soon as possible. No replies found.

20 yo adult's parental prank horror! 🤯

princesspippachops | princesspippachops

The 20yo adult is shocked to find out that their parents are pulling pranks on them despite being an adult. They suggest to report the theft to the police and to consider seeking legal advice from a lawyer to figure out their options.

🤔 NTA or NAH? 🤔

TragedyPornFamilyVid | TragedyPornFamilyVid

The commenter suggests not to use Reddit's r/legaladvice, as it is run by cops instead of lawyers and deletes actual legal advice. The commenter is either NTA (not the a**hole) or NAH (no a-hole here).

Adult or not 😱

CalebBLarsonXXX | CalebBLarsonXXX

The commenter questions why the 20-year-old is allowing his parents to "treat him like a child" if they can't legally ground him. No replies found.

20-year-old grounded? 🤔

Buzzd-Lightyear | Buzzd-Lightyear

The comment suggests that the 20-year-old should "get himself and his brother out of there" because the parents are "complete narcissists who deserve each other". The commenter declared themselves NTA (not the a**hole).

🤦‍♂️ Horror in the household!

duelpoke10 | duelpoke10

The original comment expresses horror and shock at what's happening in the household, and urges others to save themselves.

A bait & switch 😱

B4rkingFr0g | B4rkingFr0g

The comment says NTA (not the a**hole) and suggests filing a claim or sending a letter to the step-dad from a lawyer to return the funds he took from the commenter's brother. They also suggest the brother should move out as soon as possible.

Parent's shocking prank 😱

dainternets | dainternets

A comment suggested that the teen was too old to be grounded, highlighting the absurdity of the prank.