Pink Defends Britney Spears Amid Concern Following Video

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Closeup of Pink
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Pink is showing Britney Spears some sisterly love.

The 43-year-old What About Us singer let fans know how she felt about the embattled pop star amid concerns over another bizarre video the latter uploaded to Instagram recently.

'Protective Of Her'

Pink performing onstage
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In an interview with People, Pink reflected on her relationship with Spears, saying, “I’m very protective of her, and she's the sweetest person in the world.”

She'd 'Always Felt Like A Big Sister'

She added that she’d “always felt like a big sister" to her, and that her 2001 single, Don't Let Me Get Me, wasn’t a diss against the 41-year-old Princess of Pop.

They Appeared Together In A Pepsi Commercial

Pink and Spears have a long history together. Back in 2004, they filmed their epic Pepsi commercial for the Super Bowl.

Their Super Bowl Ad With Beyonce

Beyonce, Pink and Britney Spears posing together
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Working alongside Beyonce, the two sang Queen’s We Will Rock You in the gladiator-themed ad.

'I Cover Her In Light'

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The Get the Party Started hitmaker also sympathized with Spears during her conservatorship battle. And although they’re not in contact right now, she said, “I wish her well. I cover her in light all day long.”

Another Bizarre Britney Video

Britney Spears in a purple mini dress
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Her interview comes days after Spears posted a strange video on Instagram that got fans worried again over her well-being.

Speaking With An Australian Accent

In the clip, she speaks with an Australian accent and shows off a pair of dresses that she received from an unnamed company.

'Do Not Call The Cops'

Britney Spears in red bandeau top, mini skirt
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She also tells fans not to call the cops in case she deactivates her Instagram again, while bizarrely running around her room.

Pink Knows The Perils Of Stardom

Pink performing
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Pink, who rose to popularity in the early aughts just like Spears, is no stranger to the perils of pop stardom.

How She Survived

Pink performing
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In the same interview, she talked about how she successfully navigated and survived fame, saying she “signed up for this life.”

'Very Resilient, Very Relentless'

Pink performing
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“I came into this world very resilient, very relentless, with a sick sense of humor, thick skin and a bleeding heart,” she continued. “So those f---ers couldn't mess with me.”

She Owns Her Life Like A Boss

Pink performing
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The singer added, “They had nothing on my mother or my teachers. I lived a lot of lives before I changed my name to Pink.”

Sympathizing With Spears

Britney Spears in a gold dress
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This is not the first time Pink has spoken about Spears’ life struggles.

She Said She Watched 'Framing Britney Spears'

She had previously offered support for the troubled star after watching the 2021 New York Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears.

How The Docu Affected Her

Pink performing
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During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live last year, she said the film saddened her and she wished she had been more supportive when the Toxic singer had her infamous meltdown in 2008.

Nobody Really Knows What’s Happening With Spears

She also offered her opinion on the public intrusion into Spears’ life, saying that all of us are just “voyeurs” and nobody really knows what’s happening with her behind closed doors.

Looking Back On The Pepsi Ad

Beyonce, Britney Spears and Pink in their Pepsi ad
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On a lighter note, she looked back on that famous Pepsi ad with amazement, calling it “bizarre” and “a weird deal” – in a positive way.

It Was Phenomenal

“[Y]ou’re Pepsi. You’re flying us to Rome to shoot in a fake coliseum down the street from the real Coliseum. Why are we here?” she said. “We could have gone to Canada.”

'That's Pepsi Money'

Bottle of Pepsi
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She added, “I don’t understand. That’s Pepsi money. For a while, everything I saw that was really fancy, I was like, ‘That's Pepsi money.’”