Massive Baby in Indonesia Weighs as Much as an Eight-Year-Old

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Obese baby
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Aren’t babies the cutest beings on the planet? Who doesn’t love to lift these little balls of cuteness in their arms or play with their tiny hands and feet? But what happens when a 16-month-old baby surpasses the weight and size of every other kid his age?  Keep reading to find more details about this massive Indonesian baby who weighs as much as an eight-year-old at just 16 months of age!

A Normal Birth

Muhammad Kenzi Alfaro weighed 10 pounds at birth, and while this is an uncommon figure for a newborn, it wasn’t entirely unusual.

Fast Forward to 16 Months in the Future

16 months later, the baby had gotten so large that he now weighs just as much as an eight-year-old kid!

A Ginormous 60 Lbs!

At only 16 months of age, Kenzi Alfaro weighs around 60 lbs, tossing the world into sheer perplexity.

What do Other 16-Month-Olds Weigh?

According to experts, a 16-month-old child usually weighs a maximum of 29 lbs, around ⅓ rd of Alfaro’s weight at 16 months.

An Indonesian Mystery

Obese Baby
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Kenzi lives in Indonesia in the Bandung Regency, and while Indonesia has a reputation for strange rituals and traditions, a humongous baby is a first for the country as well.

A Viral Peep Into Kenzi’s Life

A video surfaced on the Internet showing Kenzi surrounded by his family, sharing his family's struggles as they raise their unique child together.

The Struggles of a Mother

His mother, Patriah, is seen laboring while trying to get her son to stand up for the camera as the other two family members sit around with their attention on the 16-month-old wonder.

Little Kenzi Poses in a Green Shirt

Obese baby

Kenzi is spotted in the video sporting a green shirt that looks nothing more than a modern-day crop top on the large baby.

Patriah Multitasks

While attempting to hold her kid upright for the camera, Patriah also tries to pull his shirt down, laughing at herself for being unable to manage the two tasks simultaneously.

The Clothing Secret Revealed

If you’re thinking about where they make kid’s clothes of that size, Kenzi’s mother reveals that it’s impossible to find clothes of Kenzi’s size in the kid’s collection.

Invasion of the Father’s Closet

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

You may have heard about siblings or couples invading each other’s closets. But new roles have been introduced here as Muhammad’s father has to lend his clothes to his 16-month-old son.

Two Seconds of Spotlight

After about two seconds of trying to lift her son for the camera, Patriah gives up and puts him down once again. As Kenzi resumes enjoying his snacks and playing with his toys, his family shares what it is like to have an abnormally large kid.

The Nappy Predicament

His family shares that XXL is the last size of nappies available at shops. However, 16-month-old Kenzi doesn’t seem to fit in any of them, and XXL sizes are simply not available anywhere!

And the Struggle Continues….

Kenzi has even outgrown his pushchair and requires his parent’s support to sit up. But the problem is that they find it impossible to lift the baby even for minutes, let alone for hours.

Outlandish Arms and Legs

If you think the family exaggerates when they share their taxing endeavors, watch the footage closely as it zooms on the kid’s unusually swollen arms and legs.

Petite Parents

Both parents have petite physiques, and no one in the family shares the same build as Kenzi. Thus, it remains unclear how he landed this enormous size.

Things Take a Serious Turn in a Year

Medical visit
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The previous year has been particularly challenging for Kenzi, causing him to increase tremendously in size and thus requiring frequent medical visits.

The Matter is Deeper Than it Seems

Given his hulking body and shocking weight, doctors wonder whether the reason for Kenzi’s unreal condition is due to an underlying health issue.

Fingers Crossed for Good News

Kenzi has taken all the necessary tests, and his family now awaits the results. As for us, we pray that everything goes well for little Kenzi.

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