'Dukes Of Hazzard' Star, John Schneider, Pays Tribute To Late Wife

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Alicia Allain and John Schneider
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Actor John Schneider revealed in a shocking Facebook statement that his third wife, Alicia Allain, died earlier this week. The couple married in 2019 and have been together since until Allain's demise this year, and the Dukes of Hazzard alum is devastated.

Reminiscing On His Lost Romance

The heartbroken widower shared a post showing his wife in one slide and their interlocked fingers with wedding bands in the other slide.

Tribute To His Late Wife

Schneider wrote a beautiful tribute alongside the picture, saying his wife is pain-free and living in a new body with Jesus. They were Christians who believed in the afterlife and paradise after death.

Remember Them As Happy People

He requested his friends to share happy pictures of him and Allain rather than focus on her death.

Schneider Celebrates His Wife

John Schneider's tribute to his late wife
Facebook | John Schneider

The Dukes of Hazzard star then encouraged his followers to show affection to their loved ones and express themselves better, as you never know when anyone would die.

'His Smile, Center, & Everything'

Schneider hinted at the loss in a Feb. 21 Twitter post calling his late wife, "My Center. My Everything. My Smile."

Friends, Family, And Fans React

In response to the actor's request, friends, family, and fans share sweet words for him alongside pictures of him and Allain.

Say A Prayer For Schneider

Schneider's old collaborator, Andrew Pope, shared a story about meeting the actor-turned-singer and his late wife at the Grand Ole Opry. He said Schneider sang his classic hit, Stoned on the One, and Allain celebrated the success by hugging him.

Rest In Peace To Allain

Another friend sent condolences while wishing Allain a peaceful rest in paradise.

Allain's Health

Allain struggled with her health since 2019 after receiving a late diagnosis of Stage Four HER2-negative cancer.

Getting Married To Schneider

The diagnosis didn't dim Schneider's affection for his Allain, as they got married in Holden, Louisiana, in September of that year.

No Children Together

However, Allain was a stepmother to Schneider's three children from his previous marriage to Elly Castle.

Business & Life Partners

Schneider and Allain were business partners before becoming romantically involved. They started their relationship in 2015 and she became his manager, both personally and professionally.

Schneider's Career

John Schneider in Smallville
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Schneider became famous after his role in the 1979-1985 series, The Dukes of Hazzard as Beauregard "Bo" Duke. Then, he voiced the character in the animated series, The Dukes, before starring in Smallville and later, Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots.

Writer, Director, And Actor

Schneider began acting in independent movies and directing his feature films in the 2010s until the 2020s.

Music Career

The actor always maintained his singing career alongside shooting movies. His niche is country music and has almost 30 albums, including compilations.

His Music Career Isn't Blossoming Anymore

Although his singles haven't charted on the US Billboard Charts since the 80s, it hasn't stopped him from releasing music.

Allain's Movie Credits

Allain was a movie producer towards the end of her career, although she starred in some movies initially. She's famous for her 1991 movies Caged Fear and Leather Jackets and 2002's The Badge. 

Their Final Act

Schneider and Allain collaborated on the 2022 movie, To Die Forwith the former starring in the lead as Gunnery Sergeant Quint North. IMDb rated the movie 4.9/10. To Die For was Allain's last project before her death yesterday.

No Cause Of Death From Schneider Yet

Schneider didn't reveal the cause of her demise, but fans suspect she finally succumbed to cancer. Schneider asked for prayers and privacy as he mourned his wife's passing.