Britney Spears' Dog Causes Trouble: Elderly Man Gets Bitten!

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Britney Spears
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Uh oh, Britney Spears' dog took a bite out of an elderly man. Find out the whole story here. 

The pop star’s dog has caused quite a stir as he took a bite from an elderly man and injured him. We have covered the whole story for you to read now!

Britney Spears Receives A Warning After Her Dog Escapes And Bites Man


The super adorable pet of the star, a Doberman named Porsha, escaped the LA mansion on Thursday. This time, she greeted an old man with a not so friendly bite.

The Story

According to our sources, the animal control department gave an order to Britney's squad to ensure the dog remains on the grounds and isn't allowed out again. They fear she may cause harm to more citizens.

Porsha Breaks Out

According to sources who spoke to the publication, Porsha broke out of the pop star’s Thousand Oaks home and began to wander around the area. Then, while passing a gentleman in his 70s was riding his bike, Porsha nipped him somewhat on the thigh.

Man Seeks Treatment

He's safe
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Although the man allegedly visited a nearby medical care for the treatment of his bite, someone from the Baby One More Time star’s security people arrived to bring the dog home quickly. Porsha is all well and healthy.

Porsha - A Guard Dog?

Sam Asghari gave Porsha to Spears as a gift and for protection. Looks like Porsha took her job too seriously!

Spear’s Support System

Support system
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Yes, the loving husband gifted the adorable dog to his wife, guaranteeing her that she will protect her at all costs - keeping in mind the very difficult and painful conservatorship period of the star.

Keeps Porsha Secure

Britney has been through a lot and we sympathize with her and her struggles. However, she really should keep her dogs inside as the incident could’ve gotten worse.

No Other Injuries

No injuries

When the dogs were soon returned to the couple, Asghari shared a heartfelt Instagram post. He expressed gratitude to the non-profit organization that returned his dogs.

Sam Praises The Non-Profit

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“They are the best search and rescue in South California not only because they rescued these two beautiful dogs yesterday when they ran like Forrest Gump out the door, and they found them five miles down the road, but because I truly with all my heart respect and trust their search and rescue”, he said.

Runaway's Safe

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Thankfully, the Ventura County Sheriff Department were of great help to the couple in locating and returning their runaways. They were found 5 miles away from the residence.

Porsha Joined The Family In 2021

Porsha was gifted to Spears back in 2021 by Asghari, her then-fiancé. The sweet moment was captured and shared on Instagram.

A Heart Touching Video

A Beautiful Addition

We love it
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“Who is the new addition to the family?” Spears asked.

“Her name is Porsha and she is meant to unconditionally love you”, she also goes on to add that she will be trained to protect Spears from any harm that comes her way.

Spears' Old Dogs

Spears used to have two more dogs but unfortunately, they were taken from her. She was heartbroken when it happened.

Why Were They Taken?

Her dogs were taken as she was unable to take care of them. Both of them were extremely malnourished and the housekeepers were always worried.

Housekeeper Gets Them Checked

Dog and vet
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Spear’s housekeeper had to get the dogs checked by veterinarians as they were not being fed properly. Her dogs had become weak and were unable to function properly.

All’s Well!

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No charges were fined against Spears and the dogs were returned to her safely. The couple is grateful to those who assisted them in finding their dogs.

We’re Happy For Them

We got this
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As Spears and Asghari go on about their day, we advise them to keep their dogs inside the house. On the other hand, it's good to hear that no serious casualties occurred.

Spears And Asghari

Spears and Asghari are going strong together, and we also wish the couple all the best with their love life.