Stay Young Forever! Dick Van Dyke's Secrets To Eternal Youth

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Dick Van Dyke
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Dick Van Dyke recently shared his secrets to his youthful look at the age of 97. The star also displayed his stamina in a recent performance. The performance delighted the audience and even brought tears to a panelist's eyes. 

Dyke Shares The Secrets To His Eternal Youth

The Mary Poppins star recently shared the key to his youthful and ageless look. Dyke is married to a make-up artist, Arlene Silver, 51. The actor revealed to Yahoo that his secret to staying youthful was "having a young wife half my age."

Dyke Is Still A Regular At The Gym

He added that while his genes are also part of it. However, he also got a positive attitude from Silver. The 97-year-old continued that he wrote a book named, Keep Moving. Hence, he still goes to the gym to work out three days a week which is important.

His Advice On Keeping Fit

Dick Van Dyke
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The legendary entertained took the moment to advise "everybody" to imbibe the workout culture because according to him the lack of it aged people. He stated, 'It is just a stiffening up and not exercising their muscles and their lungs. Exercise is the answer."

Dyke Showcased His Stamina As Gnome On The Masked Singer US

This month, the actor showed off his youthful stamina during his performance on The Masked Singer US as Gnome. On the show, Dyke performed a rendition of Frank Sinatra's When You're Smiling. When Dyke finally revealed his identity, it left panelist Nicole Scherzinger in tears.

His Final Performance

The show host, Nick Cannon called Dyke the "most seasoned and most decorated" they have had on the show. Dyke's final performance was a rendition of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins.

He Had A Good Time On The Show

Dick Van Dyke
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The rendition from the 1964 film also included dancing. When Nick Cannon asked him what it felt like to be under the gnome disguise, Dyke stated that it was "really dark."

He Spoke About His Experience On The Show

Dyke went on as he opened up on his The Masked Singer stint. The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star stated that it was a funny show, and he went on to describe it as "the weirdest experience." Dyke stated that he was impressed with the crew and how they took care of him.

Dyke Detailed His Activities

He noted however that once he got out of his car, he would immediately be dressed in his gnome costume. He noted that he did not get to meet most of the crew members. Dyke added, for good measure, "I'm going to have to go back and meet them in person because nobody ever saw me and I never saw them. It was weird."

Dyke Has Remained Agile Through The Years

A young Dick Van Dyke
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No one on the panel could guess Dyke's identity as his head was covered during his performance. However, it is no surprise the 97-year-old still got moves. In 2022, Dyke flaunted his dancing and singing moves in a sweet Valentine's Day video with Silver.

Flaunting Energetic Moves In Cute Valentine's Day Video 

The couple performed a cover of Everybody Loves a Lover by Robert Allen and Richard Adler. Despite being over 90 years of age, Dyke has continued to show off his energy in recent performances. In 2020, he formed a barbershop quartet called The Vantasix. 

Relationship Timeline Of Dyke And Silver

Dyke's credit to his wife, Silver, as the secret behind his youthful look, explains a lot. The couple first met at the SAG Awards in 2006. At that time, Silver who is a make-up artist was working at the awards show. The Dick Tracy star then hired his now-wife for some projects he was working on.

They Did Not Immediately Start Dating

The duo kept it on a strictly business level until years later. Dyke's longtime love, Michelle Triola, died from lung cancer in 2009. Silver then moved into his home in 2011 to support him through the grief and the duo fell in love. They got married a year later on February 29, 2012. The wedding happened to be in a leap year, but the couple has resorted to celebrating their anniversary on the 28th of February.

Their Wedding Day Was Spontaneous

Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver
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Choosing to walk down the aisle on such a unique date was something the couple did out of the spur of the moment, and they haven't looked back since then. Although Silver is 46 years younger than Dyke, his family and four kids welcomed her with open arms. 

They Share A Similar Sense Of Humor

The couple's age gap plays a role in their relationship in that Dyke and Silver often found humor in it. He once joked with Oprah Winfrey that Silver was his "child bride." He once revealed to Malibu Times that she was the best wife, and she made him "the happiest man in the world."

More About Dyke And Silver's Relationship

Despite being 46 years apart, the couple bonded over their mutual love for singing and dancing. They also performed together in the Vantasix. In 2015, Dyke told People how he enjoyed seeing Silver dancing while doing the dishes.

Some Of Silver's Works In Entertainment

Van Dyke Silver
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In addition to performing with Dyke in Vantasix, she also directed a music video for the band in February 2022. The band did a rendition of the 1958 hit by Dorris Day, Everybody Loves a Lover. Silver also castes Dyke as her costar. Dyke's recent performance on The Masked Singer was also inspired by Silver. 

Dyke Gets Candid About His Extramarital Affair In His Memoir

In 2016, Dyke published his memoir, Keep Moving, where he opened up about his extramarital affair. Dyke was first married to Margie Willet and the duo had four children. In 1972, he spent three weeks in the hospital while receiving alcoholism treatment. A little while after that, Willet also checked into the same hospital for addiction to prescription drugs.

He Chronicled The Affair

After Willet started spending more time on the family's ranch, Dyke then started confiding in his agent's secretary, Michelle Triola. He penned that he was drawn to her, and became involved "with a woman other than my wife." Willet and Dyke divorced in 1984 and he remained with Triola. 

Dyke Speaks About His Greatest Challenge 

Van Dyke and Arlene Silver
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At that time, Dyke shared that his greatest challenge was watching those around him give in to terminal illness. In 2008, Willet died of pancreatic cancer and it affected Dyke. A year after Willet's death, Triola was diagnosed with lung cancer. Triola's last days were spent in a coma. Dyke spent her last days by her side singing and talking to her until she passed away.